BPKSA Constitution

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association


    1. Name

The name of the union shall be the Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association (“BPKSA”) and shall be referred to as “the union.”

    1. Objectives

The objectives of the union shall be:

      1. To promote student interests within the department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (“BPK”) – referred to as “the department” – the Simon Fraser Student Society (“SFSS”), the university (“SFU”), and the community at large,
      2. to provide students the means and opportunity to involve themselves in the running of undergraduate affairs within the department,
      3. to create a sense of community within the department.


    1. Membership

Membership in this union shall be extended to, as defined by official academic status:

      1. All declared majors, minors and honours students in the department,
      2. all intended BPK majors,
      3. all students currently enrolled in at least one KIN course


    1. Executive Committee

The committee shall be composed of:

      1. President,
      2. Vice-president,
      3. Treasurer,
      4. Secretary,
      5. SFSS Forum Representative,
      6. Departmental Committees Representative,
      7. External Relations Officer,
      8. Promotional Coordinator.

Powers and duties of officers shall include the following:

      1. President
        1. Chair meetings and facilitate discussion,
        2. schedule meetings for each semester,
        3. prepare an agenda (issues, updates, event planning, etc.) for each meeting,
        4. represent the union at department and union functions,
        5. oversee union activities,
        6. act as a signing authority for the union.


      1. Vice-president
        1. Assist President as necessary or requested,
        2. chair meetings and otherwise fulfill President’s role if President is unable to do so,
        3. act as a signing authority for the union.


      1. Treasurer:
        1. Maintain all financial records of the union including a statement of assets and anticipated intakes and expenditures,
        2. make reports to the union membership, including an accounting of all funds received and spent in the name of the union, as necessary or requested,
        3. prepare and submit to the executive a proposed operating budget for each semester,
        4. act as a liaison between the union and any sources of funding,
        5. act as a signing authority for the union.


      1. Secretary
        1. Record and distribute minutes of meetings,
        2. maintain files and records of union activities,
        3. oversee union correspondence, including maintenance of the union mailing lists.


      1. SFSS Forum Representative
        1. Represent the union in the SFSS Student Forum,
        2. maintain communication between the union and Forum,
        3. with the direction of the union, promote the interests of the union in the Forum.


      1. Departmental Committees Representative:
        1. Attend all department meetings on which the union has representatives, such as the Undergraduate Programming Committee,
        2. keep the union informed of departmental affairs,
        3. with the direction of the union, promote the interests of the union in the department committees.


      1. External Relations Officer:
        1. Act as the primary point of contact for external organizations,
        2. maintain and update a contact list of representatives as necessary.


      1. Promotional Coordinator:
        1. As guided by the union, develop promotional materials for union events,
        2. arrange posting and disbursement of promotional items
        3. organize volunteer scheduling for academic and social events


    1. Meetings

The organizational structure of the union shall be based upon regular general meetings (referred to as simply “meetings”) and an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”). Responsibilities for accomplishing specific tasks may be assigned on an ad hoc basis to interested volunteers.

      1. All meetings of the union shall be open to all members of the union, and all members of the union shall have voice and vote.
      2. Goals of meetings shall encompass the following:
        1. Further the objectives of the union,
        2. allocate all funds and approve intended budgets,
        3. notify the membership of the AGM and associated Executive elections,
        4. establish a general format of activities for the forthcoming semester and year,
        5. establish ad hoc committees and organize volunteers as necessary,
        6. maintain communication between the union and other student unions and external organizations.
      3. Regular General Meetings
        1. Must be held on at least a monthly basis.
        2. An additional meeting must be called if 5 members request it.
        3. Quorum shall be 4 executive members of the union.
      4. Annual General Meetings:
        1. Shall be held annually during the Fall term by the 3rd week of classes.
        2. Quorum shall be 7 members of the union, including at least 4 executives.
        3. A minimum of one week’s notice must be given to the union membership prior to an annual general meeting (AGM).
        4. Notice of the AGM shall contain particulars of time and place of the meeting plus a list of the main items of business to be discussed.
        5. Notice shall consist of emails sent via the department undergraduate mailing list and the union mailing list.


    1. Voting
      1. In all meetings of the union, issues will be decided by a simple majority of members present and voting, except where a larger majority is called for by this constitution.
      2. Voting shall be by an open hand count, except for any vote that is to be conducted by secret ballot. Secret voting can be called for by any union member if seconded.
      3. All Executive elections will be by secret ballot.
      4. The union should go to reasonable effort to enlist a staff or faculty volunteer from the department to count votes, in the presence of a union representative, in the interest of transparency and fairness.
      5. Each union member present at any meeting is entitled to one vote on any issue.
      6. Proxy voting is not allowed.


    1. Elections
      1. Officers are to be elected at the AGM.
      2. Candidates must make known their intent to run a minimum of one week in advance by emailing the President or by making their desire known at a previous meeting.
      3. Term of office is one year, beginning in September and ending in August.
      4. Vacancies of any executive position can be filled by appointment, on an interim basis, by a two-thirds majority vote at a quorate meeting.
      5. All union members are eligible for any elected position after at least 1 term as a regularly involved member of the union.
      6. After the candidates nominated for a position are announced, they are to leave the room to allow for discussion. Once the votes for that position are cast, they shall be allowed to return.
      7. Whichever candidate receives the most votes will be elected.


    1. Dissolution
      1. In the event that the membership decides to dissolve the student union, or in the event that the union becomes inactive, all assets of the student union become the property of the Simon Fraser Student Society, to be held in trust for a minimum period of two years.
      2. If, during this period, a new union is formed to represent the interests of students within the department, or if this union becomes active, the trust shall be dissolved and all assets shall become the property of the student union.
      3. After two years, if the trust has not been dissolved, the Simon Fraser Student Society may dispose of the assets as it sees fit.
      4. For the purpose of this article, the student union shall have become inactive if, for two consecutive semesters, the membership does not hold the minimum number of quorate general meetings as required by article five of this constitution.
      5. This article shall not be altered except with the prior consent of the Simon Fraser Student Society.


    1. Recall
      1. Any officer can be recalled at any quorate meeting by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting.
      2. Notice of recall must be given at the preceding meeting.
      3. The union member(s) proposing a recall vote must give one week’s written notice (by email or otherwise) to the officer whose position is in question.
      4. Reasons for the recall vote must be put to the union membership before the vote.
      5. The questioned officer, if present, must be given opportunity to defend his or her actions before the vote.
      6. If an officer is recalled, the vacant position may be filled immediately by a simple majority vote of those present and voting.


    1. Amendments
      1. Amendments to this constitution shall be allowed if passed by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at a quorate general meeting.
      2. The general nature of the proposed amendment must be clearly stated in the notice of meeting preceding that general meeting.
      3. All amendments must ultimately be approved by the SFSS before ratification.


    1. Freedom of Information
      1. Copies of this constitution shall be freely available to all union members upon request.
      2. Access to all union records, minutes, plans and other information shall be made available to all union members on request.


  1. Ratification and Amendments
    1. This constitution was ratified September 29, 1998
    2. Keyed in June 28, 2004
    3. Amended January 27, 2012.

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