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Joshua Mentor ProfileJoshua Koehn – Founder

Welcome to our Peer Mentorship Program! As you enter your first year, our program and your mentor will be your keys to an easy transition to SFU life. If you asked anyone, I did not have my first year at SFU figured out! But I knew some older students who really helped point me in the right direction and get me to where I am today. They are what inspired me to start this Peer Mentorship Program, to make sure that you get off on the right start to your university career. My pro tip for those of you starting out is, get involved – if you put time into something, you will care about it and those people you work with will care about you.

(Joshua has moved onto medicine at UBC, focusing on training in Northern BC for emergency and rural family medicine. He credits his successes at SFU to the BPK Co-op Program (Darleen!), the fascinating faculty of BPK, and lovely friends who helped him along the way.)

Previous Directors and Assistant Directors:

  • Emily Chinn (2017-2018)
  • Amanda Zacharuk (2018-2019)
  • Matthew Cheung (2018-2019)


Victor Lau – Director

Welcome to BPK Peer Mentorship! There are likely many reasons that you’ve come here.. curiosity, inquiry, opportunities, and more. While you will inevitably grow as a person and have a larger impact on those around you, BPK PM aims to enhance your first-year experience at SFU. I will be serving as its director this year, and with everyone else, the focus is to support you in both a non-academic and academic manner.

As for me, I’m a 4thyear Behavioural Neuroscience major, intending to apply for graduate school and eventually lecturing as a professor. As the BNSS VP Internal, I love constructing and discussing weekly Journal Clubs around neuroscience and psychology literature; I work with the DTES on Saturdays, & enjoy learning more from the people I talk with at the Surrey Food Bank.

I’ve also worked in the Silverman and Audas Labs, focusing on projects regarding axonal transport, protein aggregation, and a neuroimmune receptor. I strongly believe that a system emerges beyond the sum of its parts. This reflects in my passion in abstract conversations and understanding how things fit together, whether this be society, nature, or LEGO. Finally, always feel free to reach me at vla62@sfu.ca.


Eva Ang – Assistant Director

Hi everyone! My name is Eva and I’m currently entering my 5th year as a Biomedical Physiology student. I chose BPK because I was very fascinated about physiology and nutrition after taking some BPK courses. The professors truly inspire you to love what you learn!

Besides academics, I love getting involved within the SFU community. I’ve volunteered as a Welcome Leader, Science Frosh Leader, Peer Mentor, and Volunteer Coordinator. I’ve also worked as a Tour Guide for Student Central and as an Event and Marketing Assistant for Office of Community Engagement. I’ve also completed 2 co-op terms as a Marketing Co-op Student at STEMCELL Technologies. Just recently, I served as a Committee Chair for the MS Walk Vancouver. In the upcoming summer, I’ll be working as a Summit Peer Leader at SFU.

In my spare time, I absolutely love napping and eating. Jokes! But I do enjoy documenting my food adventures onto my food Instagram account. In the future, I hope to attend graduate school, teach, or maybe even something healthcare related. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and I hope your transition to SFU will be a great one!


Shreya Luthra – Assistant Director

Hi there! My name is Shreya Luthra, and I am currently a third-year Biomedical Physiology major. I chose my major because I loved the idea that there are an infinite number of possibilities and concepts associated with the human body – I’m so thankful that I did because the things I learn every day never fail to amaze me. Starting my first year at SFU, I was so overwhelmed by changes that accompanied the leap from high school to university.
Thankfully, taking part in the BPK Peer Mentorship Program helped ensure a smoother transition filled with new opportunities and a chance to meet likeminded individuals. My mentor always gave the best advice and lent a hand when I needed it, and I hope as Assistant Director I can do the same for all of you. When I’m not on the mountain, I love working out, hanging out with friends, travelling and performing spoken word poetry. I look forward to meeting all of you in person – here’s to making new SFU friends!


Ardeshir Hassirchian – General Executive

Hey! My name’s Ardi, and I start the fourth year of my Kinesiology degree this fall. I chose to study Kinesiology since I’m interested in both health and medicine, and a KIN/BPK degree is a great blend of the two. Outside of school, I’m super into sports and trying to stay active; I play soccer recreationally, and a bit of basketball even though I’m not very good.

