MINUTES – June 25, 2014

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday June 25, 2014



Meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 12:30 by Shaila in AQ 5017


In attendance:

Joyce, Shaila, Jake, Matt, Debbie, Garveen, Mohammad, Josh, Sabrina


Open issues:


àScience World: Science of Sports Exhibit

  • Saturday, June 28, 2014
  • Shaila has booked the group rate
  • Need everyone to arrive around 12:45 at Science World
  • $8/person


àBPK Kickoff

  • 3 labs have volunteered for tours: Stephen Robinovich, Victoria Claydon, and Damon Poburko
  • Will rotate in groups of 3 for lab tours


àCareer Night

  • Will start planning this a little earlier this year
  • Just waiting to hear an update from Darleen on this


àJoyce with the help of 2 friends will put a draft together containing tips for medical schools; more on this later


àBPKSA Webpage

  • The meeting time has been posted on the webpage
  • Matt and Josh will work on the website together; Josh has a friend who designs websites and will be helping out
  • Josh will put information pertaining to the peer mentorship program up on the website
  • Need to update course information; so far, the following people have volunteered to write information for the following courses
  • 306: Shaila
  • 305: Jake
  • 340: Garveen/Debbie
  • 311: Debbie
  • 407: Gina, Steven
  • 426: Gina
  • 448: Shaila
  • still need information for: 301, 381, 461, 481, 431
  • if anyone has taken these courses, could you please write up a short informative paragraph on the class and sent it to Matt
  • forward course information to Matt: mrbutt@sfu.ca
  • Keeping the logo, add more colour to the webpage?


àPeer Mentorship Program

  • Josh has drawn up the draft for the program, including the websurvey questions, volunteer mentor application, profile of ideal mentors and will get post them up on the BPKSA webpage and Facebook group
  • Josh will also email out all the drafts to the members of the BPKSA, so members can decide if they want to sign up to be a mentor
  • Maybe have some kind of training for mentors on how to deal with students telling them personal issues
  • Can make changes to the websurvey if needed
  • For Volunteer Mentors: will undergo a minor interview process, but since this is the first time running the program, volunteer mentors will mainly be chosen through application
  • Start promoting the mentorship program to get 3rd and 4th year BPK students to sign up as volunteer mentors
  • BPKSA non regulars can also be mentors, but regular BPKSA members are given priority
  • 1 mentor per 2/3 students
  • Jake and Joyce will work with Josh as Assistant Directors for the program
  • will be checking in with mentors (once chosen) and managing emails, matching mentors with students
  • Contact students who are in the mentorship program before September, to ask about questions or concerns and what they can expect from their mentor
  • Let’s start recruiting mentors ASAP!!



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned at Shaila at 1:10 pm. The next meeting will be held next week Wednesday July 2, 2014 in AQ 5017 at 12:30 pm.




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