Minutes – March 8, 2013

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 8, 2013


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 1:33pm on Friday, March 8, 2013 in the BPK Seminar Room by Steven.

In attendance

  • Steven, Debbie, Megan, Dora, Kirstin, Leandra, Megan, Sam, Jason, Shaila, Jake

Open Issues

  • Clothing Order
    • sent in the order yesterday and when it arrives Megan will pick it up so we can ship it off to printing ASAP
    • Lucy will email the printing company to see how long the printing will take and to get a quote for a small emblem on the left side of the chest on the hoodie
    • need to reserve a brain t-shirt for the guy who created the design
    • we have tables booked Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for selling YEP tickets and we will continue with clothing orders too until we run out of sizes
  • Year End Party
    • an email has been sent out to notify faculty and one will go out to the grad students
    • we only have 90 tickets this year so be sure to advertise that they sell out fast! (we need to reserve some for faculty)
    • Jason sent off a grant for $375
    • Nick the Co-op student made the tickets and they need to be numbered
    • When selling them:
      • find the number corresponding to the ticket on the sheet and write down their name, email, phone number and who sold the ticket
    • $15/ticket
    • you can sign out tickets at the main office to carry around to sell
    • Richard hasn’t emailed Steven back about the trivia/newsletter
  • Kin Cup
    • Lucy Morrison moved to reimburse Matt Butt up to $150 from Core for the food from Kin Cup and it was unanimously approved
    • due to the soccer net issue we used the mats on the gym walls as goals
    • we could try and hold a Science Cup in the fall with all the faculties competing against each other
    • Summer Kin Cup
      • may have less undergrads participate as its summer semester (but should have roughly the same number of faculty members which would even things out)
      • need to book a field for: Ultimate, Soccer and Capture the Flag
      • would hold it on a July afternoon and have a BBQ afterwards (need to start planning early as FoodSafe will be involved)


Meeting was adjourned at 2:10 pm by Steven. The next meeting will be Friday, March 15, 2013 in the BPK Seminar Room at 1:30pm.


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