Summer Kin Cup

Grads/Faculty/Staff Take Home the Trophy – 2017, 2018

Summer Kin Cup is an outdoor competition between the undergrads and grads/faculty/staff where we play capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. The purpose is for you to spend some quality time with the spectacular BPK community and for a team to win athletic bragging rights.

The summer edition is just as exciting as the spring edition, if not more exciting. The energy is high and both teams fight their hardest to win the coveted cup. Don’t think that because this is a sporting event you have to be athletic to attend. You’d be surprised how much loud, supportive cheering will really affect a team’s performance on the pitch.

We’ll see how the Summer Kin Cup plays out over the years. Will one of the teams have a solid winning streak? Only time will tell as this summer edition started in 2017. If you’re around for the summer, it’ll be definitely worthwhile to come, whether it’s as a player, spectator, or both, just come!