Executive Positions

A number of executive positions exist within the BPKSA for individuals who want to get involved. Serving in one of these positions is an opportunity to take on more responsibility and make a lasting impact on the department. Term of office is one year, from the beginning of September to the end of August.

Elections take place at the Annual General Meeting, which is at the beginning of the fall semester. Anyone who’s been involved in BPKSA events for at least one term is eligible to run for a position, and newcomers are always welcome. Those intending to run must declare such no less than one week in advance, either at a meeting or by emailing the current President.

If you are interested in running for a position, feel free to contact whoever is currently serving in that role. We would love to offer insights with respect to general activity, workload, etc.

Descriptions of the executive positions are as follows:

Tier 1 positions (Requires active membership in the BPKSA for at least 1 semester)


  • Chairs meetings and facilitates discussion
  • Schedules meetings for each semester
  • Prepares an agenda (itinerary) for each meeting
  • Represents the union at department and union functions
  • Oversees union activities
  • Acts as a signing authority for the union


  • Assists President as necessary or requested
  • Fulfills the President’s role if the President is unable to do so
  • Chairs meetings
  • Acts as a signing authority for the union


  • Maintains all financial records of the union including a statement of assets and anticipated intakes and expenditures
  • Makes reports to the union membership, including an accounting of all funds received and spent in the name of the union
  • Prepares and submits to the executive a proposed operating budget for each semester
  • Acts as a liaison between the union and any external sources of funding
  • Acts as a signing authority for the union


  • Records and distributes minutes of meetings
  • Maintains files and records of union activities
  • Oversees union correspondence and maintains union mailing lists

SFSS Councillor

  • Represents the union in the SFSS Student Forum
  • Maintains communication between the union and Forum
  • With direction from the union, promotes interests of the union in the Forum

Departmental Committees Representative

  • Attends all department meetings on which the union has a representative, such as the Undergraduate Programming Committee
  • Keeps the union informed of departmental affairs
  • With the direction of the union, promotes the interests of the union in the department committees
  • Acts as a liaison between students and the department, and attempts to address and rectify student concerns with the undergraduate program.

External Relations Officer

  • Acts as the primary point of contact for external organizations
  • Maintains and updates a contact list of representatives as necessary

Occupational Ergonomics Student Representative

  • Attends all BPKSA and SEBC meetings
  •  Keeps the union informed of the current news, events and activities happening in the Occupational Ergonomics Certificate Program, the Student Ergonomists of British Columbia (SEBC) and the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE)
  • Acts as a liaison between ergonomics students and the union.
  •  Enrolled in the occupational ergonomics certificate program at SFU

Tier 2 positions (open to all BPKSA members)

Promotional Coordinator

  • Develops promotional materials for union events
  • Arranges posting and disbursement of promotional items
  • Organizes volunteer scheduling for academic and social events
  • In charge of social media pages/accounts

Promotional Assistant

  • Assists the promotional coordinator in developing and distributing promotional materials
  • Helps manage the social media pages/accounts

Departmental Student Union Representative

  • Attend all Departmental Students Union Meetings on behalf of the union
  • Keep the union informed of SFU Departmental Students Union affairs
  • With direction of the union, promote the interests of the union to the Departmental Student Unions and Student Engagement Coordinator

Science Undergraduate Society Representative

  • Attend all Science Undergraduate Society Meetings on behalf of the union
  • Keep the union informed of Science Undergraduate Society affairs
  • With direction of the union, promote the interests of the union to the Science Undergraduate Society

BPK Student Space Coordinator

  • Coordinate the planning and execution of events in BPK student space
  • Assist in the maintenance of BPK Student Space
  • Assist in the distribution of promotional materials within BPK student space
  • Bring any ideas or concerns involved with BPK student space to the union
First Year Representative
  • Attend the union’s General Meetings
  • Share responsibility in helping the Union function
  • Ensure that issues and view pertaining to members of the Union in their first year of Post-Secondary education are well-represented within the Executive Committee and the Union as a whole

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