MINUTES – Nov 19, 2014

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday November 19, 2014



The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order by Loryn at 1:36 pm in TASC II 7540


In Attendance:

Loryn, Josh, Jake, Kirsten, Sam, Debbie, Matt, Deepak, Darleen


Open Issues


àBPKSA Event: Laser Tag

  • Event last week went really well; subsidized for everyone who attended (11 people)
  • Games were 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes
  • Sent in grant proposal (originally $130 and $50 from core) but we only used $132
  • Motion to reimburse Loryn for $132 was motioned by Kirsten and seconded by Sam. Motion was unanimously approved


àBPK Career Night

  • Food room can only be facilitated by classrooms in Saywell Hall; Josh will continue to look into it
  • Booths will be in the open area by the staircase leading to Saywell Hall
  • Kirsten will get a photo and biography of the kinesiologist interested in attending career event (send to Matt or Cheri)
  • Multiple kinesiologists will be present for the presentation
  • Josh will get photos and biographies for his uncle (dentist) and cousin (doctor) (send to Matt or Cheri)
  • 2 breakout sessions with 2 presentations each
  • We still need a PT
  • Double panel for Kin?
  • Massage therapy schools will be invited as a booth speaker as well as BCIT
  • Have med and PT last due to their popularity; have dentistry first
  • Sabrina will be working on the Career Night booklet and will hopefully have them done before Christmas break



  • Lab Tours prior to Career Night
    • Lab tours? Possibly only two labs due to time constraint. We had 45-60 people for 2014
    • If we decide to do the lab tours, then we need to contact professors soon who may be interested in showcasing their lab
    • Labs are good for recruiting grad students and future researchers
    • We can talk to Tom (GPC chair) regarding lab tours or approach professors directly
    • Perhaps getting lab demonstrations at the undergrad level for easier understanding
    • Possible ideas for lab: Victoria’s and Damon’s



  • Ty will have update on t-shirt design by tomorrow morning




The meeting was adjourned by Loryn at 2:30 pm in TASC II 7540. The next meeting of the BPKSA will be on Wednesday November 26, 2014 at 1:30 pm in TASC II 7540.


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