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SFU-BPK-redBPK PEER MENTORSHIP: Assistant Director Expectations


The BPK Peer Mentorship program at SFU is primarily a student run program. The Director and Assistant Director(s) will distribute the roles and responsibilities of the Mentorship Program as they see fit. The Faculty Advisor will be consulted on matters beyond the scope of the student director of the program.

The Director and Assistant Directors are expected to work as a cohesive unit that supports each other and their team of mentors throughout the year. Typically, the individual skills of the Director and Assistant Directors complement each other to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Mentorship Program. Ultimately, the Director, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor, has the “final word” on any issues that arise. However, decisions will always be made with the input of the Assistant Directors who make up the remainder of the leadership committee.


The Director and Assistant Directors are responsible for the management of all elements of the Peer Mentorship Program. In particular, this leadership committee acts as administrators, event planners, and coordinators for the events and individuals associated with the program. These activities are entirely self-initiated, with minimal support from the Faculty Advisor. Director and Assistant Directors will have to rely on each other for support and guidance. Alongside the Director, Assistant Directors will help with the recruitment and training of mentors, the recruitment of mentees, the pairing of mentors and mentees; event planning and execution; attending meetings and any social functions pertaining to the Mentorship Program; providing support for mentors during check-in periods; and monitoring the BPK Peer Mentorship email account and page on the BPKSA website. Overall, the leadership committee provides ongoing support for mentors and mentees.


  • Ability to coordinate and lead X amount of mentors and their corresponding mentees.
  • Excellent organizational, problem solving, and conflict management skills.
  • Excellent self-initiative and time management skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. Comfortable with public speaking.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment as well as independently.
  • Experience with the planning, preparation, and execution of various events.
  • Comfortable liaising with BPK Faculty and Staff.
  • Capable of organizing and quickly responding to a high volume of emails.
  • Experience maintaining a Facebook page and/or Twitter feed are assets.
  • Basic experience with graphic design and/or website skills are assets.
  • An ability to be pro-active, and genuinely care for the future of the BPK Peer Mentorship Program and BPK community.
  • Previous experience in being a BPK Peer Mentor is required.


  • Assistant Directors are not expected to be experts or complete every single duty, but should have an initiative in working with the Director for the 2019 – 2020 school year. This includes helping and gaining experience with the administrative, planning, and logistical aspects of the BPK PM program.
  • In the summer, this includes:
    • Recruiting BPK Peer Mentors,
    • Recruiting mentee applications,
    • Pairing mentors and mentees,
    • Overseeing training in June to August,
    • Planning and attending the initial Meet+Greet events,
    • & understanding the online portions of the program.
  • In the fall and spring, this includes:
    • Planning events,
    • Constructing e-mails & advertisements for said events,
    • Look through feedback from mentors and mentees,
    • & also fulfill the duties of a general BPK Peer Mentor.
  • For group training in June and July, additional responsibilities may include preparing training materials, conducting team building and training activities. Reaching out to other SFU Peer Mentorship programs is a potential goal.
  • Throughout the year, the following duties will also be touched upon:
    • Advising & supporting mentors; maintaining the Facebook BPK PM page.
    • Constructing promotional emails and social media posts, and coordinating classroom presentations.
    • Monitoring mentor progress and providing feedback, especially should matters arise. Must be comfortable providing support though phone, email and in person.
    • Plan BPK Peer Mentorship program events and be present for the majority of BPK events.
    • Attend SFU-wide Mentorship Program meetings with the SFU Student Life Educator and representatives from other SFU mentorship programs.
  • Lastly, Assistant Directors should definitely contribute to future ideas and ways to improve the BPK PM Program.


  • Volunteer achievement.
  • Recognition on your Co-Curricular Record.
  • A reference letter will be provided upon successful completion, per request.

HOURS PER WEEK: 2-8 (Varies throughout the year)


If you are interested, please e-mail or for how to apply.

Please also complete the application and send your resume to

Application deadline: May 3rd, 2019

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