BPK PM 2020/2021: Get to Know Your Mentors!


Joshua Mentor ProfileJoshua Koehn – Founder

Welcome to our Peer Mentorship Program! As you enter your first year, our program and your mentor will be your keys to an easy transition to SFU life. If you asked anyone, I did not have my first year at SFU figured out! But I knew some older students who really helped point me in the right direction and get me to where I am today. They are what inspired me to start this Peer Mentorship Program, to make sure that you get off on the right start to your university career. My pro tip for those of you starting out is, get involved – if you put time into something, you will care about it and those people you work with will care about you.

(Joshua has moved onto medicine at UBC, focusing on training in Northern BC for emergency and rural family medicine. He credits his successes at SFU to the BPK Co-op Program (Darleen!), the fascinating faculty of BPK, and lovely friends who helped him along the way.)

Previous Directors and Assistant Directors:

  • Emily Chinn (2017-2018)
  • Amanda Zacharuk (2018-2019)
  • Matthew Cheung (2018-2019)



Victor Lau – Senior Director

Welcome to BPK Peer Mentorship! There are likely many reasons that you’re here.. curiosity, inquiry, opportunities, and more. While you will inevitably grow and increase your impact on those around you, BPK PM aims to enhance your first-year SFU experience. As Senior Director, I am joined by a caring and diligent executive team, alongside meticulously-chosen, peer mentors rooting for you. Please continue to work at your future plans – this means hearing your voice! You can always reach me at vla62@sfu.ca.

Personally, I’m a Behavioural Neuroscience (BNS) major entering my final year. I’ve come to highly value balance and understanding – prioritizing the logic and emotional acknowledgement in our life experiences, and working to find detailed, accurate, “top-down” solutions that will hopefully improve our general well-being. This mindset has slowly matured my interests in philosophy, politics, and nutrition, alongside a neuroimmunology and Alzheimer’s focus for graduate school. Big LEGO and Pokemon fan, too.

As the BNSS VP Internal, I love hosting Journal Club discussions around neuroscience and psychology literature. I work with DTES folks on Saturdays, and have enjoyed volunteering at the Surrey Food Bank. I’ve worked in multiple cell-physiology labs, and have come to value correcting my thinking towards breakthroughs.



Eva Ang – Co-Director

Hi everyone! My name is Eva and I am currently in my final semester at SFU majoring in Biomedical Physiology! For me, I was fascinated with the complexity of the human body and really enjoyed learning about physiology and nutrition, which led me to major in BP. In the future, I hope to pursue Occupational Therapy so that I can continue my passion for helping others, alongside applying my knowledge from BPK classes!
In addition to my studies, I also love eating a diverse range of food and spending time with my friends! Also, I have been involved with many extracurricular activities within the SFU community as a Welcome Leader, Science Frosh Leader, Peer Mentor, and Assistant Director for this very program! As well, I have also worked in various jobs on campus such as Student Tour Guide, Events and Marketing Assistant, and Summit Peer Leader. Currently, I serve as one of the Co-Directors for this program, Director of Internal Operations for TEDxSFU Organizing Committee, and as a Senior Science Welcome Leader. Lastly, I hope you feel welcomed and excited for what is to come for your SFU journey, and we will all be supporting you along the way! Welcome to BPK!



Shreya Luthra – Co-Director

Hi there! My name is Shreya Luthra, and I am currently a fourth-year Biomedical Physiology major. I chose my major because I loved the idea that there are an infinite number of possibilities and concepts associated with the human body – I’m so thankful that I did because the things I learn every day never fail to amaze me. Starting my first year at SFU, I was so overwhelmed by changes that accompanied the leap from high school to university.
Thankfully, taking part in the BPK Peer Mentorship Program helped ensure a smoother transition filled with new opportunities and a chance to meet likeminded individuals. My mentor always gave the best advice and lent a hand when I needed it, and I hope as Assistant Director I can do the same for all of you. When I’m not on the mountain, I love working out, hanging out with friends, travelling and performing spoken word poetry. I look forward to meeting all of you in person – here’s to making new SFU friends!



Ardeshir Hassirchian – Assistant Director

Hello! My name’s Ardi, and I’m entering the fifth (& final) year of my Biomedical Physiology degree this year. Although I’m a BPK major, my upcoming plans are to go to law school in America and become a trial lawyer! Outside of school, I have held various other executive positions, most recently with SFU’s Canadian Cancer Society and Blood for Life, as well as various other clubs & programs previous to this. In my spare time, I enjoy to read, go for runs, and spend time with friends & family.

