Minutes – June 16, 2017


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 11:30am by Crystal in the BPK Conference Room.


In Attendance:

Crystal, Emily C, Emily B, Erina, Leo, Ningning, Jaskarn, Natalie, Katie, Sonya, Joseph, Brandon


Open Issues:

1) Summer Kin Cup

-Approximately 10 profs have confirmed they will be able to attend July 5th 7:30-9:30pm

-SFU Rec does not offer employee booking discounts

-Ultimate, capture the flag, soccer

-Kin Cup pinnies have arrived (blue and red)


2) BPK 101

-Tentative schedule

1:30-2:00         Registration + find someone who…

2:00-2:45         Large group icebreakers

2:45-3:00         Scavenger hunt team icebreakers

3:00-3:15         Richard, Sophie, Van – course/degree planning

3:15-3:30         Darleen – co-op

3:30-3:45         Break

3:45-4:00         Brenda – career development

4:00-4:30         Brent, Diana

4:30-5:30         Scavenger hunt

5:30                 Wrap up, swag bags

-Brainstormed ideas for “Find someone who…”

-Survival guide will design after information on website has been updated

-Brandon has shared a list of icebreakers for more ideas


-Human knot

-Rock paper scissors

-Musical limb to limb

-My anaconda don’t

-Newspaper island

-T-shirt game

-Baes & taxis


3) BPK Welcome BBQ Kickoff

-Opening speaker

-Ryan Dill – teaching BPK 142

-Angie Brooks-Wilson – chair


4) Website

-Will continue to work on updating pages

-Erina is working on Couse Information

-Sonya will look for Terry Fox Run photos


5) SUS Frosh

-Brandon motioned to contribute $50 to SUS Frosh from the core account. Jaskarn seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.


6) BPK Back to School Sale

-Omid contacted the company we get apparel from, they don’t sell stationary products

-Brandon will discuss design with Brent (Selects Performance)

-BPK Co-op orders products through SFU Book Store and 4imprint




The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Crystal at 12:30pm in the BPK Conference Room. The next meeting will be held on Friday, June 23, 2017 at 11:30am in the BPK Conference Room.