Minutes – October 18, 2012

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 1:30pm on Thursday, October 18, 2012 in the BPK Seminar Room by Steven.

In attendance

  • Steven, Sandy, Amanda, Loryn, Shaila, Kirsten, Megan, Sidney, Joyce, Jason

Open Issues

  • Forum Update
    • TSSU Strike: currently they only have info from the TSSU side, and not enough from the University side to make a decision on who to support
    • “Halloween Down the Hill” Oct 26th at W2 from 7-11pm, can purchase tickets there for the after party if 19 years of age or older
    • Highland Pub’s Halloween Event is Oct 31st, tickets are $5 now or $10 at the door
    • Also a Women’s Centre Family Event for Halloween
    • Halloween Food Bank Trick or Eat is being held as well where SFU students go door to door collecting items for the Food Bank
    • talk coming up at Harbor Centre on “Gender in the Realm of Gaming”
    • Nov 1st there is a clothing drive at Harbor Centre
    • Annual General Meeting on Oct 24th at MBC Food Court  (All students are welcome)
  • CCUPEKA Visit
    • two doctors are coming in to see if the Kin program still meets the CCUPEKA requirements
    • they will be at our Nov 1st meeting to talk with us
  • Careers Night
    • still waiting on confirmations from speakers
    • Western State Chiro and Steven Nash Sports Club have confirmed from the list of exhibitors so far
    • Med, Naturopath, OT, PT, Kinesiologist, Research are the careers we are leaning towards (it still depends on which presenters are available)
    • this year we will do lab tours the day before as its Research Day
    • considering giving a discount price to students attending Careers Night that attended Research Night
  • Clothing Order
    • looking at others DSUs to see what they did for manufacturing/pricing
    • still working on a list of sample prices
  • Bouldering Event
    • currently 11 people are attending according to the FB event
    • Steven will look into applying for a grant to help subsidize the cost per person
  • BPKSA Website
    • after the success of the Kin 241 lab videos, it seems to be a good idea to film more for other Kin courses with a lab component (142, 303, 407)
    • it will be helpful for prospective students, new students and for current students trying to pick classes
    • meeting with the prof of the class to film the videos all at once may be easier than getting students to do it in class
    • currently the department is working on making profiles for each of the Kin Research Labs


Meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm by Steven. The next meeting will be Thursday, October 25, 2012 in the BPK Seminar Room at 1:30pm.

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