During my first year at SFU, I was actually a part of the program as a mentee, and I felt the program really helped me to have a successful first year. I then chose to become a peer mentor to help another student have a successful first-year experience; now as an assistant director (& incoming senior director) of the program, I hope to even further improve BPK PM and build on the success it has already experienced!



Nicholas Tran – Assistant Director

Hey there! Welcome to SFU (and also the best faculty offered here at SFU). My name is Nick, and I am a Biomedical Physiology major currently heading into my final year.

Like many of you, I came straight from high school not knowing how university worked and how I’d fit in. To be honest, I stumbled into BPK because I didn’t have much of a clue of what science program I would enjoy. I would say I was one of the lucky ones who grew their passion for physiology and the human body the further and further I went. Through BPK, I’ve been fortunate to have completed 2 co-op terms and 1 directed studies – both of which have given me more perspective on education and career options that I am eager to share and discuss with others.

When not busy in class or studying, I spend a good deal of time as part of the Volleyball Club at SFU or indulging in my hobby as a photographer. I also really enjoy catching up with friends and colleagues around SFU when it’s about time for me to procrastinate my school work.

At the end of the day, with all the experiences I’ve had, I really could go on and on about my SFU experience but I’m sure no one here wants to read an essay (besides, I think I’ll save it for my mentees). So for now, I wish you the best in adapting to university life and I hope to see some of you around soon!



Dariush Afshari

Salut friend, my name is Dariush (or Dar), I’m a Biomedical Physiology major heading into my final year at SFU. While being from Vancouver, I began my university career at the University of Ottawa, and eventually transferred to SFU.

I was a confused student back then, and I’m a confused student now. I’d hate to spoil it for you reader, but those confusions never quite depart in the human experience. I can say, however, much of my confusions nowadays stem from outside the academic institution – so hopefully I can be of help relieving any fears and uncertainties you may have about the University process, and maybe even about the outside world as well. I have certainly pledged to try my best through this program.

Through my years as an undergraduate, I’ve been a part many different facets of SFU, such as engineering and physiology labs alike. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate honours thesis, focusing on neuroimaging and eye gaze patterns in children. I also work at SFU as a member of our Varsity Events staff, as well as the Student Safety Program.

Outside of the university, you’ll find me browsing stationary shops around the city. Or perhaps practicing my penmanship and floral arranging. If I’m not doing that I’m likely pursuing hobbies such as learning more about political systems, and French.

All the best in whatever stage of life you’re in, reader – warm wishes,



Mackenzie Chan

What’s up?! My name’s Mac, and I’m in second year with a major in Kinesiology! My endgame after undergrad is to eventually complete a Master’s in Physical Therapy.

I was involved in the circus arts for 10 years, training for about 8-12 hours per week, performing in festivals and annual productions, and coached the wee ones on the side. My specialties were juggling and object manipulation. Throughout my time there I’ve had a couple of bad injuries. Circus was a big part of life and it wasn’t easy being benched from everything! I want to become a physio so I can help others overcome their injuries and get back to training and everyday life.

When I’m not hitting the books, I like to make paper crafts and draw. I ain’t no Vincent Van Gogh, but I could draw a doodle that would brighten your day!



Ben Chang

Hey! I’m Ben, and I’m a 5th year Kinesiology student in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration.  I chose BPK because I’ve always loved sports and being active, as well as the human body and all the fascinating things it can do, and BPK was a way to pair the two of them together.  I’m currently the president of the BPKSA (feel free to contact me if you want to learn more about what we do, or to join us!), and I’m very excited to be a peer mentor, and have the opportunity to pass on some of my knowledge and the experiences that I’ve had at SFU.  As a BPK student, I’ve gotten a lot of cool opportunities including visiting the Canadian Sport Institute in Victoria and volunteering in the SFU Sports Medicine Clinic, as well as learning about a lot of diverse topics along the way.  After finishing my undergraduate degree, I’m hoping to become a physiotherapist, and complete my Masters of Physical Therapy.

Outside of school, I’ve volunteered at physiotherapy clinics, run summer camps for kids, coached youth soccer and taught piano.  In my spare time, I love to do anything related to sports (I follow just about all of them, and can talk for hours about them!), as well as things that are active or outside in nature.  I also enjoy cooking and baking (but hate washing dishes, so I don’t do it too often) and playing games with friends, both tabletop and video games.




Rachel Cheng

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel, and I am entering my 4th year as a Kinesiology major concentrating in Active Health and Rehabilitation. I chose Kinesiology because I’ve always had a passion for exercise and sports, as well as learning about how the human body works. I also love helping other people and pushing them to achieve their goals.

