MINUTES – Aug 18, 2014

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday August 18, 2014



Meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 4:00 by Shaila at Club Ilia


In Attendance:

Jake, Ian, Shaila, Debbie, Garveen, Steven


Open Issues:




àBPK Kickoff

  • Bingo

-have some professors that haven’t emailed back with facts about them for the bingo

-therefore: for the professors that didn’t respond, if you know them come up with one or two facts about them and email them to ask them for permission to use that fact about them in the bingo

– can be a fact about the courses they teach, some interesting random fact about them etc.

-also, if not enough professors give permission or send in any facts about themselves, members of the BPKSA can also send in some fun facts about themselves to include in the bingo

-the bingo facts compiled so far are attached to the email if you want to take a look at it


  • Classroom Talks

-need to advertise the event in classrooms

-need to have the advertising done by September 10, 2014 (the second Wednesday of September)

-Advertise in BPK 110, 140, 143, 142, 201, 207, 241

-need to email the professors of these classes and ask when it is okay for us to go in and talk about the kickoff

-Darleen also wants us to include an advertisement for BPK Co-op

  • Pamphlet

-Sabrina wants to print out the pamphlets by early next week

-need to have the bingo and the lab tours specificity done by FRIDAY of this week

  • Tours

-Damon and Victoria okay with the time change for the lab tours, just need to hear from Steven Robinovitch

-still waiting on Peer Health to respond for tours, SFU Rec and Physio have been confirmed


à BPK Welcome

  • From September 2nd to the 5th from 10 – 12 pm.
  • Need to draft a schedule for shifts at the table: SEND AVAILABILITY TO DEBBIE @ dpw4@sfu.ca
  • Water bottles have been ordered; cost was $600 and we ordered 130 water bottles
    • -sell water bottles for $5 at the table
  • Goodie Bag Contents: pins, toques, leaflets for BPK Kickoff, Terry Fox Run and BBQ, and business cards
    • -to motivate students to come pick up a goodie bag, their names will be entered into a raffle for a gift card prize once they pick up a goodie bag
  • Maybe sell more clothing the week after the welcome and advertise the clothing sale the first week at the table


àSFU Welcome Week

  • September 2nd and 3rd from 10-3 pm
  • Again, send availability for table duty to Debbie @ dpw4@sfu.ca
  • Might need to have 3 people at the table
  • Can also advertise the clothing sale for the following week here


àClub Days

  • September 9th and 10th
  • Again, send availability for table duty to Debbie @ dpw4@sfu.ca
  • Have 2 laptops set up: one for BPK Kickoff sign up, Terry Fox sign up, and for adding their emails to the email list
  • Need one person to manage each laptop, two to manage the clothing saleàneed approximately 4 people to volunteer at the table at once

-depending on if people are available to volunteer


àBPK Career Night

  • UBC’s career night is on January 21st , so ours will be on January 20th in the evening
  • Will be held in Saywell Hall, but we’ll maybe book Applied Sciences for back up


àCalling Campaign

  • If you still have to make some calls, you can continue to do them!
  • Can also email them if necessary; ask Sabrina for their emails!



The meeting was adjourned by Shaila at 4:50.


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