Minutes – February 10, 2012

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

Friday, February 10, 2012


  • The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 1:35pm on Friday, Feb 10, 2012 in AQ 4130 by Brent.

In attendance:

  • Brent, Joyce, Jason, Megan, Ryley, Dominic, Margaret, Shirtina, Allison, Hillary, Lisa, Sidney, Kirstin, Shaila, Navnita, Shelby, Eric, Kaitlin, Steven, Arash

Approval of Agenda

  • The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

  • Kin Cup
    • Gym booked for 5:15pm-8:45pm
    • Laura from general office volunteers with Vancouver Dodgeball League and may get dodgeballs (better quality, free)
    • Anyone free at 4:30-5pm drop by gym
    • Food (less junk): granola bars, yogurt, fruit, whatever we can get at Costco that won’t give Tony diabetes
    • Water vs. water jug? Food next to water fountain? Decide next meeting.
  • Year End Party
    • Club Ilia vs. Diamond Alumni Center?
      • CI wants $15 per person, no booking fee. DAC’s food is better and Ilia was crowded last year (but we’ll book the full venue this time)
      • DAC will cost $360 to book and food for each individual will cost minimum $40: predict to subsidize about $2500
      • Kirstin: “better not to blow all our money”
      • It was decided that Ilia will be the venue for the party
    • April 5th (Thursday) or March 30th (Friday)?
      • Thurs is a more appealing day, before Good Friday
      • Down time before exams start the week after
      • April 5th was decided, pending availability
    • last year at CI bags took up half the space in the booths; look into a coat check this year or at least an available room to store things
    • ticket selling
      • table necessary?
      • better advertising and gets the word out
      • Brent expressed concern at asking people to give up so much of their time volunteering at AQ tables, but everyone agreed it was fine. Except Eric.
      • otherwise buy at kin main office
      • sign out a number of tickets and sell them on your own and return any leftovers

Meeting Recaps

  • UPC Meeting
    • kin was aiming for 150 new admissions this year and more than 200 have already been admitted. Even though some kin majors are scraping by with a 2.0 and people with good GPAs aren’t able to transfer into the program.
      • talk of establishing a maintenance GPA for those in the kin program with a 2.2 cutoff (considering science classes only). This will not be a retroactive change.
    • kin 142 will now be official requirement for those that are getting a biomedical & physiology minor (this wasn’t the case before)
  • Forum Meeting (Joyce’s first time reporting)
    • New student center, give input for interior design
    • Email sent out to DSU’s for input
    • Discussion re: $1 tuition levy for schools building schools

Career Event

  • What went well?
    • Saywell better than ASB (more space, less likelihood of people leaving)
    • didn’t lose as many people that attended
    • speakers were great
      • the idea that if two speakers for the breakout session (a student in the program and a practicing professional) were unavailable then choosing a single speaker who had JUST finished the program and was working in the field was a good alternative
    • fast takedown and set-up (finished early)
  • What could have been better?
    • veggie/seafood wraps didn’t taste great. Beef were awesome.
    • hard to decide between breakout sessions
    • ordered too much food
    • raffle was done by the time most people left, maybe have exhibitors do raffles on their own at their table? People could enter as they walk around and look at the exhibits.
    • food policing didn’t work (not that it mattered with the amount of food we had)

Online Changes

  • Now have access to KSA web space (silly Brent didn’t realize it had the same password as the BPKSA connect, but to be fair nobody else over the past four years did either!) What should we use it for?
    • quick links to
      • transfer requirements
      • program checklists
      • course websites
      • blog for open discussion
      • Links to student-written course descriptions, tips, etc.
      • other resources?
    • BPKSA YouTube channel
    • kin related research/hot topics (e.g. minimalist shoes)
    • pictures/videos of previous BPKSA events, summaries
    • a blurb about what exactly the BPKSA does
  • SFSS email
    • links directly to your account and can used to make exec transition easier
    • is it useful?
    • more for BPKSA Exec members


  • Summer Core Funding
    • typically don’t hold major events in the summer; what can we use it for?
    • clothing samples
    • promo items (lanyards, buttons, keychains, etc)
  • should we think about a full clothing order next year? (eg. Gloves, baseball caps, hoodies, yoga pants?)

D. Adjournment

  • Meeting was adjourned at 2:13pm by Brent. The next meeting will be Friday, February 24, 2012 in AQ 4130 at 1:30pm.

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