Luckily, I was a part of this program as a mentee during my first year, and it really helped to ease my transition into university! So as a peer mentor, I’d love to help someone’s first year at SFU be a memorable one for the right reasons. This is my third semester of being a mentor, and I (would like to) think that the other two semesters were a success.


Henry Tran – General Executive

Hi there! My name is Henry, and I am completing my last year at SFU as an Honours Behavioural Neuroscience (BNS) student. I defended my honours thesis in spring 2019, under the supervision of Dr. Cooke; I studied how to map the rat motor cortex more accurately. I’ve also completed 3 co-op terms as a research assistant for a marine biology lab as well as a Parkinson Disease’s clinical trial.

I chose to major in BNS because I have the opportunity to learn about the human body at an advanced level, as well as the ability to communicate with others through the arts.

Outside of school, I am also involved in a few other research projects, including: VGH’s Thrombosis Clinic, Fraser Health, and St. Paul’s Sinus Centre. I’ve also held several leadership roles at SFU as well as the greater community. A fun fact about me is I used to be the News Editor for our school’s independent student newspaper. I hope that through my role as a BPK Peer Mentor, I can help make your transition into university an enjoyable one!


Renmart Buhay

Hello! My name is Renmart, and I am a fourth year Biomedical Physiology Major and Dialogue Minor. Initially I wasn’t sure if the BPK program was right for me but luckily in my first year I had a mentor who guided me through the department and now I’m loving all my physiology and anatomy classes. I really took advantage of experiential learning opportunities here at SFU and developed passions in systems thinking, social entrepreneurship and health promotion.

Outside of my studies, I am the President of the Burnaby Rotaract Club and volunteer in Quality Improvement projects at Surrey Memorial Hospital. I am also finishing up a co-op term with the UBC Active Aging Research Team, where I am involved in the evaluation and implementation science of interventions that aim to increase the physical activity and mobility of older adults. I hope to pursue a career in research and the medical field while increasing knowledge translation along the way!

Looking forward to meeting you!


Daxton Chan

Hey! My name is Daxton, and I’m starting my second year at SFU studying working towards a Kinesiology degree. I’ve considered pursuing the Active Health and Rehabilitation concentration of the Kinesiology degree, but I haven’t quite made up my mind on it yet! Oh well, I’ve still got a bit of time, haha.

I chose Kinesiology because I really enjoy the field of biological sciences, but I wanted a degree that would also allow me a more hands-on relationship with biology. Thus, Kinesiology seemed to be the perfect choice. I still haven’t quite wrapped my mind around what career I want to pursue as it feels like such a daunting decision (I’m sure many students can relate), but I’ve got a couple floating around in my mind.

I haven’t begun any co-op placements, but I’m hoping to begin applying for them in Spring of 2020 and I’d be glad to share any tips I learn along the way. As far as volunteering on-campus goes, I occasionally volunteer with SFU Burnaby’s UNICEF Club especially with their larger once-a-semester galas. So, if you’re a part of that club perhaps I’ll see you there or even work alongside you!


Ben Chang

Hey! I’m Ben, and I’m a 4thyear Kinesiology student, with an intended Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration. I chose BPK because I’ve always loved sports and being active, as well as the human body and all the fascinating things it can do, and BPK was a way to pair the two of them together.  I’m currently the vice-president of the BPKSA (shameless plug – come join us!), and I’m very excited to be a peer mentor, and have the opportunity to pass on some of my knowledge and the experiences that I’ve had at SFU.  After finishing my undergraduate degree, I’m hoping to become a physiotherapist, and complete my Masters of Physical Therapy.

In my spare time, I love to do anything related to sports (I follow just about all of them, and can talk for hours about them!), as well as things that are active or outside in nature.  I also enjoy baking (but hate washing dishes, so I don’t do it too often) and playing games with friends, both the video and tabletop varieties.


