Minutes – May 26, 2017


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 11:36am by Crystal in the BPK Conference Room.


In Attendance:

Emily C, Emily B, Brandon, Katie, Natalie, Alam, Leo, Ningning, Jaskarn, Erina, Crystal, Christina, Joseph, Darleen


Open Issues:

1) SUS Grad event

-Event cancelled

-Not enough funding from SFSS


2) Walk for Arthritis

-Entrance fee of $25 per person

-Will no longer be doing walk due to lack of participation


3) Partnership with the Princeton Review

-Kaplan offering 10% discount

-Princeton review had best option for in class courses

-Unanimous vote to renew partnership with Princeton


4) Summer Kin Cup

-Katie waiting on response from Rec

-Kickball would need a lot of people to play and we are unsure what turnout will be like

-Replace kickball with capture the flag

-Sports to play: ultimate, soccer, capture the flag

-Make it a fun event, less formal than Spring Kin Cup

-Snacks: fruit, granola bars


5) BPK Back to School Sale

-Email Omid about what products he can get


-Folder clipboard

-Notebooks with lined paper

-Post it notes



-USB drive

-Shaker bottles or S’well water bottles (depending on price)

-Sale end of summer semester and beginning of fall

-Summer sale: Tuesday August 1st and Wednesday August 2nd (1 week before finals)

-Fall sale: sell at Clubs Day table

-Order enough for both sales

-Not requiring order forms


6) BPK 101 Ice Breakers

-Scavenger hunt, human pyramid, mafia, werewolf

-Mafia with introduction and handshake

-Amazing race style scavenger hunt with envelopes instead of sheet with questions

-Discuss ice breaker in detail next meeting

-TA: Brent

-Prof: Diana Bedoya


7) Departmental Meeting

-Mental health discussion

-Received funding to build a BPK student lounge



Erina motioned to reimburse Crystal $34.95 for pizza for BPKSA meeting. Jaskarn seconded it. Motion was passed unanimously.



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Crystal at 12:30pm in the BPK Conference Room. The next meeting will be held on Friday, June 2, 2017 at 11:30am in the BPK Conference Room.