Minutes – January 29, 2010

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

January 29th, 2010


  • The regular meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 9:35 on January 29th, 2010 in the Kinesiology Seminar Room by John Abreu-Lanza.

In attendance

  • John, Lauren, Blaine, Marissa, Matt, Brent, Darleen, Ernest

Approval of Agenda

  • The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

  • Overview of Careers in Kinesiology Event
    • Registration
      • More people are needed to help with registration for next year
      • An assembly line take on the different registration tasks may be an option for upcoming years
      • Pre-registration through Simplicity/co-op office works well to get an idea of the number of committed students
      • Another possible idea for early registration: Registration board outside co-op office
      • Benefit of early registration: lower fee ($2.00), possible entrance into a prize draw?
      • Exhibitors and students should have separate registration times for next year
      • Rope off the atrium?
    • Break-out Session
      • Break-out sessions were unbalanced this year without a cap in place
      • To balance the sessions in upcoming years: breakout sessions should either be selected at the event, with a cap on the number of students allowed in each room, or in the co-op office with the help of an excel spreadsheet
      • Matt can help set up a template on excel for registration
      • At event: break-out session registration by career, as opposed to time slot
    • Food
      • The amount of food ordered was perfect and the quality was good
      • Next year: Dinner is not an option, every student pays the fee of $2.00 if preregistered or $3.00 if they register at the event
      • Possibly contain food in one room in the future to eliminate the need for volunteers guarding the tables
      • Presenter and student food should be separated in the future and more water is needed for the presenters
    • Lab Tours
      • Three lab groups were sent out this year
      • Students registered for the lab tours were stuck in the registration line and were unable to leave at the scheduled start time
      • The groups sent out were uneven (20, 15, 10) because of the registration lines
      • Preregister for lab tours next year to eliminate time spent in registration line
    • We will continue overview at next week’s meeting
  • Blaine’s Update on Forum Meeting:
    • CFS Case
      • No update
    • Funding
      • There is $18 000 in grant money for all the DSUs this semester (approximately $418 per DSU, although funding depends on the size of the DSU)
      • On the Wednesday meeting the possibility of moving money around to provide more funding will be examined
      • Core funding (guaranteed) vs. Grant funding(not guaranteed, but a potentially larger sum) for the BPKSA?
        • Members agree on core funding
        • Roll over of core funding is potentially going to be removed
    • Referendum to student population to increase student fees by $3.00?
      • Members agree on allowing the referendum
  • Club Night
    • Location: Ceileigh’s
    • They will take care of printing the tickets
    • Price is 10 (15 last year?)
    • Free domestic beer
    • No line until X time
    • Potential Date: March 6 (too soon after Olympic group)
      • March 13 is chosen as date for club night
      • March 20 (too late)
      • John will message his friend at Ceileigh’s
  • Clothing will be discussed next meeting


  • Meeting was adjourned at 10:22am by John Abreu-Lanza. The next meeting will be at 9:30am on February 5th, 2010 in the Kinesiology Seminar Room.

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