Minutes – October 21, 2009

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

October 21th, 2009


  • The regular meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 12:31pm on October 14th, 2009 in TASC 2 7540 by John Abreu-Lanza.

In attendance

  • John, Lauren, Torny, Brent, Lucia, Marissa, Matt, Sandra, Brett, Stephanie and Darleen.

Approval of Agenda

  • The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

  • Careers in Kin
    • Brent: Roger Takahashi is available Saturday January 16th & 23rd, as well as Monday January 11th & 25th, but only from 2:30pm-3:30pm.
      • Issue: We would like to keep it in Geek week.
      • Stephanie: Suggests that we get Roger Takahashi as a guest speaker January 25th during Geek week and have CiK follow later in the week.
      • Darleen will look into rooms for him and will confirm and cc Brent
      • Room suggestions: AQ 3180 & AQ 3182, West mall 3520, Blusson Hall somewhere. Looking for a room with about a 150 person capacity.
      • We need to come up with a list of possible questions for Takahashi and forward them to ksa@sfu.ca so John can forward them to Darleen.
    • Pre-registration on simplicity
      • Have pre-registration so we can e-mail those interested if we have to change the room or cancel. We want to have a room that we can fill to capacity, so a room change may be necessary.
    • Co-op student will come up with some advertizing and decorate one of the cases in the Kin wing.
    • Draw prize
      • We will take care of getting something
      • Possible voucher for Canucks jersey
    • Thank you prize
      • Kin swag for Takahashi
      • We will have to have the clothing done by then
    • Dates for Cik:
      • Tuesday January 26th or Wednesday January 27th
      • Would prefer to keep in Geek week, but the date for this is flexible.
    • Location: Try for the Applied Science building and IRMACS again.
      • Darleen and Cheri will look into this location and possible others
    • Ideas for changes from last year:
      • Try to send out information on the speakers ahead of time
      • Have 3 breakout sessions instead of 4 because last year the night was really long
      • Lab tours: Last year we have 3 groups of 8 students
        • Darleen will ask Tom Clayton if he wants to organize the lab tours with the grad students
        • Ideas: Have the lab tours first or as on option for the first breakout session
    • Speakers:
      • John will e-mail out the list of speakers from last year
      • Background areas decided on are Kin, Medical & Med students, Physiotherapy, Chiropractics, OT and Athletic Therapists.
      • Have professionals and current students for that field in each group
      • Have 5 areas for each breakout session and students can chose to go to 3 over the course of the night
      • Possible Speaker Contacts:
      • Brett:
        • Shawna Mann – Med Student, SFU Grad
        • Andrew Wong – Med Student, SFU Grad
      • Matt:
        • Eugene & Ann Lee – Chiropractors, friends parents
          • Not SFU Grads
        • Chris Wong – In Physiotherapy school in Australia
        • Rob – Paramedic, old friend
      • Lauren:
        • Pierre De Lorie
        • Julie Chow – Kin, ORI & WCB
      • Darleen:
        • Bev Taylor – Chiropractor, SFU Grad
        • Chantel – Physio, SFU Grad
        • Nick Duran – Paramedic, Cousin
        • Erin K – Physio Student, SFU Grad
        • Kelly Rushby – Kin SFU Grad, Working at the PNE
        • Max Donelan’s wife – OT
        • Veronica – OT Student, SFU Grad
      • John:
        • Mike Foster – Physiotherapist , SFU Kin Grad
        • Nathan Taylor – Strength Coach, SFU Kin Masters
        • Darrek Hansen – Strength Coach
        • Kelsey Green – OT, SFU Psyc Grad
      • Torny
        • Bryna – Kin, SFU Grad
      • Brent:
        • Knows and OT working at Kelowna GH
      • Stephanie:
        • Knows and OT working at VGH, UBC Grad
  • Kin Cup
    • Posters:
      • Were put up in the AQ on Friday, Half of them are still up.
    • John will try to speak with Kin 142 at 10:30
    • Set-up and take down:
      • E-mail John if you can help out
    • Snacks
      • John and Torny will go to Costco on Thursday

D. Adjournment

  • Meeting was adjourned at 1:19pm by John Abreu-Lanza. The next general meeting will be at 12:30pm on October 28st, 2009 in room 7540 TASC 2.


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