Meeting Minutes – Feb 2 2015

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday February 2, 2015



The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order by Loryn at 12:30 pm in the BPK Conference Room


In Attendance:

Shaila, Loryn, Steven O, Josh, Garveen, Bogdan, Matt, Erina, Sam, Megan, Jeff, Ross, Ian, Kirstin


Open Issues:


Build SFU

-Ross (Consultation Coordinator) from Build SFU came by to discuss the building of the Student Union Building & the Stadium (the loan was rejected at the general meeting)

-he wanted to do a follow up on what happened & discuss any concerns we may have

-Build SFU and SFSS is trying to figure out the next steps & are surprised with

what has happened, and don’t want it to happen again

-they want students to know that they will be benefitting from this and want current students to know that future students will benefit from this

-the next referendum will probably be online

-students with classes in SFU Surrey or downtown might be able to opt out


-$20 per semester = 16 cents per day

-will increase by $10/year and will max out @ $90

-the people paying $90/year will be able to use the building, since the

building is opening up in 2017

-$55 million for the SUB, $10 million for the stadium

-Our Concerns & Issues:

-maybe divide up the loan for the stadium and the SUB

-Stadium mainly benefits the athletes, whereas the SUB can be used by

the general student population

-dividing the SUB and the stadium would be helpful, since more students will get to pay for the SUB

-not a lot of people go to watch games, therefore Stadium may seem useless

-Nap Room

-maybe change it to a study room instead; concerns with whether or not a lot of students be using it often?

-Ross: will be 1200 square ft, & was a very popular idea amongst students

-health and counseling was supportive of the nap room

-will provide for an opportunity to have ergonomics designs in the nap room to incorporate good posture & health and to show how innovative and integrated SFU is

-biggest concern is that people don’t want to pay for it if they cannot use it

-if we vote yes, we’re paying nothing, but the students of the future will get a hike in tuition when they don’t even get a say in the matter

-maybe spend more time to have students see the vision to convince them to    pay for it

-advertise that SUB will create community for future students

-ADVERTISE HOW LITTLE THE COST IS AND ADVERTISE THE BREAKDOWN OF THE COSTS; conveying this to the students will convince them



need to advertise new clothing and have people print out forms, fill them out, and drop them off @ the co-op office with the money for their order

-could set up outside co-op office & send the form via Facebook, e-mail, or post it to the BPKSA webpage

-dryfit t-shirt and crewneck are the new articles of clothing

-will not be booking tables in the AQ

-everything unisex, except for T-shirts

-Josh made a poster for the clothing sale, which advertises the new crewneck


-shirts: $20, crewneck: $35, dryfits: $20

-Designs include: heart, brain and lungs

-Shaila can make the form

-dryfit t-shirt: dark navy with a small logo & will be unisex


SUS Updates

-Loryn attended the SUS meeting last Wednesday and provided an update

-the SUS wants to do a Science Wide Event: Cards Against Humanity Pub Night on March 18, 2015

-will be a kind of unveiling of the SUS on campus

-the BPKSA will be participating



– the gyms are available for Feb 27, 2015, which is a Friday

-will be from 5:30 pm to 8 pm

-Gym Availability:

-East Gym: 5:30-6:30 pm—only one with indoor soccer nets; $50/hour

-Central East Side: 5:30-9:30pm – $62.50/hour

-depending on if we can move the soccer nets, we may need to migrate gyms (Loryn will confirm about moving the soccer nets to the central east gym)

-need to confirm the gym booking by tomorrow @ 3:30 pm

-if soccer nets can be bought to central east gym, then we will book this gym only.

-based on last years Kin Cup Grant proposal Josh motioned for a grant for a total of $350.00 with 300 from SFSS and 50 core. The motion was approved unanimously.


The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Loryn at 1:30 pm in the BPK Conference Room. The next meeting will be held on Monday February 16th, 2015 in the BPK Conference Room at 12:30 pm.





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