Minutes – November 24, 2016


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 11:30am by Megan in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.


In Attendance:

Megan, Meghan, Jordan, Emily, Joanne, Arash, Brian, Omid, Bader, Brandon, Jaskarn, Aaron, Ran.


Open Issues:


Kin Fair and Webinar Overview

Webinar good turnout

Kin fair also went well

The supplier of the grant was shown pictures of the event, and loved it.

We want to make it even bigger and better next time – possibly get out into community, Maybe rec center or high school.

Pros and Cons report for next year:

Area good – but maybe Saywell could be even better

Simple snack food worked out well

Exhibits were good and well attended, lowest participation in rowing station

Maybe create a gate around next event, so it is more like entering an area.

A different day of the week could possibly increase student attendance


Careers in BPK (Wed, Jan 18) update

The event will be Keeping same schedule as last year

ASB is booked by other event, so we have booked north and south atrium for this event

Lisa is booking rooms for presentations



MCPG lab is available

Dan marigold lab – sensory motor – will most likely be second lab



32 spots for tables total

7 schools – Ross University (Caribbean), Palmer collage, Life Chiropractic Collage West, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver Collage of Massage Therapy, Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, Tomson rivers (almost arranged).

4 other organizations – Innovative fitness, BCAK, Fortius, Oztrekk,

4 Possible others – Zajak ranch, BCIT, Kinteck (co-op students may come). U of medicine and health sciences (in Caribbean)

5 SFU exhibitors – SFU rec, BPK grad, BPK ergonomics, SFU careers services, SFU physio (maybe)


We have room to invite 8 other presenters (5 would be good); suggestions:

Check UBC presenters, and see if any other Canadian universities want to attend both events, especially other universities that have med programs

Work Safe BC

Pedorthic Association of Canada


Across the pond



Med students: Manan, Joyce, Ian (all maybe)

Med professionals: Darleen helping handle

PT students: Michelle Riley

PT professionals: Darleen helping handle

Dietitian Professional: Melodie Yong

Dietitian student: still waiting on contact

Alam is still in contact with another practicing dietitian who may come

Strength and Conditioning: change to Wednesday has conflicted with John but he will notify us by end of month if he can attend. One backup is Olga – MBB and business background, science equipment sales rep.

Sophie has a grad who is another sales rep who may come.

Exercise physiologists could be a good idea.

Group decided that if john says no, our next option will be Olga.


Group decided career booklet will be based off sprinter poster used at kin fair.


Clothing Sale

Order coming somewhere between this Friday and next Wednesday

So doodle poll will be sent out.

Need volunteers to Sit at BPK office couch for customers to come pick up garments


Other Announcements

SFU men’s hockey game at Bill Copeland stadium (Sat, Nov 26th)

Fundraising night, teddy bear toss, or new underwear/socks.



Oztrekk speaker guest – Hosted info on attending school in Australia

Educational agent, will help through full process of application and moving

Totally free

Easy option for those interested in schooling overseas

Check out online if interested




Ran motioned to reimburse Emily $12.83 for balloons

Jordan Seconded. motion unanimously approved


Emily motioned to reimburse BPK department $350 from trust account for facility fee of kin fair area and table rentals

Bader seconded; motion unanimously approved.


Megan motioned to reimburse BPK department $86.23 from trust account for webinar food supplies

Jordan seconded; motion unanimously approved.


Johanne motioned to reimburse BPK department $181.57 from trust account for kin fair food supplies

Meghan seconded; motion unanimously approved.



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Megan at 12:20pm in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday Dec 1, 2016 at 11:30am in the BPK Graduate Student Lounge.