Executive Members

These are the current executive members. Say hi if you see us around campus! We’re always interested in new faces and new ideas.

Simran Prashar | President

Hey! I’m Simran a 4th-year Kinesiology Major in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration and Occupational Ergonomics Certificate. I chose Kinesiology as I have always had an interest in understanding how the body works and how that can improve our lives. I grew up in a very active environment doing traditional Bhangra dance competitively for over 9 years. As your president, I am the main point of contact for the BPKSA. I chair all our meetings and help organize events to further enhance your undergraduate student experience. My goal this year for the BPKSA is to encourage and include everybody by building a stronger community moving forward through all of our activities and events. We are all so lucky to be a part of such an amazing and welcoming faculty, I am looking forward to sharing my love for BPK with you all. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and join us at our next meeting and upcoming events! I hope to see you there!


Kashish Mehta | Vice President

Hi all, I’m Kashish and I am an Honours student in Biomedical Physiology with a prospective minor in Psychology. I chose this major because I like complexity and problem solving. I believe that the human body and its workings are a lot more complex than any man-made machines, so I wanted to enrol in a field that gave me these opportunity to learn about these complexities. Outside of school, I like to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, read avidly, and experiment with new recipes. During my time at University, I have learned that achieving good grades is just as important as making meaningful connections with your fellow peers. Therefore, my goal this year is to work on community building within BPK and advocate for student well-being. I encourage everybody to join us at our events and meetings, and also wish everybody a productive year!


Irene Cheng | Treasurer

Hi everyone! I’m Irene, a third year majoring in Biomedical Physiology. I chose this major because I’ve always been passionate about learning about how the body responds to disease and continues to support our health. With this degree, I hope to pursue either the healthcare sector or further my education through grad school and research opportunities. In my free time, I enjoy nature walks, swimming, and watching movies in the theater. As the treasurer, I’m responsible for maintaining all financial records, cheque requisitions, and applying for grants to fund for BPK events. I’m definitely excited to work and grow with this amazing team to ensure that your experience here at SFU is no less than memorable. My advice for all BPK students is to not be scared of new opportunities, as I would not be here today if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and joined the BPKSA exec team in my first year. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and I hope to see you at our events!


Ella Lam | Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Ella and I am a 5th year Kin-Major at SFU. I chose to do a degree in Kinesiology because my dream job is to become a physiotherapist. My favourite thing to do is hike with my family or weight lift. I also enjoy other outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and swimming in the lake. If you are ever at the SFU burnaby campus, I’d likely be in the library on the 6th floor or at the fitness center. I have a crazy obsession with pomeranians and I would love to have as many as 5 when I am older. My advice to BPK students is to not be shy and to try to make friends in your classes. It is super useful to have study buddies!


Jovan Gnjatovic | SFSS Council Representative + Student Space Coordinator

Hi, I’m Jovan. In my free time, I like to read, swim, play video games, and hang out with friends.


Sherilyn Chung | Undergraduate Biomedical Physiology Representative

Hi there! I’m a fourth year student majoring in Biomedical Physiology. Since I was young, I loved to play sports and went on to complete nationally as a speed skater. My love for anatomy and physiology developed from my curiosity about how the human body worked to propel skaters at such high speeds…and that’s why I went into BPK! I joined the BPKSA as the undergraduate representative so that undergraduate opinions and insights can be heard at faculty meetings. My goal is for students to have a great undergraduate experience through the events that BPKSA hosts! My advice for BPK students would be to remember that the people around you are there to support you! Don’t be afraid to ask TAs or professors for help, and make use of all available SFU resources. Getting involved in your faculty by attending BPKSA events or even joining the executive team can help you find like-minded students that make university an enjoyable time. I hope to see you at some of our meetings!


Aaron John | Kinesiology Department Student Representative

My name is Aaron and I am a third year Kinesiology Major in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration. I choose BPK because I am fascinated with the science of the human body and I hope to use what I learn to make a positive impact within my sphere of influence. My future career plans involve participating in research and working in a healthcare related field. My most favorite hobby is being active in some way, like playing sports with friends or weight lifting. I also enjoy cooking and I have actually started to like reading. With the BPKSA, I am the Kinesiology Student Rep which means I advocate for students’ needs at the meetings I have with professors and I help the BPKSA’s events and initiatives for students. One of my goals, that I share with BPKSA’s vision, is to have student events that are more interactive and improve the student experience at SFU! My advice for BPK students is to get involved with the SFU BPK community, whether coming to BPKSA events or joining the exec team, make the best of your SFU experience by getting to know like minded classmates!


