Minutes – October 8, 2015

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 8, 2015



The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 11:30am by Loryn in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.


In Attendance:


Loryn, Megan, Daniela, Ruvini, Meghan, Jessie, Tanner, Dan, Kirsten, Sam, Shaila, Garveen, Matt, Ashly, Jake, Darleen, Sabrina, Jordan, Omid


Open Issues:


1) Careers in BPK

-Darleen and Sabrina attended to discuss the planning

-confirmed that Jan 20th will be the date which ends up being close to UBC`s career event

-Cheri tried to invite BCIT last year but they weren`t too interested as recruitment is not generally an issue for them, but we will try again this year and will start emailing them earlier

-Ronnie, Amanda, Sidney and Joyce are options for Med School students to come and speak

-Sabrina wants to start working on the event booklet; Matt will work with her to select the design

-next time the two return to the meeting we can start selecting presenters and exhibitors to invite


2) SUS Rep Visit

-they will be hosting Molecules and Moustaches, the Science Fall Social on November 13th from 7pm- midnight in either Convo Mall or TASC 2

-are predicting around 250 science students will attend

-asked if we would like to join the other science DSUs in contributing some of our core funding towards the alcohol fund for the event

-Loryn motioned to donate $50 of our core funding to SUS for the Molecules and Moustaches event. Matt seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


3) Kin Week

-the BCAK is holding a seminar on Oct 27th in the IRMACS Theatre and a Kinesiologist will be presenting

-in the past we have supplied food for the event and promoted it

-decided that pizza, dessert trays and beverages would be the best

-Jake motioned to apply for a grant up to $200 for the Kin Week Food & Beverages. Garveen seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


4) Clothing

-decided we would like to do an order this fall, so we won’t be introducing new designs

-will sell the dark grey pullover hoodies with the BPK ECG design, the old t-shirts in all 3 colours (red, grey, blue) with any of the 3 classic designs (heart, lungs, brain), will also bring back sweatpants but in a dark grey colour with the white ECG down the side

-will start advertising next week and could possibly make the clothing order due on Wed Oct 21st or 28th

-don`t need to rent a table in the AQ, can just set up on the couch outside the BPK Co-op office like in the spring

-this time Matt will create a WebSurvey so that each person can complete this and then pay up front (will make tallying the orders easier)

-Matt and Megan will take pictures of all the colours and designs and ensure we have a complete set of sample sizes


5) BPK Social

-Ashly sent out email to possible venues this week

-Crack It, the Escape Room in Coquitlam, got back to her and they can accommodate a group up to 25-30 people

– would require three rooms for 20 people or four rooms for 25 people and for this the rate is $26/person

-if we want to rent the whole space (for 30 people) then it becomes an hourly rate of $650

-they don’t offer any food but do have a discount at Wings which is close by

-she hasn`t heard back from Rev Bowling but their website offered a good deal that included: 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, and pizza buffet for $27/person

-she`s also waiting to hear back from Cliffhanger in Coquitlam or The Hive

-will call the venues on the weekend if she doesn`t receive an email response and will update us next week


6) BodyWorlds Exhibit

-Diana wants to bring the BPK 326 class but the event is also open to all BPK students

-it is Wed Nov 4th at 1:30pm (will leave campus at 12:30pm)

-rate is $19.75 a person for the group rate

-predict that 40-45 people from 326 will attend and Science World only allows a group of up to 70 people so if there is a lot of interest from other BPK students we may need to cap it

-Loryn suggested that we could subsidize $9.75 per person (to make the cost an even $10) and this would only cost us a maximum of $682.50 in total

-we will advertise and get the numbers confirmed within the next few weeks so we can apply for a grant and ensure it is approved well before the event


7) Department Update

-the department did a statistical survey of BPK performance

-before an A+ was 90% and higher and now they have decided to change it to 92% or higher (with the remaining grades shifting up 2% as well)

-discussed the need to make marking rubrics more transparent and that they should be followed more closely

-professors should now present course specific grading guidelines at the first class and not just post them on the class website, also need to present history of grading information for the class and this data after major assignments or exams throughout the semester

-professors can also consider using bin sizes for grade allocation if course mean is outside the expected range, the professor is new, or if significant changes were made to the course


8) Meeting Times

-Loryn brought up the idea of moving the meeting time from 11:30am to 12:30pm on Thursday`s

-the general consensus in the room seemed to be to keep the current time of 11:30am

-please email Loryn (bpksa@sfu.ca) if you have a strong opinion on the matter




The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Loryn at 12:20pm in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 15, 2015 in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.