Operation: Delicious Wings – Successful

Well, we went to Wings, and it was pretty tasty. We had room for 20 people, and somehow had exactly 20 show up, so that worked out pretty nicely. As promised, the BPKSA bought everyone who showed up a pound of wings, though we were totally awful at figuring out which order was whose. They all sort of look the same, you know? In any case, it was a good time, and big thanks to Wings for accommodating such a large group on a busy night.

At this week’s meeting, we (and that’s the royal we, since I had to miss it) decided next up will be a Chief hike. We’re tentatively aiming for Sunday July 15th, but we’ll see what kind of timetable works for people and go from there.

Our meeting next week (Monday, July 2nd) will be in AQ 5037, instead of the usual AQ 5038. This will also be the case on July 9th. I guess there’s a midterm or an intersession exam scheduled in there or something like that. Hope to see you there!

Now, enjoy a couple photos from Sunday night. If I had a real camera these would look more impressive, but I don’t, so deal with it. On a related note, if you have a sweet camera you should totally come to all our events!

You’d like dinner? With us? At Wings? How convenient!


Moved today’s meeting outside into the AQ gardens to enjoy the beautiful weather. In addition to discussing and budgeting out some of the upcoming things we’d like to do, we settled on our first get-together of the summer: dinner at Wings! Congratulations Shirtina, your single-minded pursuit of devouring chickens was successful in inspiring us.

We’re gonna hit up the Wings on North/Lougheed on Sunday, June 24th, around 7:00pm. Join us and your first pound of wings is on us! Vegetarian? That’s cool. Buy something else and we’ll pay what a pound of wings would’ve cost you toward whatever else you get, instead.

We’ll throw an event invitation up on Facebook to figure out who’s interested. Don’t say your friends in the BPKSA never did anything for you!