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Joshua Mentor ProfileJoshua Koehn – Founder

Welcome to our Peer Mentorship Program! As you enter your first year, our program and your mentor will be your keys to an easy transition to SFU life. If you asked anyone, I did not have my first year at SFU figured out! But I knew some older students who really helped point me in the right direction and get me to where I am today. They are what inspired me to start this Peer Mentorship Program, to make sure that you get off on the right start to your university career. My pro tip for those of you starting out is, get involved – if you put time into something, you will care about it and those people you work with will care about you.

Joshua has moved onto medicine at UBC, focusing on training in Northern BC for emergency and rural family medicine. He credits his successes at SFU to the BPK Co-op Program (Darleen!), the fascinating faculty of BPK, and lovely friends who helped him along the way.

Previous Directors and Assistant Directors:

  • Emily Chinn (2017-2018)
  • Amanda Zacharuk (2018-2019)
  • Matthew Cheung (2018-2019)


Victor Lau – Director

Welcome to BPK Peer Mentorship! There are likely many reasons that you’ve come here.. curiosity, inquiry, opportunities, and more. While you will inevitably grow as a person and have a larger impact on those around you, BPK PM aims to enhance your first-year experience at SFU. I will be serving as its director this year, and with everyone else, the focus is to support you in both a non-academic and academic manner.

As for me, I’m a 4thyear Behavioural Neuroscience major, intending to apply for graduate school and eventually lecturing as a professor. As the BNSS VP Internal, I love constructing and discussing weekly Journal Clubs around neuroscience and psychology literature; I work with the DTES on Saturdays, & enjoy learning more from the people I talk with at the Surrey Food Bank. I’ve also worked in the Silverman and Audas Labs, focusing on projects regarding axonal transport, protein aggregation, and a neuroimmune receptor. I strongly believe that a system emerges beyond the sum of its parts. This reflects in my passion in abstract conversations and understanding how things fit together, whether this be society, nature, or LEGO. Finally, always feel free to reach me at vla62@sfu.ca.


Eva Ang – Assistant Director

Hi everyone! My name is Eva and I’m currently entering my 5th year as a Biomedical Physiology student. I chose BPK because I was very fascinated about physiology and nutrition after taking some BPK courses. The professors truly inspire you to love what you learn! Besides academics, I love getting involved within the SFU community. I’ve volunteered as a Welcome Leader, Science Frosh Leader, Peer Mentor, and Volunteer Coordinator. I’ve also worked as a Tour Guide for Student Central and as an Event and Marketing Assistant for Office of Community Engagement. I’ve also completed 2 co-op terms as a Marketing Co-op Student at STEMCELL Technologies. Just recently, I served as a Committee Chair for the MS Walk Vancouver. In the upcoming summer, I’ll be working as a Summit Peer Leader at SFU.

In my spare time, I absolutely love napping and eating. Jokes! But I do enjoy documenting my food adventures onto my food Instagram account. In the future, I hope to attend graduate school, teach, or maybe even something healthcare related. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and I hope your transition to SFU will be a great one!

Shreya Luthra – Assistant Director

Hi there! My name is Shreya Luthra, and I am currently a third-year Biomedical Physiology major. I chose my major because I loved the idea that there are an infinite number of possibilities and concepts associated with the human body – I’m so thankful that I did because the things I learn every day never fail to amaze me. Starting my first year at SFU, I was so overwhelmed by changes that accompanied the leap from high school to university.
Thankfully, taking part in the BPK Peer Mentorship Program helped ensure a smoother transition filled with new opportunities and a chance to meet likeminded individuals. My mentor always gave the best advice and lent a hand when I needed it, and I hope as Assistant Director I can do the same for all of you. When I’m not on the mountain, I love working out, hanging out with friends, travelling and performing spoken word poetry. I look forward to meeting all of you in person – here’s to making new SFU friends!


