Minutes – March 16, 2017


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 1:00pm by Jordan in the BPK Graduate Students Lounge.


In Attendance:

Jordan, Emily C, Katie, Omid, Arash, Tyler, Jaskarn, Crystal, Emily B, Erina


Open Issues:

1) Trivia Night Debrief

-34 people attended – not many lower division BPK students

-No sign directing people to where the trivia event was

-Australia round had the lowest scores

-Intermission games were good – rock paper scissors, high or low, Australian accent

-Overall, good event even for people not in Kinesiology

-More advertising for next year

-Club Ilia might be a better venue for next year – better options for music


2) Spring Clothing Sale

-Clothing arrived yesterday

-Kin Games people received their clothing before they left

-Sweatpants are on backorder – will not be shipped until Monday (except small sizes), arriving Thursday or Friday

-Include Year End Party ticket price in email when notifying people about clothing pick up

-Fill out availability in Doodle Poll to hand out clothing and sell Year End Party tickets – next Thursday March 23 and Friday March 24 https://beta.doodle.com/poll/txihdnhbmbswpfwi


3) Year End Party

-Posters and printed should be printed by next week

-Selling tickets at clothing tables next Thursday and Friday

-Include ticket price and contact information in next week’s digest

-Sell tickets from BPK general office

-Classroom presentations to advertise

-Brian submitted grant proposal to SFSS for $1100


-Trivia questionnaire about BPKSA executive members

-SFU or Kin related trivia

-Drawing something related to Kin Cup (last year drew Richard and his llama) – an event at a Kin Cup, winners of Kin Cup, fiercest moment of competition

-Crossword puzzles

-As many 3 letter body parts as possible

-Create as many words from the following letters

-If you have any ideas, email Jordan or Megan


-Vegetarian, gluten free, and non-dairy options?

-RSVP form – ask if any allergies or food restrictions

-Erina will look into food options and cost

-Discuss more next week

-Door prizes (5)

-BPK Clothing

-Prizes from Selects Performance website – headphones

-$50 gift basket – from Nesters?

-Various gift baskets – beer, wine, chocolate, coffee, tea

-Gift cards

-Escape room pass, trampoline park, movie tickets, wild play pass


4) Possible Uses of Leftover Core Funds

-Looking into pricing for pinnies

-Table cloths ~$150

-Year End Party prizes

-Prizes for events next year

-Coffee mugs, water bottles, shaker bottle

-Lanyards, pens

-Still unsure about when fiscal year end is

-Free wings nights

-Food for meetings


5) U of Sydney Health Science Information Session

-Wednesday March 29th 5pm at Halpern Center Room 114

-Rep from University of Sydney

-Sample lecture focused on rehabilitation sciences


6) Mental Health Discussion

-Discussion at department meeting postponed to next week

-How can faculty members help?

-Stephen Brown’s stretch breaks

-Prof getting to know students’ names

-Make sure exams are representative of material discussed in class

-Clearer on expectations – learning outcomes at beginning of each lecture

-Highlighting key points

-Practice questions for exams, make past midterms available

-Style of exam

-Omit quiz or midterm if your grade is better on one

-Having prof come to BPK events

-Approachability, empathy toward students

-Point out what students have the most trouble on

-Be clear

-Tutorials before class (especially in first year)

-Foundations in earlier lectures

-Is the progression reasonable?

-State what you should know already

-Is there anything that needs to be reviewed?

-Pre-semester review topics



Jordan motioned to reimburse Megan $42.49 for food for Kin Cup. Crystal seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.


Erina motioned to reimburse Jordan $84.49 for prizes, supplies, and rental fees for Trivia Night. Jaskarn seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Jordan at 2:00pm in the BPK Graduate Students Lounge.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 1:00pm in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.