Trivia Night

Trivia Night is really just a time to kick back with the rest of the people in BPK. We get everyone started with some free appetizers and then move onto the trivia. There is a kin-based category and two surprise categories. If you came to Trivia Night this past spring, we’ll make sure to switch up the surprise categories for next year to keep things exciting. It’s highly likely that you have at least a couple of friends who know the most random stuff. Well this is the event you should bring them to because you never know what the surprise categories are going to be.

The category we begin with is kin and don’t worry if you are only a first year because we throw some 142 into the mix. We also add some crazy interesting kin facts to try to stump the grads! That didn’t work this past spring as many groups (including those with first years) were too smart for us and scored 100%.

In between the trivia categories, each team picks a new representative for a mini competition and the winner receives a prize. Yep, we sure like to give away lots of prizes! Whether it is high-low or who has the best Australian accent, the competition always seems to get intense and hilarious.

We want to give a huge thank you to OzTREKK for sponsoring the event! OzTREKK has helped send SFU students to Australia for Medicine, Physio and OT for the past 10 years.

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