MINUTES – July 31, 2014

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday July 30, 2014



Meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 12:30 by Shaila in AQ 5017


In Attendance:

Loryn, Shaila, Ian, Garveen, Joyce, Lukas, Matt, Parham


Open Issues




àAlso send in your availability for BPK Welcome and the SFU Week of Welcome tables to shaila @ shailag@sfu.ca

  • We need volunteers from 10-3 for the SFU Week of Welcome!


àGarveen motioned to reimburse Shaila for $60 for the Pub meeting. Lukas seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.


àBPK Kickoff (September 11, 2014)

  • Matt has drafted an official schedule for the event

àStarts at: 11:30 am

-meet outside BPK 142 or in Convocation Mall

-Tour of SFU Rec, with 3 presentations that are 15 minutes each

à1 pm: Walk back to BBQ (Terry Fox BBQ)

-BBQ will be going on from 12:30 to about 2 pm

-students can fill out the bingo during the BBQ (encourages them to talk to the


-Darleen has FIFA video games as prizes for the bingo

-BBQ will be 2 toonies ($4)

-we can walk around with clipboards and have people sign up for the Terry Fox Run

à2pm: Lab Tours start

-Victoria Claydon, Damon Poburko, Stephen Robinovitch

-Professors seem okay with the time change, but still need to hear back from Dr. Robinovitch

-will be rotational, and about 20 minutes per session

-Order for the lab tours: Claydon, Poburko, Robinovitch

  • All information for the kick off will be in the Websurvey (made by Sabrina)and phone calls for the calling campaign
  • Matt will make a post a link on the webpage and facebook page for the kickoff


àBPK Welcome Week

  • We will have a list of students who are new and taking part in the welcome week
  • Water bottles

à Sabrina will let us know about which water bottle we’re getting

àDesign: ECG wave


àSFU Week of Welcome

  • Agai n send your availability for 10-3 to Shaila!!!
  • Have the star trace, Tony’s wheel, and maybe a clothing sale to get rid of the remaining clothing

àstick to the clearance prices we had set for the summer clothing sale

à$15 shirts, $20 sweats, $30 for hoodies

  • Maybe make the clothing as a prize for the BPK Kickoff Bingo?


àAugust Meeting

  • Garveen will send out a poll to determine everyone’s availability for the meeting
  • Maybe: Tuesday at the pub around at 4 pm


àKIN Games will be at UBC this year!


àLukas wants to start a union for BNS students to get them more involved with BPK

  • Something more specified for BNS students to get them more representation
  • Have a social event in a fall and meet the new BNS students
  • Lukas will talk to Darleen about this
  • Maybe include BNS students more with BPK kickoff


àHike on Friday – Buntzen Lake



The meeting was adjourned by Shaila at 1:20. The next meeting will take place in August in the week of the 18th to the 22nd, possibly in the pub.

àwill email about this when the actual time and day is finalized



Good luck with finals and have a great summer! See you all in the Fall J





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