Meeting Minutes – March 2 2015

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday March 2, 2015


In Attendance:

Loryn, Shaila, Bogdan (, Steven O, Jake, Matt, Garveen, Ian, Josh, Steven M, Jordan, Garrett, Deepak


Open Issues


-Today we welcomed Jordan and Garrett to the BPKSA



-feedback on lung designs is positive

-Matt made a class presentation in BPK 305; Bogdan will present in BPK 326

-Loryn will send out another email to remind students about the clothing orders & that they are due by this Friday

-Loryn will email Richard and talk in BPK 304W

-TABLE SHIFTS: please fill out the doodle poll Matt sent out for the shifts to collect orders from this week Wednesday to Thursday (11-2pm)

-if you are available during this times, please inform either Loryn or Matt

-Matt will make the excel spreadsheet for the sum of all the orders and send it to Josh to give to the department


Year End Party

-potential dates: April 2 (Thursday), April 9 (Thursday), April 10 (Friday)

-Matt will make a doodle poll to send to Laurie who will send it to the department so we can know their availability (will set a response deadline for Friday)

-Club Ilia prefers that the event not be on a Friday night; in addition, the rates are higher for Fridays for >100 people

-if on a Friday, we will have to apply for more funding or add in our own

money from core

-Thursday, April 2nd is most likely the best day for the students since its not so close to exams

-Just have to wait to see what day works best for the department



-newly instated faculty undergraduate society for science students

-meetings are usually biweekly and anyone is welcome to attend; Loryn will send us updates and will inform us in the future of upcoming meetings

-Loryn sent an attachment for the executive open positions within in the SUS; take a look at it if you are interested

-nominations for executive positions will be open on March 9th; 6 executive positions available:


  • President, VP External, VP Academic, VP Communications and Marketing, VP

Student Life, VP Finance

-the SUS will also be holding a kick off event which is a Cards Against Humanity Pubnight on Wednesday, March 18th

-SUS wants to come up with a logo for the group; if anyone has an idea, send it to Loryn who will send it to the designer or the DSU representatives in the SUS

-SUS has a newsletter coming out called the SUS Fuss to which we can submit anything about our department; we can send it to Loryn who will forward it to the SUS


Brain Week

-March 16-19 in the AQ; Brain Awareness Week about mental health and neuroscience

-the BNSS want us to participate

-BNSS will set up in the AQ with games and facts about the brain


Meeting With Dr. Glen Tibbits

-have a discussion on the USRA’s and ask for more transparency in the process of choosing the right students to win these awards

-Josh administered a survey to the undergraduates in BPK asking about what they like/dislike about the program; here are common themes in the survey results:

-course offerings & class schedules, more transparency with the breakdown of

marks in classes, better promotion of events and BPKSA meeting times,

relevancy of some courses in the KIN or BP program (ex. BPK 201 has no

relevancy to Biomedical Physiology, wheres BISC 202 does make sense), more

labs for physiology majors

-we still have time; if there is anything you would like to talk about with Dr. Tibbits, email Loryn (


Department Meeting Update

-Steven M attended the department meeting last week and gave us an update

-some new courses will be offered & not just has special topics; these include

-Dr. James Wakeling’s Muscle Mechanics course, Dr. Matt White’s Temperature




The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Loryn at 1:30 pm in the BPK Conference Room. The next meeting will be held on Monday March 9th , 2015 in the BPK Conference Room at 12:30 pm.


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