Kin Cup

Undergrads Win 2018

The Kin Cup began as a challenge from the undergrads to anyone else associated with the department: we’re better at indoor soccer than you are. As it turned out, we weren’t, and the faculty/staff/grad student team went on to soundly beat the undergrad team five years straight. We probably should have been a little bit less arrogant in our initial throwing of the gauntlet.

In the years since, basketball and dodgeball have been added for some variety, but indoor soccer has always retained it’s traditional role as the main event. Though some individuals have suggested that perhaps the way the event is scored isn’t completely on the level, how the event works these days is as follows.

We start with basketball as people filter in. Whichever team wins is credited one goal in the soccer match, so you can get a bit of a leg up here. Following basketball, we play a couple of games of dodgeball – either a best of three or best of five series, depending on how long people want to play. This is likely the only chance you’ll have to hurl things at your professors, so make the most of it! Again, whichever team wins the series is credited a goal for the soccer match.

Last, but certainly not least, is soccer. Though in the beginning the undergrads were trounced, our luck had change and we’d managed to win several years in a row. Unfortunately, the profs/grad students took the cup back in 2017. We start out behind as a result of consistently losing at basketball and dodgeball. Seriously, it’s not even close. If you’re a varsity basketball player, we really need you to start showing up to this event.

In the end, regardless of who wins and who loses, everyone has a great time. The event’s free and snacks are provided, so even if you can’t participate, come out and cheer your team on! Also, feel free to stick around afterward for the secret fourth event: seeing which team has more people show up at the pub afterwards to unwind and have a beer.

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