BPK Clothing

Our major fundraising effort of the year is the BPKSA clothing sale. Because we’re a student union and don’t have a ton of money, we can’t afford to have an enormous amount of clothing in-stock for immediate selling, so how it tends to go is:

  1. We advertise the current products available
  2. You place an order for whichever you want to buy
  3. We take your money
  4. We order the clothing and have it printed
  5. We advertise the arrival of goods, and hand them out
  6. You wear them and look totally awesome.
Sometimes we have some extras kickin’ around, so feel free to ask and we might be able to get you looking sharp.

We like to switch up the art every so often to keep things fresh. Got some design skills? Send us what you’ve created, and you could see it be the BPK print in an upcoming year!


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