Science Frosh 2012

Some of you may have been involved with Science Frosh in the past. I’d tell you how much fun it is, but I actually haven’t so that would sort of make me a liar. But I know people who have, and they said it was a lot of fun!

They are still looking for volunteers to help out, either as a frosh leader or in some other capacity, so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in then sign up using ye olde web survey!

Fall meetings

Sup, BPK.

I’d like to direct your attention to that box over at the left there. That one that says meetings on top of it. Yeah, that’s the one. That’s when/where they’ll be for the fall semester. I actually had to look the room number up, but that’s the kin seminar room, if you are familiar with it. Head down the kin hallway on the 9000-level until you hit the intersection by the office, then take a right and walk past co-op. Second (I think?) door on the left.

This is where we figure out all the stuff we would like to do for the semester, so if you came out to anything last year (Roger Takahashi’s talk, Careers in BPK, the Kin Cup, Wings night, etc.) and want to help out, or give suggestions, or just chill, feel free to come out. Everyone’s always welcome.

You should join us at the pub. Yes, YOU.

Hey, guys! Finished your exams? Not finished, but want a break from studying? Don’t even have exams because you’re smarter than I am and took the summer off? If you answered yes to one or more of these, you should probably come to the Highland on Friday, around noon, and join us for a pint.

Lookin’ at you, everyone writing 305!

The Whale screening / fundraiser

Some time ago we were approached by a student of BPK and dance, Jana Jacques, who’s been working with another student, Meredith Page, on a research study investigating the exercise and fitness habits of dancers. They’ve been asked to present at an international conference (held this year in Singapore) and are attempting to raise money to help out with their travel. It’s a pretty impressive educational opportunity for a couple of our fellow undergraduates.

They’ve created a Facebook event for their fundraiser which will include a screening of the Whale, baked goodies, and a raffle/auction. It’s on Sunday, August 5th, at the Anza Club. Doors at 5, screening starts at 6!

Class outlines

This came up in conversation earlier today, and I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge or not. It relates to the previous post about course descriptions and so-on, and attempting to give students as much information as possible regarding choosing courses.

Available online is a database of course outlines. Generally profs will give these to you online and/or go over them during the first lecture, but it’s probably handy to be able to check them out ahead of time to see if a course you’re thinking about taking is actually what you think it’s going to be. You can see the list here.

Course descriptions and prereqs

I linked this on Facebook recently, but I think it’s worth having here so it’s easy to find in case you missed it, or lost it, or aren’t in the Facebook group.

I’m talking, of course, about the list we’ve assembled of student-written course notes and prerequisites. It’s a valuable resource because it lets you more effectively plan your future semesters. You can check it out here.

Let’s say you could take 205 or 207 in the fall, and you aren’t sure which to pick. A quick look at the table shows you that the courses are prereqs for:

207: 381, 446

205: 304, 305, 306, 308, 310, 311, 312, 326, 343, 375, 382, 461.

The choice is pretty obvious. If you don’t take 205, you can’t get started on the core 300-level physiology classes, which are themselves prereqs for a bunch of stuff. Take 205.

See? Easy!

Operation: Delicious Wings – Successful

Well, we went to Wings, and it was pretty tasty. We had room for 20 people, and somehow had exactly 20 show up, so that worked out pretty nicely. As promised, the BPKSA bought everyone who showed up a pound of wings, though we were totally awful at figuring out which order was whose. They all sort of look the same, you know? In any case, it was a good time, and big thanks to Wings for accommodating such a large group on a busy night.

At this week’s meeting, we (and that’s the royal we, since I had to miss it) decided next up will be a Chief hike. We’re tentatively aiming for Sunday July 15th, but we’ll see what kind of timetable works for people and go from there.

Our meeting next week (Monday, July 2nd) will be in AQ 5037, instead of the usual AQ 5038. This will also be the case on July 9th. I guess there’s a midterm or an intersession exam scheduled in there or something like that. Hope to see you there!

Now, enjoy a couple photos from Sunday night. If I had a real camera these would look more impressive, but I don’t, so deal with it. On a related note, if you have a sweet camera you should totally come to all our events!

You’d like dinner? With us? At Wings? How convenient!


Moved today’s meeting outside into the AQ gardens to enjoy the beautiful weather. In addition to discussing and budgeting out some of the upcoming things we’d like to do, we settled on our first get-together of the summer: dinner at Wings! Congratulations Shirtina, your single-minded pursuit of devouring chickens was successful in inspiring us.

We’re gonna hit up the Wings on North/Lougheed on Sunday, June 24th, around 7:00pm. Join us and your first pound of wings is on us! Vegetarian? That’s cool. Buy something else and we’ll pay what a pound of wings would’ve cost you toward whatever else you get, instead.

We’ll throw an event invitation up on Facebook to figure out who’s interested. Don’t say your friends in the BPKSA never did anything for you!

Summer events

At today’s meeting we discussed some of the things that we felt would be fun to do over the summer. We have a few hundred dollars in core funding from the SFSS to make them happen. This is money that we have to give back if we don’t use, so we can definitely make things cheaper/free for people who want to go to them.


  • Barbecue at SFU
  • Dinner (wings? sushi?)
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Movie night (since we can get cheap tickets from the SFSS!)
  • Kayaking

Anything else you guys would want to do as a group over the summer?

Summer 2012 meetings

Meetings for the summer term are scheduled for 12:30 on Mondays in AQ 5038. It’s a tutorial room on the northwest corner at the top of the AQ, and on nice days it has a sweet view.

I’ve been thinking about the whole weekly vs. bi-weekly thing with respect to our reduced activity over the summer, and I think I’ll probably go weekly anyway just to get a break from things. If we don’t have anything of importance to discuss we can always just chill outside and enjoy the weather.

To that end, I’ll try to get meeting agendas out early so that you can decide whether to show or not, if you’d be otherwise busy that week.