Eugene CheungPeer Mentorship Photo

Hi everyone! My name is Eugene, and I’ve just recently graduated from SFU with a major in Biomedical Physiology (life on the outside is terrifying). When I first came to SFU, I started out as an Arts student. Simply, I was uncertain between a career in acting or health care. I’ve always been fascinated with how the body and mind function harmoniously, under healthy and adverse conditions; after my 2ndyear, I transferred into BPK and put both my passion for health-related concepts and assisting others into full-throttle. Since then, I’ve also had a taste of courses and lab work in in MBB and microbiology.

I’ve been volunteering as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the BPK 326 functional anatomy lab for almost 2 years, and occasionally TA for BPK 142. I’m also volunteering as a pediatric patient support worker, providing a comforting and supportive environment for children and teens dealing with a variety of physical and mental health problems. The endgame for me, hopefully, is a career involving the health/medical field.

Academics aside, I love being active and enjoy, kayaking, hiking, and weight training. I also love being at home, gaming, watching movies or TV, and singing! I’m hoping that my experiences both in and outside of SFU will enable me to provide valuable insight and guidance to my mentees. I hope to help them avoid mistakes that I made during my first few semesters, while supporting them through their adjustments towards the rigors demanded of a post-secondary education.

Ada Dojnov
am a 5th year Kinesiology major and a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. I initially chose BPK because I wanted to become a physiotherapist. My career path has changed since then; in the future, I hope to work in research regarding prosthetics and orthotics. This change was led by the opportunities I have gotten at SFU.

This summer, I finished my 4th co-op term where I have spent the last 8 months fabricating prosthetics and orthotics. Before this, I worked as a research assistant at SFU for the Injury Prevention and Mobility Laboratory (IPML). These co-op terms had major impacts on me, and my future career path.

At SFU, I am part of a few different clubs and programs. I am the co-director of the Stem Cell Committee for SFU Blood, Organ, and Stem Cell Club. I am also a Team Trainer in the Sports Medicine Program, working with several varsity teams. As a 1st year, I was a BPK peer mentee which is why I decided to become a peer mentor. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, playing golf and tennis, going to the gym, spending time with friends, and riding my motorcycle.


Troy Dy

Hello everyone. My name is Troy, and I am currently a third-year Kinesiology student. I decided to major in Kinesiology because I love fitness, science and learning about the human body. There are many great volunteering opportunities offered here at SFU, go to myinvolvement.sfu.ca to view them. I personally find volunteering  a great way to make new friends, it also allows me to apply what I learn.

In my spare time, I love working out in the gym, playing video games, and reading books. In the future, I hope to pursue medicine, physiotherapy, or some health-related work. I’ve decided to become a peer mentor because I’ve done well in my first-year despite not being academically motivated in high school. I would like to use my experience to help new students in their transition and set them on the right path.


Taylor Gillis

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor, and I am entering my final year at SFU as a Biomedical Physiology major. I am completing my Biological Sciences minor, and will also be graduating with a certificate in Health and Fitness and three completed co-op work terms! I loved my time in the co-op program, as it helped me gain valuable work experience and for providing me with a great transition from the student athlete life to post-grad working life!

I was a student athlete for 4 years, completing my NCAA career in 2018 on the SFU Softball team. I will be returning to athletics as a student team trainer in the physiotherapy clinic this fall and spring, as I finish my last year of school.

Now that I am done competitive sports, I have recently returned to running, completing my first half marathon earlier this year! In my rare spare time I also enjoy reading, hiking, and catching up with friends.

I am excited to meet the new SFU students and hope to make the transition easier into university life, helping make connections and discover opportunities, using my experiences to help guide my mentees towards creating their own path!


Julia Hughes

Hey! I’m Julia and this year I’ll be heading into my 2nd year at SFU as a kinesiology major. I chose BPK because I’m fascinated by human anatomy, and I hope it will lead me down the path of medical school in the near future. I have been an active volunteer with the Canadian Mental Health Association for several years now and it has truly inspired me to pursue a career in health care!

Growing up in Vancouver, I love to be uoutdoors exploring and hiking the beautiful city, volunteering, or relaxing with friends!

