Volunteering is a great experience, no matter where you do it. Obviously we suggest spending some time with us helping out in BPK, but there are a wide range of volunteer opportunities on campus. What follows is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a collection of some of the areas that we, your fellow students, have become involved.


BPK Peer MentorshipSFU-BPK-red

Our own program is a great place to volunteer. Meet more people in your department and help first-year BPK students flourish. As a mentor, you could have a huge impact on a first year student and help them transition to SFU life. Mentors are fun, smart, socially engaging people and we would love to have you on the team!



Rec offers numerous opportunities to fit a variety of skills. If you come from an administrative background, they utilize student volunteers to coordinate rec sports leagues. If you know your way around the gym or pool, volunteer to teach fitness classes, lifeguard, or work as a one-on-one trainer. Like kids? Volunteer at a youth camp over the summer.


Student Trainer ProgramStudent Trainer (taping)

The physio clinic is a great place to volunteer if you want to get involved in injury assessment and rehabilitation, if you’re thinking about physiotherapy or athletic therapy as a career, or if you’ve just taken 241 and want to keep your taping skills sharp.


Peer EducationPeer Education

Peer educators are student volunteers who are trained in a specific area that enables them to serve the larger student body in some capacity. For example, career peer educators help students with writing professional documents including cover letters and resumes. Peer health educators work to promote health and wellness on campus through outreach programs on topics such as stress management or active living.


BPK ResearchSFU BPK Research

Research faculty are always interested in volunteers to help in their labs, whether it’s as a subject for a research study, or as a long-term volunteer helping run various projects. Take a look through the list of research areas in BPK and contact one of the faculty members! Many students in the BPKSA have been actively involved in several different labs on campus and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about their experiences in research.


SFU Volunteer ServicesOther opportunities

There’s a large collection of opportunities organized by SFU Volunteer Services. They’re arranged by location, whether on-campus, off-campus, or international, so you can research specific opportunities that fit with your other plans.

2 Replies to “Volunteering”

  1. I was trying to access the BPK research page as I was interested in volunteering for a Research lab But I am unable to get to that web page as it tells me that the webpage I’m looking for can not be found. Is that because Research has been put on pause because of COVID or there are no more research volunteer opportunities?

    1. Hi Kashish,

      It appears that the link on this page is incorrect. If you’re looking for information about doing research as a BPK undergrad, you can try this link here (http://www.sfu.ca/bpk/undergrad_program/ugrad-research.html). Some research has been put on hold due to COVID, but I believe there is still some going on – typically if you’re interested in doing research, it’s best to get into contact with the professor directly, or keep an eye out for postings in the BPK Weekly Digest (http://www.sfu.ca/bpk/weeklydigest.html). Hope that helps!


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