Minutes – January 27, 2016

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 27, 2016



The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 12:30pm by Garveen in room K9622.


In Attendance:

Garveen, Kirstin, Selina, Daniela, Ravneet, Emily, Meghan, Lea, Darleen, Sabrina, Megan, Bryan, Jordan, Debbie, Chelsea


Open Issues:


1) Careers in BPK Debrief

-overall everything went really well!

-Darleen has extra copies of the program if anyone wants them

-around 40 people showed up for the labs tours, and the majority seemed to be first and second years

-many seemed shy and afraid to speak up so we can let the students know what labs they will be touring ahead of time so they can research them a bit and prepare questions to ask, also have tour leaders prepared to ask questions as well

-in the program we could include a short description for each exhibitor; also include a map to highlight where the exhibitors and career services are

-try and arrange for dessert to be brought later or leave it near the registration table when dinner is served; also less wraps, more desserts

-for next year’s breakout sessions we can reserve two spots for well known careers (e.g. MD, PT) and the other two spots for some careers students may not be aware of (e.g. ultrasound tech)

-not a lot of students were asking questions during the actual breakout sessions, next year can try to advertise what careers are coming in advance so students can prepare questions ahead of time

-we feel Wednesday is a good day of the week to keep the event on as many students are already up on campus, however having it the same day as UBC was an issue: some of the out of town exhibitors said they’d prefer to have the two events on back to back days

-Sabrina is going to get in touch with UBC to see if we can arrange something like this for next year

-to fit more exhibitors in, as we missed out on a few key ones this year (e.g. Kintec, Zajac Ranch), we may need a larger space like the ASB or the James Douglas Safe Study Space

-Sabrina will send a feedback survey to all the undergrads who attended the event


2) Kin Cup

-no date yet but it will have to be after reading break, Sabrina will follow up with Tony


3) Research Day

-Friday March 11th

-a good way to find out about research in our department!

-Dawn Mackey is looking for 2-3 undergrads to sit on the committee so please email Loryn (lbohne@sfu.ca) if you are interested


4) Med School Interview Practice Facebook Group

-started by BPK students

-we can advertise it through all avenues: BPK Facebook group, an email to students, BPKSA website


5) Clothing

-Matt has ordered dri-fit and toque samples and they will be shipped to us in the beginning of Feb

-need to return samples 30 days after we get them or we can keep the samples and reimburse Matt approximately $50

-will be selling dri-fits and toques only it seems

-will try and book a table in the AQ for Feb 16-18th for students to try on samples and place orders

-if we can’t get a table, may need to sit outside the BPK Co-op Office again


6) Motion

-Debbie motioned to reimburse Kirstin $30 for the gift cards raffled off at BPK Career Night. Jordan seconded it. The motion was unanimously approved.


7) SFSS Visit

-Chelsea came to introduce herself to the group; her office is MBC 2238

-for your co-curricular record to list BPKSA Member on it you must: complete 6 hours of work for the BPKSA, attend a Nuts and Bolts workshop and fill out a form

-we can start adding our BPKSA events onto the SFSS event calendar

-for future “medium to high risk” events (ie. hikes, bouldering) all students participating will need to fill out SFSS Student Consent forms; Chelsea will send them to us



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Garveen at 1:20pm in room K9622. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 in room K9622.