This passion has led me to work as an ACSM certified personal trainer at SFU’s fitness centre, as well as a student trainer at SFU’s Sports Medicine clinic for the past two years. Aside from exercise, I’ve also had experience volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society, being a senior welcome leader, volunteering with let’s talk science outreach, and doing research with the injury prevention and mobility lab. I also have a particular interest in cardiac physiology and plan to do more research in this area in the future.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, playing basketball, trail running, going hiking, and anything else that involves being outside and moving. As a peer mentor, I am here to give you the best tips and tricks on how to succeed in your first year as well as how to stay active. I look forward to meeting you!



Jay Dave

Hey! My name is Jay and I am currenItly in my 3rd year at SFU. I am going to be majoring in Kinesiology with the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration. I wanted to study BPK because I am not only intrested in the cellular compontent of science, but also how that relates to our body movment. BPK lab courses at SFU have taught me many practical skills and components that I never knew were even related to Kinesiology.

I like to remain active and enjoy playing team sports; however, in this precarious time we are in, I have shifted my hobbies to reading lots fiction and non-fiction books and learning about creating my own investment portfolio. I have shifted my prespective on many carrer choices because the more I lean about BPK, the more carrer choices seem to open up. Currently, I want to experience the research side of Kinesiology, and what we can scientifically discover about Kinesiology. I decided to become a Peer-Mentor because as a 3rd year I have experienced so many lessons – good and bad, that I want to pass down to a 1st year student. Your first semester can be overwhelming, but we are here to help.



Simran Dhadda

Hi there! My name is Simran (she/her/hers), and I am going into my final year at SFU as a Behavioural Neuroscience (BNS) major. I chose BNS because the brain has always intrigued me. I wanted to learn how brain activity contributes to observable behaviors, so I think BNS is the perfect fit. I am currently acting as Vice-President External for the BNS Student Society (@sfubnss on IG). I have also been Vice-President of Dogwood SFU (@dogwoodsfu on IG) for about a year as I am passionate about climate justice and social justice! In the past, I have volunteered for labs in both the BPK and Psych departments, so let me know if you have any questions regarding this!

I am aspiring to become a psychiatrist or mental health professional, as I believe mental health is incredibly important. Specifically, I want to work towards making mental health resources accessible for everyone. I love animals, sushi, music and have recently been spending an inane amount of time on TikTok. I am interested in almost everything and anything, so I am sure we will find something in common to talk about! I am looking forward to welcoming you to SFU!



Troy Dy

Hello everyone. My name is Troy, and I am currently a third-year Kinesiology student. I decided to major in Kinesiology because I love fitness, science and learning about the human body. There are many great volunteering and paid opportunities offered here at SFU. myinvolvement.sfu.ca is for volunteer opportunities while myexperience.sfu.ca has postings for paid and volunteer opportunities. I personally find volunteering a great way to meet people and to apply what I’ve learned from school.

I have just finished two co-op work terms as a fitness coordinator at the VGH wellness centre. Co-op is an opportunity to be paid to work and gain experience in the field of your studies. I can definitely help you plan for a co-op work term and give you my insights. For more information visit the website: http://www.sfu.ca/coop/students/guide/intro.html

In my spare time, I love working out in the gym, playing video games, and reading books. I’ve decided to become a peer mentor because I know how daunting the jump is from high school to university. I believe a mentor will be able to help you get over that initial hump and guide you towards a successful undergraduate career.



Leah Farquharson

Hey! I’m Leah, and I will be going into my third year of Kinesiology. I chose kinesiology because I really like sports and I love learning about the human body and how it functions. I volunteer for first aid at my church and help at my mom’s physio clinic (Headworks physio). I also coach high school basketball, swimming, and ultimate frisbee. I started a swimming club at school so if u want swim (when school is not online anymore) let me know :)

In my free time, I enjoy playing sports with my friends or family and doing any sort of outdoor activities. My favorite thing to do probably is go to a beach or lake and I love travelling. I also like to play music and make crafts like sewing clothes or making necklaces and bracelets.

I am still figuring out what I want to do for a career and after I graduate, but I would like to work with people. I would like to be a peer mentor, to help first years have the best first year they can; I would also like to help ease the transition from high school to university.



Joshua Ham

Hello there! I’m Josh, and I’m in my 3rd year majoring in Biomedical Physiology. My decision to pursue a degree in BPK was in part due to my interest in human health, physiology, and biomedical research. There are always new things to learn in BPK, from fitness and anatomy, to even things like aerospace physiology; the possibilities of the BPK program really excited me as a new undergrad.

