Minutes – Jan 26, 2017


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 11:30am by Megan in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.


In Attendance:

Megan, Jordan, Emily, Joanne, Arash, Brian, Omid, Bader, Brandon, Jaskarn, Aaron, Erin, Crystal, Erina, Brandon, Karah, Darleen.


Open Issues:


BPK Research Day Committee

The Committee is looking for students to sit in on meetings and help plan Research Day being held on March 31st

Next meeting is on Wed (18th) at 9:00 am

Please arrange attendance and learn more by emailing bpksa@sfu.ca


Kin Cup

Beginning of march is possible dates – will look into times on Monday

Tony will arrange dates with other Profs

Basketball (possible alternatives: kickball, ultimate Frisbee, handball) and Dodgeball and Soccer

High school spring break march 13 -24th (cannot do it during this time, to not interfere with prof schedules)

Will look into booking gym between march 6-10, or 27-30th

Kin Games wants to help create a fundraiser for jumpstart. People attending kin cup can donate sports equipment or money.


Kin Games

Head coach student of Kin Games came to discuss possible fundraiser event for jumpstart integrated into kin cup.

May operate strictly by donation or sell water and snacks.


Careers in BPK debrief

Attendance: 95 pre-registered, 71 showed up, and 18 at door = 99 attendance

Lab tours 20 attendance

Discussed improvements for next year:

We should start advertising the event before the winter break to give students enough time to book the night off from work.

Placement of event had pros and cons, But Saywall hall was decided to be a better option for future years.

ASB option for future year: squish all tables in front of staircase, and rent out room to the side to put food tables inside.

BPK neuroscience felt that their discipline was underrepresented. We will discuss ideas for presenters that could be invited next year with them.

Tables: good amount of tables, but some were under-attended.

Speakers: giving the option of a PowerPoint would be a good idea. Dietetics used one and it was very effective.

Anybody who took picture or video at the event, please send it to

Bpk_engage@sfu.ca can use them for future promotion


Crystal has volunteered to write an article on the careers in BPK event to be published in The Pulse.


BPK Clubs Days

Good turnout

New record of new signups

New members have already shown up to this meeting!

Aaron won star trace


Clothing sale

We could send out a web survey asking what designs are most popular

Please give feedback to what designs you have seen and liked

If we decided fast, we could take advantage of kin games placing a large order

We could order some of the classic, and historically popular designs


Anatomy pub night

BPKSA wants to host a pub night

If you are interested in helping organize, talk to Jordan

This event will be a good opportunity to create socialization within the BPK community


Oztrekk meeting

This coming Tuesday

There will be alumni speaking their experience through the program

All sorts of rehab science programs will be talked about

Food will be provided


Oztrekk lunch or dinner

BPK group invited to meet with Oztrekk over lunch or dinner

Paid for by Oztrekk

Date is still undecided


The Princeton review

This provides practices tests and courses for graduate school admission tests

50% off for 3 elected execs, $400 for all other BPK members


Sun run

10 minimum members to register

We could host team BPKSA

Hosted on April 23rd

Early registration is $32 for students

We could apply for a grant to help subsidize students who wish to sign up



Emily voted in as new secretary

Brian voted in as new treasurer



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Megan at 2:00 pm in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.  The next meeting will be held Feb 2th at 1:00pm in the BPK grad lounge!