Minutes – April 6, 2017


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 1:00pm by Jordan in the BPK Graduate Students Lounge.


In Attendance:

Jordan, Emily C, Emily P, Omid, Arash, Brian, Katie, Jaskarn, Crystal, Alam, Aaron, Ivy, Sonya, Ran, Erina


Open Issues:

1) Aaron’s BPK Flow Chart

-Aaron has created a flow chart involving all BPK courses and streams to map prerequisites

-Base flow chart busy and intimidating

-Improve by breaking up into each stream and/or year

-Based of Psychology course map

-BPK has a lot of course, which makes map complicated

-Checklist may be better

-Combine list with basic map?


2) Year End Party

-50 people attended, 53 tickets sold

-What worked:

-Location at DAC – main floor with view was nice

-Food was excellent

-Relaxed and fun, not focused on networking with professors à need more events like this

-To improve for next year:

-Probably would have had a better turnout if scheduled the week before (too close to finals)

-Would more people come if the party was after exams? Students from out of town will have already left

-Advertising – more classroom presentations needed

-Conflict with SFU Athletics event, scheduled on same day

-Connect people at different tables

-More interaction between undergrads, grads, and profs

-More time before food comes out

-Icebreaker game involving representatives from each table


-Unscramble profs names

-Trivia questions à more general Kin questions, less history

-Draw Tony playing his favourite sport


3) Summer Semester

-Who will be here to attend meetings: Arash, Emily C, Katie, Jaskarn, Crystal, Erina

-Who can help but will not be able to attend most meetings: Megan, Emily P, Ran, Omid

-Have food at first meeting of each semester to encourage people to come

-Create Facebook poll for new meeting time to reach people who do not see emails

-President, Vice President, Treasurer, Promotional Coordinator, External Relations Officer positions will be open

-Erina open to training new Kin Department Representative throughout the summer (position will be available in the Fall)

-Description of positions on BPKSA website

-Follow up with BPK 101 students and promote attending meetings


4) Meeting with Cady

-Set up meeting after exams

-Wanting to get to know executive members who will be here in the Fall to continue relationship


5) Thoughts for Next Year

-Make a calendar for the year with approximate time of each event

-Approximate budget for core events to see how much is left over for social events and informal study sessions

-Do we have the budget to book a room every other week as study space with snacks provided?

-Book room for meetings (AQ or TASC2 tutorial room) instead of using BPK Graduate Student Lounge

-Bring up BPK undergraduate student common room to department



1) Jordan motioned to reimburse Megan $408.13 from core for pinnies purchased for Kin Cup. Omid seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.


2) Ran motioned to reimburse Megan $201.43 from core for headphones purchased for prizes. Katie seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.


3) Crystal motioned to reimburse Omid $30.44 from core for pizza purchased for March 23rd meeting. Jordan seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.


4) Brian motioned to reimburse Arash $148.47 from core for prizes purchased for the Year End Party. Erina seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.


5) Emily P motioned to reimburse the BPK Department $143.35 from core for table throw. Ran seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Jordan at 2:00pm in the BPK Graduate Students Lounge. Date and time of the next meeting TBA.