I’m an executive member of BPK’s student association, which has been an enriching experience that allowed me to meet others in BPK and have input on future events. Whilst volunteering for other organizations, I’m also a research assistant in Chemistry/Biochemistry at SFU – not BPK! You’re not limited to your program/degree, and I encourage anyone to take advantage of all that SFU has to offer!

After my undergrad, applying to medical school, an advanced or after-degree nursing program, or graduate programs related to BPK are all possibilities. Aside from my studies I keep myself busy with exercise, art, and coding.

As a new undergrad, I often found other senior students extremely helpful. In the same way, I’d like to use my experience at SFU to help facilitate your university experience!



Mackenzie Heidel

Hi everyone! I am a 3rd year Biomedical Physiology student and USES program member. I moved from Saskatchewan because of SFU’s emphasis on engagement and, for me, going to school on a mountain is a dream come true! I chose Biomedical Physiology to learn about how the body functions from its smallest component to its biggest. Hopefully, by 2026, you will be calling me Doctor! Right now at SFU I am a lead volunteer in the Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab, a Science Discord Moderator as well as a Senior Welcome Leader. I have worked as a lifeguard/swim instructor and an alpine ski racing coach (yes, alpine skiing in Saskatchewan does exist!).

I am also super passionate about the importance of child literacy and its impact on health status. Throughout my year as a Peer Mentor, I hope to support new students in their transition to university, just as my Peer Mentor did for me. I am eager to be someone you can meet for virtual coffee on your study breaks, and informally talk with about getting involved (trust me, the aforementioned involvement was very gradual!), campus life, study strategies and everything in between!



Tony Hua

Hey guys! My name is Tony and I am currently going into my third year as an SFU kinesiology student and planning to take a minor in business in the future. I chose BPK because of my huge interest in the health and fitness industry. I was always very passionate about sports and since joining BPK I have learned many different things about the industry as well as assessing different injuries which I found to be very interesting.

Currently I am the vice president for the SFU swim club so if you have a passion for swimming hopefully, I’ll see you there! I was previously a basketball and volleyball high school coach for several years because of the impact the sports had on me.

During my free time I enjoy weight training and making art. Some of my favourite things to draw are cartoons that held a monumental impact towards the youth and older generations in the past. In the future, I hope to be able to mix business and health together as a career; both subjects hold an interest in me, and I would love to combine what I learn from my minor with my major.



Julia Hughes

Hey everyone, I’m Julia! This will be my 3rd year at SFU as a kinesiology major. I chose BPK because its focus on humans has always been of interest to me and I’m hoping it will help lead me down the path to medical school in the future. 
I have been an active volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association for several years now and it has truly inspired me to pursue a career in health care!
Living in Vancouver, I love to be outdoors exploring and hiking the city, travelling to new places, or relaxing with friends!
During my time at SFU I have been involved in Passport to Leadership courses which develop skills in teamwork, communication, and leadership that I found to be extremely valuable. I have also volunteered as a clinic assistant at the SFU physiotherapy clinic for the student varsity athletes. I would highly recommend this position to gain some hands on experience. 
I was a part of this peer mentorship program as a mentee in my first year at SFU and it was an unbelievably beneficial experience for me. So, I’m excited to be able to help ease the transition for new students, answer questions along the way, and hopefully make it fun! I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone.




Baljinder Kaur

Hi everyone! My name is Baljinder Kaur, you can also call me Mannu. I am 2nd year Biomedical Physiology student. I began my undergraduate journey at SFU with a major in Bachelor of Arts in Health Science, then I took an internal transfer to BPK. The reason behind why I chose to major in Biomedical Physiology is that I am very much fascinated by human body and how does it respond to all the things that happen around it and in a more simpler way, I really love exploring human body at deeper levels. It’s kind of an internal happiness for me.

Being involved at SFU in various volunteer roles has helped me to find my passion and chose my career path. I worked as a Research Assistant with BPK Mental Health and Engagement Committee, and from there I became familiar with BPK faculty and few of graduate students. Overall, engaging with them and knowing their journey was remarkably interesting. Currently, I am volunteering at Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab at SFU, where I along with other volunteers analyse the cause of fall which anyone can experience at any point of time.

Apart from Academic life, I love reading books, dancing, and spending valuable time with friends and family. I also love visiting new places, exploring them, love to go for hike or picnic. And I am excited to be Peer Mentor in coming semester and meet new people and guide with all the necessary information that they need to know.