Ardeshir Hassirchian – General Executive 

Eugene CheungPeer Mentorship Photo

Hey everyone! My name is Eugene, and I’m a Biomedical Physiology major finishing up my final semester at SFU (woo-hoo!). When I first came to SFU, I actually started out as an Arts student. To put it simply, I was indecisive on my career path coming out of high school and was on the fence between acting or pursuing some career in health care.

Though I’ve always been fascinated on how the body and mind function under both healthy and adverse conditions, transferring into BPK has put my passion for health-related concepts and helping others into full-throttle. As a result, I became an undergraduate teaching assistant for the BPK 326 functional anatomy lab course roughly a year ago and am now also TAing BPK 142 for the first time this fall! I’m currently also volunteering as a pediatric patient support worker to provide a comforting and supportive environment for children and teens dealing with a variety of mental health problems.

Academics aside, I love being active and enjoy playing sports, kayaking, hiking, and weight training. I also love being at home, gaming, watching movies or TV, and singing! I’m hoping that my experiences both in and outside of SFU will enable me to provide valuable insight and guidance to my mentees, and I also hope to help them avoid the mistakes that I had made during my first few semesters while supporting them through their own challenges as they adjust towards the rigors demanded of a post-secondary education.


Troy DyTroy's Picture 00-23-40-770                                                                                                               

Hello everyone. My name is Troy, and I am currently a second-year kinesiology student. I decided to major in kinesiology because I love fitness, science and learning about the human body. There are many great volunteering opportunities offered here at SFU. I am currently volunteering as a fitness assistant in the fitness centre. I personally find volunteering to be a great way to make new friends, and it also enables me to apply what I learn.


Dyan MacNeillBPK Peer Mentor Pic

Hi! My name is Dyan, and I will be a fourth year Kin major in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration as of Fall 2018. My passion for sports and fascination of the human body is what lead me to pursue a degree in Kin. Currently, I am doing an 8 month co-op placement as an Admin and Therapy assistant at TeamWell Health, which is a clinic in Burnaby. This placement so far has allowed me to apply things I have learned in the classroom to real life situations, as well as expanded my knowledge farther than just book learning could ever do. I highly recommend co-op to anyone!

Outside of school I love to run, play soccer and hike. I am also a huge sushi fan and Vancouver has some of the BEST sushi by far. I am still deciding exactly what I want to do after my undergrad, but that’s where co-op is really helping me figure that out. I was a mentee in my first year of university and my mentor was a blessing! She was so helpful and answered all of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they were (which by the way I have learned from being a mentor there are no silly questions!) I love paying it forward, and my hope is that I can help you guys have an awesome first year experience like I had, as well as make university less stressful and scary. Looking forward to meeting you guys!


Myrah Malik0D49C695-600B-4222-A79D-59CB3F2741E5

First of all, welcome to SFU! My name is Myrah Malik and I’m a 5th year Kinesiology student. A little about me:

I love human anatomy as much as Dwight loves paper and Meredith loved Derek. I’m a huge Office and Grey’s Anatomy fanatic so if you ever need anyone to talk with hours about it, I’m your person. Besides the occasional binge watching, I love being outdoors and, on the move, so I always need to have multiple things going on in my life, whether that be working, volunteering or doing research.

Being a Kinesiology student, I’ve had opportunities to further enhance my love for human anatomy and
physiology, from cardiac and neurological diseases all the way to rehabilitation. With BPK Co-op, I used my knowledge in the basic structure of skeletal muscle cells for media composition formulation – something I’d never imagine to do. The future goal is medical school. I do love, and am currently working with children that have sensory processing challenges. Being a BPK Peer mentor for past two years has allowed me to aid those who are transitioning to SFU.! All the best to those who are new to SFU this fall :)


Olivia PoirierPicture1

Hey! My name is Olivia, and I’m 21 years old. As of this fall, I will be in the fourth year of my Kinesiology degree, with an Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration. I started at SFU as an undeclared science major, and declared into kinesiology after taking BPK 142. All of the classes that I have taken since then have been amazing, and I haven’t regretted my decision for one second. I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do as a career, but I’m considering grad school for occupational therapy or some other branch of rehabilitation.

