Minutes – Jan 08, 2015

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday January 08, 2015




The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order by Loryn at 12:30 pm in the BPK Seminar Room


In Attendance:

Josh, Shaila, Jake, Erina, Sam, Cheri, Darleen, Joyce, Loryn, Ian, Garveen, Christine, Steven


Open Issues:


  • Christine is filling in for Sabrina till Sabrina is back (which will be the day after Career Night)


Career Event

  • BPKSA Executives: Remember to wear BPK apparel
  • Cheri will send out agenda for career event to Loryn, who will email it out
  • Lab Tours
    • Labs: Cardiovascular Physiology & Locomotion Lab
    • Lab Tour Leaders: Ian, Jake, Shaila, Garveen
      • Leaders need to remember to have some icebreaker questions to ask during the tours
    • Lab Tours run from 3:30-4:30 pm
    • BPK Seminar Room has been booked from 3 pm; need to have everyone meet here to sign in (Garveen will come @ 3 to do this)
    • Donelan still has to ask his graduate students if they’re a go for lab tours and will get back to Loryn
    • Each Lab Tour Session will be 20-25 minutes per session
    • Back to Saywell hall by 4:30 from lab tours for the exhibitors
  • Cheri will make the web survey active so people can register
    • Registering on the web survey will earn a ticket for the draw prize
  • Speakers and Breakout Sessions:
    • Cheri and Darleen will take care of swag bags for the speakers
    • Total number of speakers: 9 (3 Kinesiologists, 1 MD, 1 PT, 1 Dentist, possibly 2 current medical school students, and 1 current PT student)
    • 1st breakout session will consist of Dentistry and Kinesiologist first, 2nd will be the MD and PT
    • For the current medical school students: Josh will ask Ronnie (Current Med Student); Darleen will message Amanda (also current MED Student)
    • Darleen will find a PT student to be a speaker
    • AQ 3149 AND 3150 booked for sessions


  • Exhibition:
    • 3:30-8 pm
    • Career Fair: need people to help set up @ 3:30 (goes till 8)
    • 304W people will talk to Richard to be excused from class
      • Loryn, Josh, Sam, Joyce, Erina
    • Need a food room: Cheri will work on booking a room
    • May have to wing it based on the amount of exhibitors coming; need students that day to help with food and to keep guard
    • Steven will come in after BPK 402 (ends @ 6:20 pm) to help guard the food


  • Promotions – Class Visits
    • Remember to promote career night, kin cup, year-end party, research day
      • MUST BE DONE NEXT WEEK; tell students to bring resumes for career services
    • Alex: 143, 303
    • Darleen: 241
    • Josh: 140
    • Ian: 336
    • Loryn & Garveen: 444
    • Loryn & Joyce: 304W
    • Erina: 305
    • Shaila: 306
    • Steven: 340, 343
    • Garveen: 326
    • Joyce & Jake: 421
    • Shaila: 415
    • Jake: 446
    • Erina & Steven: 402
  • BPK conference room is also booked from 2pm onwards
  • Josh will send speaker profiles to Christine
  • The following will attend Breakout Sessions to ask some icebreaker questions
    • PT: Steven
    • Med: Joyce
    • Kinesiologist: Kirstin
    • Dentist: Loryn


Club Days

  • Next week on Tuesday and Wednesday (10:30-3:30)
  • Will hand out extra water bottles @ club days


Speaker Series

  • Talk about it with the professors and will reconvene on this during later meetings

UPC meeting was cancelled today; no news from the meeting



  • Sam, the SFSS Councillor Representative attended the meeting last night and reported back:
    • SFSS wants Sam to report to them about our meetings
    • They have also said that if we need them they are a resource we can use
  • In addition, if we need to bring something up to the board, tell Sam and he can bring it up with them
  • If there is also an issue with what the board has done, let Sam know and he can bring it up with them



The meeting of the BPKSA was adjourned by Loryn at 1:30 pm in the BPK Seminar Room.  The next meeting day and time has yet to be set.



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