Daman Ladher

Hello everyone! My name is Daman, I transferred to SFU in 2019. I’m a third year biomedical physiology major and I chose this major because of my fascination about the harmonious relationship between different systems of the human body. In the future, I would like to work in the medical field.
In my free time, I like to stay active by playing soccer and basketball. I like to host and cook food for my friends and family. Additionally, I have volunteered with various organizations ranging from teaching elementary school kids to enjoying the company of senior citizens. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while make a positive impact in other people’s lives.
From my experience, the skills developed in the first year of university are essential for a successful academic career. So, I would like to use my experience to simplify the transition for new students and help them achieve their goals!


Nathan Lee

Hello! My name is Nathan and I am a 3rd year Biomedical Physiology student. I opted for Biomedical Physiology so that I can diversify my scope of knowledge for graduate school and facilitate my passion for the healthcare field.

I am currently in the midst of a 12-month co-op at St. Paul’s Hospital as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Colorectal Surgery Group. I am responsible for numerous clinical studies involving colorectal cancers and other gastrointestinal disorders. Alongside my co-op experience, I volunteer as a Kinesiologist Assistant where I assist an incomplete quadriplegic older adult with their weekly rehabilitation. I also work with individuals who have end stage kidney disease, at Vancouver General. Outside academics & volunteer work I enjoy fishing, rock climbing, hiking, and anything outdoors related.

As a former mentee, who benefited highly from the Peer Mentorship program, I am familiar with the challenges you might encounter in your first year. With my past experiences, I am hoping to help you navigate and ease your transition into post-secondary school and the BPK Department. I am truly excited to be a part of the BPK Peer Mentorship and I am looking forward to meeting all of you!



Estee Leung

Hi everyone! My name is Estee and I am currently a fourth-year Biomedical Physiology major. I love my major and I enjoy learning about the different organ systems of the human body! I did two directed studies last semester, which opened the world of research to me. I am currently volunteering at SFU’s Neurokinesiology lab (research on golf!). I am interested in the research/medical field in the future!  
I am on the SFU varsity golf team where I spend most of my time outside of school on the golf course and traveling for golf tournaments in the States with the team! I also volunteer as a Learning Coach and Welcome Leader. During my free time, I enjoy working out, playing the piano for worship, and exploring different strategies to improve my productivity. First year in university was challenging yet exciting. I hope to use my experiences and knowledge to support your journey in university. We are all here to help you to reach your goals. Super excited to meet y’all! 



Shawn Liu

Hey! My name is Shawn Liu, and I’m going into my 5th (and final) year in Kinesiology. My passion for the field of Kinesiology stemmed from when I started training for the Canadian Forces Basic Parachutist course in high school, as I was fascinated with the ability of the cardiovascular system to allow the body to sustain work during exercise.

Curious about the cardiovascular system, I joined the Molecular Cardiac Physiology group at SFU and pursued some exciting research in Dr. Tom Claydon’s lab to learn more about the mechanisms that regulate heartbeat. One of the best methods to appreciate and apply science course knowledge is to pursue research, and I’d recommend every BPK student to reach out to a faculty member to discuss potential research opportunities.

During my time at SFU, I’ve volunteered for many on-campus clubs/organizations, including the Science Undergraduate Society, SFU recreation, and the SFU Pre-Med society. Outside of class time, I enjoy mentoring youth in the cadet program, traveling, hiking, running, cooking, and exploring different places to eat. Speaking of traveling opportunities, my profile photo shows me standing on the main road of my exchange institution: National Taiwan University! If you’re interested in following my exchange journey, feel free to check out my YouTube channel!



Katherine Van Klaveren

Hi, my name is Katherine. I am a third year Kinesiology student! I am super excited to be returning as a mentor again this year. I am passionate about health and fitness and my goal is to work in a field where I have the opportunity to encourage others to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. BPK has been a great fit for me, and I really enjoy taking classes on topics I am passionate about.

I am currently a part of an on campus group called the USES Student Committee. We organize events and activities for students to help them meet new people and get involved in SFU activities. My favourite pastime is spending time outside doing any sort of outdoor activity. I love hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking and just soaking up the sun whenever I have spare time. I am excited to share my experiences and support my mentees in their transition into university as best I can. SFU has such a fun and engaging community and I would love to be able to share that with others.


Dominika Naliwajko

(To be completed.)


