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The BPK Peer Mentorship Program is a student-driven initiative affiliated with the BPK Student Association (BPKSA). It aims to strengthen the BPK community by connecting incoming first-years with more senior BPK students. Our goal is to give first-years the most successful, fun, and worthwhile transition from high school to university.

You will be paired with a BPK student who has demonstrated great academic and engagement abilities, and they will become a social and academic resource available to you during your first two semesters. Your peer mentor will provide you with knowledge that no university classroom can give: how to successfully adjust to life at SFU! Your mentor will be a friendly, outgoing individual who was once in the same situation as you now are. They will listen, refer, guide, encourage, and try to answer any questions you might have. Sometimes you’ll just need a chat too, and this is definitely something we hope to provide.

We are excited to welcome you into the BPK department. You picked a great program! Having a BPK peer mentor will hopefully deepen and increase the quality of your university experience.

Make sure to keep checking your emails and the BPKSA website for more information on BPK events that you won’t want to miss out on! The BPK e-newsletter is wonderful, as well was my involvement.sfu.ca for on-campus extracurricular opportunities.

These are great opportunities to meet other BPK students, as well as faculty/staff members.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at bpkpm@sfu.ca.

4 Replies to “Welcome New BPK Students! Sign Up To Receive A Mentor”

  1. I decided to take kinesiology as my major and want to pursue physiotherapy in my masters . so in my major should I also take its concentration i.e. Active health and rehabilitation or only Kinesiology. Will I be able to pursue physiotherapy if I only take Kinesiology and not its concentration

  2. Hi Gazaldeep,

    I checked the UBC physiotherapy website, and it seems like you don’t need to take specific courses in the Active Health/Rehab concentration to apply for a MPT:


    However, I’d recommend that you still ask either Aiden or Brenda (probably Brenda) regarding this, as they are both experts and have more reliable information than my understanding (perhaps taking the concentration could increase one’s chances of getting into PT):


    Sorry, I missed this; feel free to e-mail at bpkpm@sfu.ca, as well!

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