BPK Co-op Experiences

Want to try out Co-op but you’re just not sure about how the whole process works? This page will convince you that Co-op is one of the best ways to compliment your degree. Here, you will learn what it feels like to be a Co-op student and the potential rewards.

Many job industries require experience in the field before you can secure a placement but coming fresh out of university, how are you supposed to land a sweet job without an experience? Co-op can cut out that time spent in bottom rung positions and get you the coveted job that you want.

Check out some of the Co-op experiences below and imagine what kind of impact these additions would make to a professional resume. Make yourself stand out with BPK Co-op!


Joshua Koehn (Biomedical Physiology Major) at BC Cancer Research Center

Check out how Josh was able to walk into his Co-op interviews with confidence.

Wondering how to stand out at work, make an impact, prove that you are an awesome employee – find out how Josh made himself stand out at the BC Cancer Agency

Josh was also nominated to represent SFU Science in the 3 minute Co-op Competition and won second place! Check out his promotional video below!



Will Thomas (Kinesiology Major/Ergonomics Student) at LifeLabs Medical Laboratory

Check out Will’s experience in Ergonomics, one of the eight emerging careers of 2013!

Exploring Ergonomics Lead_0









Tanya Jung (Kinesiology Major, Active Health and Rehabilitation) at Occupational Rehabilitation

Check out Tanya’s challenging Co-op experience as she found out how difficult some jobs can be.

bpk logo










Check out all the other BPK Co-op experiences over the years at SFU OLC – BPK

To get your BPK Co-op experience published, contact bpksa@sfu.ca

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