Careers in BPK – Jan 20th

How do you know a career is really for you? Our annual career night approaches so sign up by clicking here!

Find out first hand what it is like to be a Physician, a Kinesiologist, a Physiotherapist, a Dentist and many more. This night will give you insight on how to use your BPK degree to work towards one of these excellent careers and help you learn a little more about the ups and downs of each field.

There will certainly be excellent food and raffle prizes. As always there will be key speakers to represent each main field, many booths featuring a large variety of employers for everything from Massage Therapy to WorkSafeBC. (Bring your resume to hand out to employers to line up a sweet summer job)

In addition there will be two lab tours featuring Dr. Wakling’s Neuromuscular Mechanics lab and Dr. Victoria Claydon’s Cardiovascular Physiology lab. If you are interested in these lab tours please sign up through Simplicity.

careers in BPK poster

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