I am currently working in my 2nd co-op position at Kintec Footwear and Orthotics, which I started in May and will be completing in December.

In my spare time, I like hanging out with my friends, dancing, baking, eating, going to concerts and watching movies. I joined the Peer Mentorship program for a second year because I feel like I can answer all the questions that a first year might have. I had a hard time during my first semester, and I hope that I will be able to help someone else make a smoother transition from high school to university.


Paul Sourialmentor

Welcome all first-year Simon Fraser University students! My name is Paul Sourial and I am currently a fourth year Kinesiology major. It is great to be here to help all the new kinesiology students with many different aspects of university life and I look forward to answering any questions you may have. What attracted me to the BPK department was the mere fact that I am fascinated with human physiology. I also felt that the kinesiology program would be good preparation for entering medical school in the upcoming year.

I am part of the Molecular Cardiac Physiology Lab here at SFU, focusing on mutations of voltage-gated sodium channels in the heart and how this can be displayed in disease. Along with this, I have played soccer and basketball since I was a young child and continue to love doing so in my free time. I hope that as a Peer Mentor I can make your freshman year here at SFU that much better!


Shirromi SarveswaranshirromiPM

Hi everyone, my name is Shirromi and I am a returning peer mentor going into my fifth and final year at SFU as a Biomedical Physiology major! I chose BPK for the opportunity to learn about how our bodies work at the molecular, systemic, and anatomical levels. Last summer I did a USRA at the BC Genome Sciences Centre, where I was a Research Assistant for Dr. Brooks-Wilson’s fascinating Super-Seniors study! I am a Renal Dialysis volunteer at RCH and I also volunteer at a local care home.

This past year, I was a part of the executive team for SFU Relay for Life 2018 which raised over $9000 for the Canadian Cancer Society! I aspire for a career in medicine, as it would be an amazing way to use my physiology background to enrich the lives of others. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, travelling, working out, watching dramas, listening to EDM, cheering on the Canucks, and dog memes. I am excited to help make your transition to university easier by being able to share my experiences and knowledge about all things BPK and SFU with you!


Tiffany SchulzTS_anatomy1

Hello Everyone! I’m Tiffany and I’m a 5th year Kinesiology major in the active health and rehabilitation concentration! I am also pursuing a minor in Criminology along with a certificate in forensic studies. I chose SFU BPK due to my love and passion for human anatomy, sports and my general curiosity for all things science. Throughout my years here I’ve volunteered in many different areas ranging from a hospital emergency room, working with International Justice Mission (IJM), Imagine Thailand, as well as founding the BPK326 undergraduate teaching assistant program. I have also completed 2 co-op placements at BC Children’s Hospital/PHSA, and as a student kinesiologist in a Sports Medicine clinic.

From these experiences I’ve discovered my love for challenging myself mentally, and dexterously with a “hands on” aspect to my work. Therefore, I hope to purse a career in pathology, surgery, or forensics. In my spare time I love listening to music, painting, dissecting, and rock-climbing (despite being terrified of heights). My hope is that, as a peer mentor, I can help my mentees get connected and well adjusted into university; as well as aid them in finding opportunities to find their own passion and direction in life!


Randeep Sidhu201807

Hello! I’m Randy and will be continuing into my fifth year as a Biomedical Physiology major. The BPK program combines everything that I love about science. A bit of chemistry here, molecular biology there, and some physics all applied to the fascinating complexity of the human body. It’s unique, intriguing, and has a way of grasping my interest, which is why I’m currently planning to pursue medicine.

Aside from my studies, I’ve had experience volunteering for Fraser Health dialysis research and the Food Bank. Having experience in helping others reach their goals and monitoring their progress brings me satisfaction and a sense of achievement, which is something I strive to achieve as a mentor. In my free time, I like watching movies (mostly superhero stuff), reading, going to the gym, hiking with family/friends, or just going out for some random adventure. As a Peer Mentor, I know first year can be a bit rough and overwhelming, but I believe sharing my experience of this transition should help make yours smooth, engaging, and exciting!