This past year at SFU I was involved in the Passport to Leadership courses which develop skills in teamwork, communication, and leadership that I found to be extremely valuable. I am so excited to be a peer mentor this year because I was a part of the program in my first year at SFU and it was an unbelievably beneficial experience for me. Now I want to be able to help ease the transition for new students, answer questions along the way, and make it fun! I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone.


Katherine Van Klaveren

Hi, my name is Katherine.  I am a second year Kinesiology student! I am passionate about health and fitness and my goal is to work in a field where I have the opportunity to encourage others to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. BPK has been a great fit for me, and I really enjoy taking classes on topics I am passionate about. I am currently a part of a great on campus group called the USES Student Committee. We organize events and activities for first year scholarship students to help them meet new people and get involved in SFU activities.

My favourite pastime is spending time outside doing any sort of outdoor activity. I love hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking and just soaking up the sun whenever I have spare time. Last year I was a mentee, and I am so excited to be a part of the program again this year – as a mentor. I would like to share my experiences and support you in your transition into university as best I can. SFU has such a fun and engaging community where you can meet lots of new people from many different backgrounds, and I would love to be able to share that with others.


Dyan MacNeillBPK Peer Mentor Pic

Hi! My name is Dyan, and I will be a fourth year Kin major in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration as of Fall 2019. My passion for sports and fascination of the human body is what lead me to pursue a degree in Kin. I did an 8 month co-op placement as an Admin and Therapy assistant at TeamWell Health, which is a clinic in Burnaby. This placement so far has allowed me to apply things I have learned in the classroom to real life situations, as well as expanded my knowledge farther than just book learning could ever do. I highly recommend co-op to anyone!

Outside of school I love to run, play soccer and hike. I am also a huge sushi fan and Vancouver has some of the BEST sushi by far. I am still deciding exactly what I want to do after my undergrad, but that’s where co-op is really helping me figure that out. I was a mentee in my first year of university and my mentor was a blessing! She was so helpful and answered all of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they were (which by the way I have learned from being a mentor there are no silly questions!) I love paying it forward, and my hope is that I can help you guys have an awesome first year experience like I had, as well as make university less stressful and scary. Looking forward to meeting you guys!


Reenal Patel

Hey everyone! I’m Reenal, and I am starting my 4thand final year as a Kinesiology student with a concentration in active health and rehabilitation. I was drawn to BPK due to my love for all aspects of the human body, but what led me to kinesiology specifically was how applicable all the classes are to the real world. A highlight of my BPK degree so far was my practicum placement for BPK 343. I was able to use 3 years’ worth of knowledge to assist clients and that’s when I knew I was pursuing a degree I loved. With SFU, I currently work in the sports clinic as a team trainer.  As of now I hope to pursue a job in rehabilitation setting because I am extremely fascinated by how resilient our bodies are after injury.

As for outside of school, I love playing sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I enjoy weight training and any outdoor activities, especially hikes! I also like crime and mystery shows. As a peer mentor, I hope to help ease new BPK students into the program and make the most out of their time at SFU!


Harneet Sandhu

Hi everyone! My name is Harneet, and I am a Behavioural Neuroscience major going into my fourth year at SFU. When I first started off at SFU, I was unsure of what major I wanted to do. After reading about the BNS major I was hooked! I have always been interested in studying the human body and the mind, with BNS I get to do both. I love being able to apply what I learn from BPK and Psych to daily things.

As for my future, I hope to purse a career in the medical field. As for what, I am still unsure.

Outside of academics, I enjoy working as a Behavioral Interventionalist. I also enjoy volunteering as a Peer Mentor at the AMI program here at SFU. I hope to bring the previous experience I have as a mentor into my first year as a BPK peer mentor! I became a Peer Mentor to be able to help the students coming into BPK. When I started here during my first year I was lost, and I would love to be able to give back the knowledge I have acquired.

I look forward to meeting my future mentee!


Tiffany SchulzTS_anatomy1

Hello Everyone! I’m Tiffany, and I’m a 5th-year Kinesiology major in the active health and rehabilitation concentration! I am also pursuing a minor in Criminology, along with a certificate in forensic studies. I chose SFU BPK due to my love and passion for human anatomy, sports, and my general curiosity for all things science.