Maya Peterson

Hello! My name is Maya and I am a 4th-year Kinesiology student with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. I chose BPK as my major because I have always loved playing sports (especially ice-hockey) and at the same time, I was (and still am) fascinated by human anatomy. I am currently on CO-OP at We Play Kids Sensory Gym & Pediatric Therapy Centre as a Therapy Administration Assistant.
If I am not at the clinic or school, my main job and hobbies are coaching ice hockey, leading summer camps, hiking, and rollerblading (or really anything that is outdoors). I also enjoy reading Harry Potter and watching Studio Ghibli Films.
I remember my first year at SFU was overwhelming and stressful therefore, I turned to the BPK Peer Mentors for some guidance. The help of my BPK Peer Mentors helped me navigate my first-year at SFU more smoothly. As a result of this positive experience with the program, I wanted to become a peer mentor to help others as they had helped me in the past.
After finishing my undergraduate degree, I am hoping to become a physiotherapist and complete my Masters of Physical Therapy. My dream job would be to become a pediatric physiotherapist as I enjoy working with kids!



Tamara Phu

Hello! My name is Tamara, and I am entering my fifth and final year at SFU as a Biomedical Physiology major. I’ve always been fascinated by human anatomy and all the underlying physiological processes happening inside our bodies, so it was the perfect fit for me!

During my time at SFU, I have enjoyed being involved with the campus community by volunteering as a Welcome Day Leader, Science in Action volunteer, and Health Peer Educator. This summer, I recently completed my fourth Co-op term where I had the chance to work for 8 months as a chiropractic assistant and laser technician. Previously, I worked two terms as a research assistant at the SFU Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab. Both experiences were enriching and worthwhile, and have helped shape my future career goals in the healthcare field.

When I’m not studying, I love spending time with friends and family, reading, watching rom-coms or true crime documentaries (there’s no in between), or hiking!

I’m excited to meet the incoming BPK students and hope to use the knowledge that I’ve gained during my time at SFU to help them meet new people, discover new opportunities, and create their own memorable university experiences!



Anya Predojevic

Hi! I’m Anya (she/her/hers) and I’m a 3rd biomedical physiology major and the VP of the BPKSA. I transferred to SFU in 2018 after spending 2 years playing college softball in the states. I chose BP because I have always been super interested in the human body and how it works, especially in regards to sports and athletics as I have spent my entire life playing high level sports. My end goal is to get into medical school and become a doctor in rural areas.

In my spare time, I like to spend all my time outdoors. I’m a big fan of hiking, mountain biking and camping! In the winter time I spend all of my free time shredding on the north shore mountains! I also spend time volunteering at Royal Columbian Hospital in the emergency department, so if you have any questions about that I can help you get involved. I’m currently working with Dr. Ramer writing an anatomy textbook for future BPK 326 students.







Simran Prashar

Hello fellow BPKers! I’m Simran, a 2nd year Biomedical Physiology student. I chose BPK because I love to see its advancements from a basic science to human health and physiology. I am so glad to have learned about the Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association (BPKSA) which is a great group of BPK students working together to provide further support and opportunities to our growing community!

In my free time, I love to cook and hike in our beautiful trails. In the future, i hope to use my degree in Biomedical Physiology and pursue a career in Physiotherapy where i can apply my knowledge to further help others. I decided to become a Peer Mentor because I know that entering university into a new environment can be intimidating for many students. I hope to help guide my mentees in the right direction by providing support during this transition to post-secondary!



Samantha Rothwell

I started at SFU in September of 2016 and originally started as a Chemistry major. I thought of switching into Biology as I considered dentistry as a possible career choice. In 2018/2019, I completed a one-year co-op at STEMCELL Technologies on the Epithelial Team. I was in the lab mostly every day and cultured mouse, rat and human 2D monolayer cultures and 3D organoid cultures. My co-op placement made me realize that I love human physiology, anatomy, and pathology so I switched into Biomedical Physiology before returning to school. I don’t know what my future career plans are, but I am thinking about medical school, experimental medicine, or maybe some sort of specialized nursing.

I’ve played soccer ever since I was 7 years old and I also volunteer with the Port Moody Adaptive Soccer program which allows kids with disabilities (mostly Autism Spectrum Disorder) to learn and play soccer. I’m also getting an Australian Shepherd puppy at the beginning of August so I’m excited to take her on hikes and adventures. I’m super stoked to be a part of this program and can’t wait to get to know everyone.



Yasmin Sardary

Hi there! My name is Yasmin and I’m currently a 2nd year Biomedical Physiology major. I chose BPK because it allows me to explore my interests in science, anatomy, and physiology while working towards my goal of attending med school somewhere in the future! I have yet to complete a Co-op term, but I am definitely looking forward to applying in the coming year to gain more real-life experience in the field.

