Minutes – April 5, 2013

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 5, 2013


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 1:30pm on Friday, April 5, 2013 in the BPK Seminar Room by Steven.

In attendance

  • Steven, Matt, Kirstin, Shaila, Sam, Debbie, Megan, Loryn, Jake, Leandra, Lucy, Megan, Alex, Sidney, Jason, Joyce

Open Issues

  • Year End Party
    • 88 tickets sold
    • everyone like the newsletter/crossword
    • Sidney Morrison moved to reimburse Steven McGee $202.55 from Core for the Year End Party and it was unanimously approved
  • Clothing Order
    • action potential image is in and Steven will take the clothing to the printers ASAP
    • printing will take 1-2 weeks so distribution may be during the exam period
  • BPK Orientation
    • UPC would like a more detailed plan along with a budget
    • Darleen suggested we think about a scavenger hunt with prizes at the end, making posters to advertise, booking rooms sooner rather than later, allotting part of the budget to food and prizes (pens, extra gym bags)
    • need an estimate of the number of newly admitted students into Kin for fall (will talk to Sophie about this)
      • to contact the students email or phone calls will be best
    • Lucy will talk to Irving about when the peak times for field use are in the last week of August/first week of September
    • Alex will talk to Peer Health about creating a quick presentation for the tour
    • AJ had mentioned there are leftover Geek Week t-shirts and they could maybe be converted to BPK t-shirts and given to the students
    • Schedule (approx 10am-4pm)
      • 1) Meet in lecture hall for a quick welcome/introduction. Split up into clans led by BPKSA members.
      • 2) SFU Tour of places relevant to BPK students.
        • Strength & Conditioning- could have jump platform or infrared camera set up
        • SFU Physio
        • SFU Rec
        • Peer Health
        • Lab Tours
      • 3) Head back to the lecture hall and give students a snack on their way in. The approximately hour long talk would cover:
        • Who we (the BPKSA) are/what we do. (Meetings, website, Careers in Kin, Kin Cup, Kin Games)
        • Co-op
        • Kin Main Office (FAQs)
        • Brief intro of Kin courses (tips on when to take them, when they are offered, supply them with program checklists, pre-req lists)
      • 4) BBQ Lunch
      • 5) Games- capture the flag in the AQ Gardens (mixed student & prof teams)
      • 6) Dessert & Prizes
  • UPC Update
    • Van is going on maternity leave and Sophie will be replacing her so we will have a new academic advisor
  • Kin Games
    • it was held the weekend before Easter and 31 schools (700 students) attended
    • there were four categories to score points in (dance, spirit, sports, academic) and UBC placed first in all four
    • Leandra needs 10 emails to make it a Student Club (she will have a table at Clubs Days)
    • some fundraising will be done over the summer and funding can hopefully be provided to help with some of the costs


Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm by Steven. The next meeting will be during Summer Semester (date and time to be determined).

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