Throughout my years here I’ve volunteered in many different areas ranging from a hospital emergency room, working with International Justice Mission (IJM), Imagine Thailand, as well as directing and founding the BPK326 undergraduate anatomy tutor program. I have also completed three co-op placements at BC Children’s Hospital/PHSA, and as a student kinesiologist in a Sports Medicine clinic.

From these experiences, I’ve discovered my love for challenging myself mentally, and dexterously with a “hands-on” aspect to my work. Therefore, I hope to pursue a career in pathology, surgery, or forensics. In my spare time, I love listening to music, painting, dissecting, and rock-climbing (despite being terrified of heights). My hope is that as a peer mentor, I can help my mentees get connected and well adjusted into university; as well as aid them in finding opportunities to find their passion and direction in life!


Maddy Teasell

Hello! My name is Maddy and I am in my fourth year at SFU studying Biomedical Physiology. I chose this major within BPK because I am so fascinated by the human body and how complex and amazing it is! Physiology intrigues me because there is always something new to learn and uncover; it is an ever-evolving field that makes me very excited for the future of science. One of my favourite courses so far has been BPK 305, as it really sparked my interest for the cardiovascular system.

I have completed two work terms with BPK Co-op, both with the same company, in which I got to work as a behavioural interventionalist for children with developmental disabilities. In addition to behaviour intervention, I helped children improve their motor skills and confidence within a gymnastics environment. This job has been incredible, and it has made me realize how much I love kids and want to continue to help them in my future career as hopefully a pediatrician or a sports medicine physician.

In my free time I love to take dance class, ski, snowboard, go to the gym or go on hikes! I look forward to this year and am very excited to be a Peer Mentor to meet some awesome new people and help them out in their transition to university!


Nicholas Tran

Hey there! Welcome to SFU (and also the best faculty offered here at SFU). My name is Nick, and I am a Biomedical Physiology major currently heading into my 5th year.

Like many of you, I came straight from high school not knowing how university worked and how I’d fit in. To be honest, I stumbled into BPK because I didn’t have much of a clue of what science program I would enjoy. I would say I was one of the lucky ones who grew their passion for physiology and the human body the further and further I went. Through BPK, I’ve been fortunate to have completed 2 co-op terms and 1 directed studies – both of which have given me more perspective on education and career options that I am eager to share and discuss with others.

When not busy in class or studying, I spend a good deal of time as part of the Volleyball Club at SFU or indulging in my hobby as a photographer. I also really enjoy catching up with friends and colleagues around SFU when it’s about time for me to procrastinate my school work.

At the end of the day, with all the experiences I’ve had, I really could go on and on about my SFU experience but I’m sure no one here wants to read an essay (besides, I think I’ll save it for my mentees). So for now, I wish you the best in adapting to university life and I hope to see some of you around soon!


Laura Triana


Nicole Whittle

Hey everyone, my name is Nicole and I’m a 3rd year Kinesiology Major. Welcome to SFU! Physical activity has always been a big part of my life. I was a dancer and a soccer player until the end of high school, and now I fill my weekends refereeing soccer. With a big interest in exercise, health, and general sciences, Kinesiology has been a great fit for my studies. I love hanging around SFU to sit on the BPK Student Association, and I’ve also enjoyed being involved in undergraduate research. Off campus, I enjoy hiking the North Shore mountains and exploring the city.

The first year of university can be overwhelming at times, but I hope to make my mentees’ year a little less stressful and show them how awesome university can be! If this is your first year – good luck, study hard, and have fun!


Natalie YeungNY Profile Pic

Hey! I’m Natalie and I’m moving into my fourth year of Kin. I’ve always enjoyed playing sports growing up and am very passionate about fitness. As a current Weight Room Supervisor at the SFU Fitness Centre, I am working my way up to becoming a personal trainer and my hope is to make exercise fun for others too. My ultimate goal is physio (but honestly who knows). I also volunteer as a rehab assistant at a residential care centre. It feels very surreal making a difference in a patient’s life simply by helping them improve their hand-eye coordination through various activities. I aspire to pursue a career that allows me to help those in need.




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