You’d like dinner? With us? At Wings? How convenient!


Moved today’s meeting outside into the AQ gardens to enjoy the beautiful weather. In¬†addition to discussing and budgeting out some of the upcoming things we’d like to do, we settled on our first get-together of the summer: dinner at Wings! Congratulations¬†Shirtina, your single-minded pursuit of devouring chickens was successful in inspiring us.

We’re gonna hit up the Wings on North/Lougheed¬†on Sunday, June 24th, around 7:00pm. Join us and your first pound of wings is on us! Vegetarian? That’s cool. Buy something else and we’ll pay what a pound of wings would’ve cost you toward whatever else you get, instead.

We’ll throw an event invitation up on Facebook to figure out who’s interested. Don’t say your friends in the BPKSA never did anything for you!

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