Inaya Alibhai | External Relations Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Inaya and I am the External relations officer for BPKSA. I am in my second year of Kinesiology in the Active Health and Rehab concentration. I chose Kinesiology because I have always loved sports and am super interested in the human body and how it works – kinesiology was a perfect combination of the two! In the future, I would love to work in sports rehab on a professional sports team. As the external relations officer, I am the connection point from BPKSA to external contacts. My goal for BPKSA this year is to bring the association more opportunities and connections and collaborate with them to ensure their well-being and help assist other students at SFU in Kinesiology. Can’t wait to work with the team this year!


Lavisha Katyal | Ergonomics Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Lavisha and I am a 4th year Kinesiology major and aspire to go into physiotherapy. I am also in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration as well as Occupational Ergonomics Program. I chose this major because I have always been interested in anatomy and physiology and how it impacts movement! My favourite activities include trying new hikes/trails and reading books. I also love to dance and have been dancing for 10 years which has definitely contributed to my academic interests. My advice to new students is to get involved, whether that’s in clubs, volunteering or research! You never know where one opportunity might take you and what you’ll learn about yourself along the way.


Diya Mann | Promotional Coordinator

Hey! I’m Diya and I am a 3rd year biomedical physiology major. I am looking to pursue a career in the healthcare field and am really interested in human physiology, which is why I chose this major. In my free time, I like working out, I love hanging out with my family and friends, and I love going for walks in nature and bike rides with my little sister. I am excited help host events that’ll make students’ SFU experience more fun and enjoyable. I can’t wait to continue being involved in the BPK community, while also encouraging others to as well through promoting events! Some advice I have for BPKSA students, is to make sure to maintain a balance in your life… make sure to treat your mind and your body well, and also make sure to have fun!


Jenna Chan | Promotional Assistant

Hey! My name is Jenna, and I’m a 3rd year Kinesiology Major in the Active Health and Rehabilitation Concentration. Having been a national level rhythmic gymnast for 9 years, learning about exercise and human physiology/biomechanics through sport opened up my curiosity in knowing the science behind how and why our body works the way it does. Aside from rhythmic gymnastics, I like to dance and go on walks. I look forward to bringing out events and activities for BPK students, and creating an active and engaging community. My advice for BPK students is to become involved on campus. Whether it is being a part of clubs, volunteering, or simply coming out to events; these opportunities can lead to new experiences that can be valuable, in addition to creating unforgettable undergrad memories. Hope to see you at our meetings and upcoming events!


Sarra Pirmohamed | DSU Representative

Hello! My name is Sarra and I am the DSU rep for the BPKSA and I’m in my fourth year of Biomedical Physiology. In my free time, I enjoy playing hockey and rugby, as well as exploring nature with my dog. I love studying BPK because it allows me to combine my passion for science and sports, as well as introduce me to so many new people and ideas every day! The BPKSA is an amazing way to meet new people and get involved in the SFU community. Hope to see you soon!


Matthew Eng | Science Undergraduate Society Representative

Hey, welcome to the BPK family! I’m Matthew, another third-year student majoring in Biomedical Physiology (BP). Why BP?, well I think it sounds really cool and I enjoy the academics in the major. From Calculus to the dream-crushing human physiology and anatomy classes, I have spent countless hours studying, yet, appreciating their complexity and educational insight. As you get to know me, you will realize that my defining passion and escape from study life and life’s busyness is cycling. As well, I indulge myself in other outdoor activities (running, hiking, and skiing) and cherish spending time with family and friends. Although I have been road cycling since 2021, I quickly adopted the sport and have participated in many races, most notably, a race from Vancouver to Whistler. My advice for BPK students is to escape your comfort zone to socialize with others while investing your time in any opportunities that arise. Your time at SFU will fly and before you know it, you would wish you had participated in clubs and volunteer positions sooner – knowing what I know now, I can honestly say I wish I had jumped into these great opportunities in my first year. Until we meet up, good luck and have an amazing year!


Trevor Chun | First Year Representative

Hey everyone! My name is Trevor and I’m a 1st-year Kinesiology student! I chose kinesiology because I am very interested in learning how the human body moves and how we can recover from heavy injuries or rehabilitate. As a provincial badminton athlete, it’s very easy to get injured on the court and learning to recover more efficiently and quickly is a key thing in the world of sports. I hope to become a physiotherapist in the future so I can help people feel physically better! As one of the 1st-year representatives, my main responsibilities are to ensure first-year students’s issues and views are well-represented within the committee and the union.

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