Minutes – December 3, 2010

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2010


  • The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 12:31pm on December 3, 2010 in the Kinesiology Seminar Room by Lauren Tindale.

In attendance:

  • Lauren, Matt, Marissa, Eric, Navnita, Brent, John, Darleen, Jane, and Sandra


Approval of Agenda

  • The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

  • Clothing
    • we want to have order forms and samples for Clubs Days
    • if we want it in the Newsletter let Diego know before January
    • order form is ready
    • Logo
      • one peak now instead of two
      • shorter inseams? maybe 7 inch inseams if they have it
      • we’re getting samples without logos on them for Clubs Days
  • Clubs Days
    • book for Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday
  • Careers in Kin
    • Torny to give Cheri copy of new grant proposal
    • rooms
      • just waiting on TASC 1
    • Careers
      • Physiotherapy
        • Have Tina and possibly Veronica
        • Nick as a back-up?
      •  Medicine
        • Hedges hasn’t said “yes”
        • trying to get him to say “yes”
        • Dr. Gross has said “No”
        • Ben – wants to help us but has to look at schedule
        • Erin Sloan
          • she is a doctor
          • she wants to help out as well
          • check back with her
      •  Chiropractor
        • Wilbur has said “yes” verbally, no written confirmation yet
      •  Massage Therapy
        • no response yet
        • West Coast College Massage Therapy as an exhibitor ?
      •  Panels
        • between chiropractor and athletic therapy, chiropractor will probably mesh well with pedorthist but can also work well with WCB…
        • 3 people on one panel
        • not enough time?
        • trying to put them into groups that compliment each other is key
        • doesn’t hurt to have extra people, in case someone drops out
        • so far we have 5 people
      •  Ergonomics
        • Forzana and Anne-Kristina are confirmed to speak
        • will also be an exhibitor
    •  Exhibitors
      • SFU Rec has confirmed
        • ask to see if they can donate draw prizes as well
    •  Donations
      • SFU Rec
      • we need so more draw prizes
    •  speaker and exhibitor packages are finished
    •  Lab Tours
      • Tom Claydon is in charge of this
      • 4 labs – try to be different from last year
      • limit of 16 people per tour
      • try to get some demos
  • Kin Cup
    •  book East Gym
    •  February 25th, 2011
    •  have to get the trophy updated – Victory Trophies on Broadway
  • Geek Week
    • we are the main event on Wednesday
    •  have one or two people volunteer
  • Pub Night
    • talk to Highland Pub and Club Ilia


  • Meeting was adjourned at 1:13pm by Lauren Tindale. The next meeting will be TBA  in the Kinesiology Seminar Room at TBA.

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