In my free time, I love being outdoors either hiking, swimming in the ocean or camping with my friends every summer. I was a dancer for 10 years of my life so I value exercise and try to stay as active as I can! Being a mentee last year, I learned how helpful it was to have someone experienced to go to for guidance when you get stuck and I’d love to provide the same help to others. If you’re feeling anxious and confused going into your first semester, not to worry! We’ve all been there at some point and there are many resources available to help you sort it all out. I look forward to meeting the new SFU students and helping them out as much as I can with their transition into university!



Puneet Sidhu

Hey everyone! I’m Puneet and I’m heading into my 5th year as a Biomedical Physiology major. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been into sports and the human body, so from the very beginning I knew that this was the perfect major for me. At the moment, I plan on pursuing a career in healthcare. To be what exactly? I’m still trying to figure that part out.

I’m curious by nature, so in my spare time I love learning about anything and everything. From V8 engines to tarot cards, I love to expand my knowledge in any field possible. On top of that I’ve enjoyed volunteering at my local hospital, my old soccer organization, and at the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

I understand how overwhelming university can be, especially coming straight from high school. Truthfully, when I entered my 1st year I didn’t have anyone guiding me. So, I learned by trial and error, and boy there was a lot of error. That’s why I’m excited for this opportunity to share my experiences and assist my future mentees so that their 1st year at SFU can be as smooth and fulfilling as possible.



Raiyan Syeda

Raiyan is in her 5th year and is completing her degree in BNS, with a minor in Human Development and Counseling. She volunteers for the Fraser Health Crisis Line and is the BPK Departmental Representative for the Behavioral Neuroscience Student Society. Raiyan is also a tutor for Friends of Simon and teaches children from refugee backgrounds and low socioeconomic backgrounds. Her passion for research has led her to complete her honors at the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Lab and be deeply involved with the Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Lab.

Raiyan is interested in the uses of psychedelics to treat mental health issues, as well as the impacts of neuroscience on addictions counseling for marginalized youth.   In her spare time, she performs spoken word poetry, with her poetry focusing on cultural fusion, connection, social justice, mental health, science and spirituality.  Raiyan chose to be a Peer Mentor because she recognizes how difficult it can be for incoming as well as experienced students to navigate university life – from academics to volunteering to balancing heavy workloads to searching for a career path. She wants to use her knowledge and experience to help students gain confidence in tackling barriers and unknown situations.



Rachel-Gayle Tan

Hi there! My name is Rachel-Gayle, I’m in my second year and am an intended Behavioural Neuroscience Major. I’m so honoured to be part of the BPKPM program this year and can’t wait to meet some of you! I decided to choose BPK as I have a medical condition that’s motivated me to understand my body better in hopes that I can better help myself and others who struggle with similar conditions.

I’m currently a member of the SFU Athletics Dance Team as the team trainer and teach/assist at my home studio. I’ve danced for 15 years and am looking to now pursue teaching and choreography along with being in school full-time. Dance has helped me through a lot of difficult times in my life and being a little bit of a nerd, I’ve always wanted to try to understand both the physical and psychological benefits of it.

In the future, I’d love to develop a program using dance as a form of therapy, especially for children who are diagnosed with chronic conditions or have developmental disabilities. As a peer mentor, I hope to be able to guide you through your first year by being open to questions and personally, sharing my experiences with you! I had a great experience being a mentee this past year and hope to give back this year as a mentor!



Maddy Teasell

Hello everyone! I’m Maddy, and I am a fifth year BPK student majoring in Biomedical Physiology. I chose this major because I love being surrounded by active, motivated individuals who share a passion for health and science. We are so lucky to have such great faculty that make all the BPK courses so enjoyable and applicable to not only everyday life, but future career opportunities as well!

Thanks to BPK Co-op, I was able to find work as a behavior interventionist for children with developmental disabilities at Club Aviva. In addition to helping kids improve their motor functioning and behaviour, we aim to build a trusting relationship with every child, all in a fun gymnastics environment! Aside from co-op, I volunteer with Let’s Talk Science, where I get to help teach science workshops to kids of all ages, and I am an executive on the BPKSA; we are always looking for new members, so come join! Apart from school, I love to dance, hike, ski, snowboard and travel, as well as spend time with my dogs and cats.

The transition into university can often feel overwhelming and scary, but also really exciting! I hope to use my experience from the past four years to help ease any stresses or worries about the first year of undergrad, and hopefully introduce my mentees to some of the great opportunities that SFU has to offer. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!



Kaylene Tong

Hello, my name is Kaylene! I am going into my 4th year as a Kinesiology Major. One of the reasons why I chose Kinesiology was because it was the only degree with the letter K in it (Just kidding! Maybe not..) In high school, I played a lot of ultimate frisbee and it was during my last season that I became very fascinated by how the human body can adapt to almost anything you throw at it. I had the opportunity to do my first Co-op at Kintec where I learned a lot about custom orthotics, bracing and footwear. The most enjoyable part was definitely interacting with patients and getting to know more about their personal fitness goals.

