Executive Members

These are the current executive members. Say hi if you see us around campus! We’re always interested in new faces and new ideas.

Ben Chang | President

Hey! I’m Ben, a 5th year Kinesiology student in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration.  I act as a point of contact for the BPKSA, and help organize our meetings and student events.  I love learning about the weird and wacky ways the body works and interacts with the world, and meeting all the great students and faculty in the BPK department. Outside of school, I love anything to do with sports, games or food.  I hope to see you around at our meetings or events!

Anya Predojevic | Vice President

Hi! I’m Anya and I’m a 3rd biomedical physiology major and the VP of the BPKSA. In my free time I love to be outdoors hiking, mountain biking, or skiing on our beautiful North Shore mountains! I also spend time volunteering at Royal Columbian Hospital in the emergency department. If you have a chance I hope to see you at some of our meetings/events!

Maddy Teasell | Treasurer & Promotional Assistant

Hello everyone! I’m Maddy, and I am a fifth year BPK student majoring in Biomedical Physiology. I chose this major because I love being surrounded by active, motivated individuals who share a passion for health and science. We are so lucky to have such great faculty that make all the BPK courses so enjoyable and applicable to not only everyday life, but future career opportunities as well! I love to dance, hike, ski, snowboard and travel, as well as volunteer around school. I really enjoy being a part of the BPKSA because we get to meet great people and plan some awesome events. If you want to get involved, don’t hesitate to come join us!

Emily Boyco | Secretary & External Relations Officer

Hi! I’m the External Relations Officer and Secretary for the BPKSA. In my free time, I love to run, hike and am always looking for new adventures to take part in. My favorite course I’ve taken so far is BPK 343; I learned so much within that class alone! I became involved with the BPKSA early on in my first year at SFU, and urge anyone considering getting involved to come by and hang out with us at our meetings or any of the many yearly events coordinated by the BPKSA!

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Joshua Ham | SFSS Councillor

How’s it going! I’m a 3rd year Biomedical Physiology major, acting as the SFSS Forum Representative. I advocate for BPK student interests, and coordinate with the SFSS and its affiliated student unions! I love using exercise and art to distress, and you can often catch me studying all over Burnaby campus. BPK has such a diverse collection of study related to health and human physiology, there’s always something new and exciting to learn! Student unions are a great way to be involved in your student community, and the BPKSA always looks forward to meeting new members!

Nicole Whittle | Kinesiology Undergraduate Representative

 Hi! I’m Nicole, and I’m a 4th year Kinesiology major. I’m currently the Kinesiology Undergrad Rep, which means that I represent the undergraduate interests at monthly meetings with the BPK faculty and staff. If you have an idea on how to improve the undergraduate experience for BPK students, reach out to me! If I’m not studying on campus, you can catch me hiking the North Shore mountains, refereeing a soccer game, or discovering my new favourite coffee shop in the city.

Galvin Huen | Biomedical Physiology Undergraduate Representative

I have always been interested in ideas that help improve the situations of others. This is why I chose to study Biomedical Physiology, as a means of understanding the body and all the problems associated with it. As your undergraduate representative, I have been working with faculty on providing a seamless transition from high school to university and beyond. Currently, Nicole and I are focused on improving online course structures and examination guidelines. I’m always open to sharing ideas over a coffee or even just for a chat, please feel free to reach out.

Rose Sheikh-Bahaie | Promotional Coordinator

Hi my name is Rose Sheikh-Bahaie, and I am a third-year Biomedical Physiology major. Currently, I am the Promotional Coordinator of the BPKSA. Through the BPKSA I have been able to make more connections with other BPK students and staff as well as, being able to attend events that are planned and run by the BPKSA itself. If I’m not studying I might be out for a run, or baking up a storm in the kitchen!

Sana Sarband | Departmental Studion Union Representative

Hi! I’m Sana, and I’m 2nd year biomedical physiology major and the DSU representative of the BPKSA! I chose my major because I have always been fascinated with the science of the human body and the world around us. My favourite course so far is BPK 142, but I can’t wait to see what my next few years at SFU have in store for me. When I’m not studying, I like to be singing, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, or swimming!

Klarissa Khong | SUS Representative & BPK Student Space Coordinator

Hello! I am a third-year Kinesiology Student with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. I chose Kin as my major because of my background in cheerleading. This sparked an interest in me to learn more about how muscles work to carry out such complex movements! I am currently acting as the BPK Student Space Coordinator and will be handling all things relating to the BPK Student Space. This will include the maintenance, planning and execution of events happening in the BPK Student Space. If there are any concerns or ideas about how to improve the Student Space, please feel free to drop me an email!

Lee Navoa | First Year Representative

Hello everyone! My name is Lee and I’m the first year representative for the BPKSA. I chose Biomedical Physiology as my major out of my interest in learning about the intricacies of the human body! Being able to apply what I learn into my daily activities has made me appreciate how our body functions! To help relieve my stress, I love going on runs and walks. I also enjoy playing musical instruments and baking (particularly, banana bread)! It is definitely a different experience having to learn remotely, however, myself and the rest of the executive team hope to entertain you with our virtual events, info sessions, and games! If any first-year students have any concerns, or simply want to chat (and want to know my secret banana bread recipe), feel free to shoot me a message anytime. I’d love to get to know all of my classmates!

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