Meeting Minutes – March 16 2015

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday March 16, 2015



In Attendance:

Loryn, Jordan, Deepak, Sam, Shaila, Matt, Garveen, Bogdan, Ian, Garrett, Megan, Josh, Steven M, Steven O


Open Issues


-Be sure to pick up your FREE Cards Against Humanity Pub Night Tickets for Wednesday March 18, 2015 @ the Highland Pub!


Research Day

-a grant needs to be approved to cover poster printing fees for Research Day to cover students who are showcasing independent work and are not affiliated with any lab

-grant will be for $200 which can cover approx. 4 people (~$50/person)

-we will also include $20 from core

-in addition we also need to figure out how many drink tickets we want to hand out for alcohol



next Monday (Marc 23rd), 5:30-7:30 pm

-Kim (teaching 207; 10:30 am) and May (teaching 205; 9:30 pm) said we can do class presentations this Friday; Loryn will take care of this

-Alex will make a presentation in BPK 143, Jordan (working in Max Donelan’s lab) will

talk about class presentations in BPK 201, still waiting on Craig to reply about BPK 142

-aim this time is to do class presentations to target the younger student population

-Food list: granola bars, 2 bite brownies, cookies, bananas, gogurt, juice boxes, oranges

-Matt will take care of the food next week after the meeting; Steven M will help Matt


Year End Party

-April 2nd @ Club Ilia; Joyce/Steven M will tell the faculty about the year end part at the UPC meeting this week

-Matt will make the Facebook event

-tables booked in the AQ for March 30, 31 to sell tickets

-can promote with KIN Cup and research day; need to advertise Year End Party to the older students also

-can do classroom presentations next week or on the Monday the week after

-BPK 305(Matt & Sam), BPK 306 (Megan), BPK 304W(Richard or anyone currently in

304W), BPK 444 (Loryn & Garveen), BPK 415 (Shaila), BPK 446 (Steven M), BPK 326

(Bogdan), BPK 340 (Steven M), BPK 343 (Steven M)

-Granting: need to have number of people who attended last year (100; $5/head = $500), need to cover printing for posters & tickets ($300)

-total of $800 from SFSS, $220 core. Motion made by Josh and was unanimously


-Sabrina is taking care of printing


Meeting With Dr. Glen Tibbits

scheduled for next Monday, march 23rd, 2015

-therefore we need to get a list down of issues we’d like to discuss with Dr. Tibbits

-Issues with Courses

-BPK 201:

-need to add more course material that is applicable to Biomedical Physiology

-course offerings, and class sizes (especially with upper division classes) are a huge problem

-need to make more upper division courses available for credit for Biomedical Physiology majors; could allow upper division MBB/HSCI courses count, or some courses

that count for credit in a KIN major (like BPK 461, 375, 481)

-SIS needs to be corrected and made more accurate so students can plan their schedules

ahead of time (especially if they are close to graduation)


-BPK 304W:

-needs to be more writing intensive & students need to be given more detailed

feedback on writing quality of their papers

-is it possible to make 304W statistics material more lower division so 304W is

more focused on writing?

-is it possible to “strongly recommend” students to take ENG 199W(students

who took this before they took BPK 304W found it really helpful)

-in addition: is it possible to add a lower division “Intro To Research” course to

teach students how to do research & read research papers so they aren’t

flabbergasted when they have to read papers in upper division courses (this

course can also be writing heavy)

-the possibility of creating a girls only lab for courses like BPK 303 to accommodate students for privacy, modesty or religious reasons

-this won’t be an issue for BPK 444 since participation is voluntary in the practical labs;

participation is not voluntary in BPK 303




The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Loryn at 1:30 pm in the BPK Conference Room. The next meeting will be held on Monday March 23rd, 2015 in the BPK Conference Room at 12:30 pm.





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