I have not yet made up my mind on what I want to do after graduation; hence, I am looking to gain more exposure and experience through the BPK Co-op program. I became a peer mentor because I wanted to share my story and experiences with new incoming students. First semester can be quite intimidating especially if you don’t know anyone, but it becomes more fun as you start to chat with all your professors, teaching assistants and classmates.



Yana Uzelac

Hi everyone! I’m Yana, and I am entering my second year of studying Biomedical Physiology at SFU! I chose BPK because I’ve always enjoyed learning about the human body, & I’m passionate about health and fitness.

I began doing some research at BC Children’s Hospital before my first year, which further inspired me to study science! I’m currently a lifeguard and swimming instructor, and I hope to pursue a career in the medical field. I love kids, & teaching the very youngest swimmers (6 months – 5 years old) is my favourite, so I aspire to continue working with them throughout my career!

In my spare time, I love running, swimming, hiking, travelling, camping, reading, watching movies, and spending time with my friends and family. I wanted to become a mentor because having the support and guidance of mentorship in my first year meant the world to me — I gained lots of valuable knowledge and advice, which I would love to pass forward to future first-years. I hope that sharing what I’ve learned from my experiences will help my mentees transition into university successfully and find opportunities that motivate and inspire them! I’m looking forward to meeting you!



Nicole Whittle

Hey everyone, my name is Nicole and I’m a 3rd year Kinesiology Major. Welcome to SFU! Physical activity has always been a big part of my life. I was a dancer and a soccer player until the end of high school, and now I fill my weekends refereeing soccer. With a big interest in exercise, health, and general sciences, Kinesiology has been a great fit for my studies. I love hanging around SFU to sit on the BPK Student Association, and I’ve also enjoyed being involved in undergraduate research. Off campus, I enjoy hiking the North Shore mountains and exploring the city.

The first year of university can be overwhelming at times, but I hope to make my mentees’ year a little less stressful and show them how awesome university can be! If this is your first year – good luck, study hard, and have fun!



Ryan Wu

Hi everyone! My name’s Ryan and I’m a fifth-year student majoring in biomedical physiology. I chose BPK on a whim and I am very glad I did. BPK has taught me so much about the human body and has provided me with knowledge regarding the world of physiology in a fashion where other majors may not have been able to do so. It has also allowed me to complete two semesters of Co-op within Fraser Health. This opportunity showcased the administrative side of health care which was an invaluable experience as I am an aspiring health care professional.

In my spare time, I love to golf, play my guitar (I named it Lucy), and do parachute runs on my nearby field. I wanted to become a peer mentor, because I believe the experiences I have acquired through my years at SFU will be helpful to new students in BPK. Moreover, I am a firm believer that the connections you make at post-secondary are an important part of the university experience.



Natalie YeungNY Profile Pic

Hey! I’m Natalie and I’m moving into my fifth year of Kin. I’ve always enjoyed playing sports growing up and am very passionate about fitness. I am currently completing my last co-op work term as a Kinesiologist at BC Back Clinic. I get to work with patients of all ages, providing shockwave and cold laser therapy, spinal decompression, and taking them through active rehab sessions that I’ve customized to their needs. I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer and have been involved with SFU Rec as a Weight Room Supervisor.

Additionally, I’m a Team Trainer at the SFU Sports Medicine Clinic, working with athletes and athletic therapists. I love staying active by combining weight lifting alongside at-home HIIT workouts. My ultimate goal is physio (but honestly who knows). I’ve been a Peer Mentor for a while now, and I keep coming back because I believe having a little guidance at the start of university can help you make the most out of your time here! If any of the opportunities I mentioned above interest you, please reach out to me – I’d love to help you get involved.



David Yin

Hey everyone! My name is David and I’m majoring in Kinesiology, now heading into my 4th year in SFU. Coming out of high school, I pursued my interest in the human body and chose to join BPK. I believe the best part of this program is its people, and over the past few years, I was fortunate enough to meet other individuals who share the same passion. They’ve made my university experience memorable.

I am an aspiring Physiotherapist who enjoys physical activity both indoors and outdoors, with a love for hiking. Thanks to the helpful resources here, I’ve become a part of SFU Fitness, volunteered for BPK labs, and have gained valuable experiences in workplaces outside of school, working with various populations in different settings.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and help ease your transition into the program.




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