Henry Tran20245373_10213365038177759_1489407518598945987_n (2)

My name is Henry, and I am a fifth-year Behavioural Neuroscience student, minoring in English and currently, completing my last co-op work term. I chose to major in Behavioural Neuroscience because I have the opportunity to learn about the human body at an advanced level, as well as the ability to communicate with others through the arts. Right now, I am a research assistant for Drs. Vocadlo, Watson, Tavassoly, and Jones, on a project that examines the role O-glycosylation inhibitors in Parkinson’s Disease. The drug that we are studying is called Thiamet-G, a drug developed by Dr. Vocadlo himself, which I find is incredibly fascinating.

Outside of school, I am also involved in a few other research projects with VGH’s Thrombosis Clinic, Fraser Health, and St. Paul’s Sinus Centre. My goal is to become a physician one day, specializing in either medical oncology or internal medicine and I owe it to the interactions and shadowing opportunities I had with my mentors. I hope that through my role as a BPK Peer Mentor, I can help make your transition into university an enjoyable one!


Erin WilliamsPicture1

Hey everyone! I am in the Kinesiology program, in the Active Health and Rehabilitation concentration. This upcoming academic year will be my seventh and last year working toward my degree… needless to say that doing part time classes while I finished up as a synchronized swimming athlete, and then doing the Co-op program extended my degree a little. All in all, I will say that the extra time has been well worth it! I do not train anymore, but have continued to coach as a way to stay involved with my swim club.

At SFU, I’ve gotten involved as a member, and two time Captain of SFU’s Kinesiology games team. Joining the team helped me meet a lot of other students at SFU, and at other schools across Canada! I’ve also gotten involved in undergraduate research with SFU’s Cardiovascular Physiology lab. I’m not sure what’s in store after graduation, but I’d like to find work in healthcare. Getting involved with the SFU community has made my University degree much more enjoyable, and the peer mentorship program is a great place for first year students to start!


Natalie YeungNY Profile Pic

Hey! I’m Natalie and I’m moving into my third year of Kin. I’ve always enjoyed playing sports growing up and am very passionate about fitness. As a current Weight Room Supervisor at the SFU Fitness Centre, I am working my way up to becoming a personal trainer and my hope is to make exercise fun for others too. My ultimate goal is physio (but honestly who knows). I also volunteer as a rehab assistant at a residential care centre. It feels very surreal making a difference in a patient’s life simply by helping them improve their hand-eye coordination through various activities. I aspire to pursue a career that allows me to help those in need.

Aside from career and academics, I love vibing to music, food venturing, catching sunsets and going on spontaneous adventures. Plus I can’t leave out how much time I spend looking at memes and having a good laugh. I’m returning as a BPK mentor in hopes to make your first year so much more informative and worth discovering. If you’re ever looking for a friendly face, I got you!


Jeremiah ZachariasJeremiah Zacharias

Hi all! I’m Jeremiah and I am entering my second year of Kinesiology. I chose to study Kinesiology as an intriguing prerequisite for medicine. BPK at SFU allows me to study the human body on both a micro and macro scale which is truly fascinating.

My current aspirations are attending Medical School at UBC after finishing my Bachelors in Kinesiology. I am most interested in Internal or Intensive Care medicine. I played sports, mostly soccer, for a majority of my life. BPK has provided me an opportunity to study the biomechanics and physiology behind all my favorite sports.

Academically, my interests include Physiology, Physics, and Mathematics — unpopular opinion. I also have a hobby in piano which has been a side-passion of mine for quite some time.

Anecdotally speaking, transition from High School to University is very stressful time. Fortunately, I found guidance in my Peer-Mentor back when I was first starting my journey at SFU. This positive experience with my mentor convinced me that I, too, wanted to Peer-Mentor. I look forward to helping the new BPK students of SFU!




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