BPK 101

It’s common for incoming students to be a little nervous or not know a ton of people within their field of study when entering a university. This is exactly why we put on an orientation and icebreaker style event called BPK 101 in the beginning of the fall semester. By the end of the day, we want the incoming students to feel excited and prepared to begin their journey at SFU as a BPK major. This includes them knowing about the common valuable resources such as BPK advising and the BPK co-op office, but also about the various opportunities they can choose to participate in as a BPK student, such as their student union (BPKSA). We’ll briefly touch on career options post-graduation, but the main focus of BPK 101 is the undergraduate experience. We understand that the incoming students probably already had a hard enough time sitting through their first couple lectures because of just coming off summer break n’ all so we split up the information sessions with some ultra-fun games. Additionally, this gives the incoming students an opportunity to make friends with other BPK students. After all, we’ll be spending quite a bit of time together over our time at SFU so we might as well get to know each other, right?