Minutes – November 25, 2009

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

November 25th, 2009


  • The regular meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 12:30pm on November 25th, 2009 in the Kinesiology Seminar Room by John Abreu-Lanza.

In attendance

  • John, Lauren, Torny, Blaine, Brent, Marissa, Matt, Brett and Sandra.

Approval of Agenda

  • The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

  • Careers in Kin
    • Brent:
    • Areas we have: Med, Physiotherapy, OT, Chiropractor, Sport & Conditioning, Sports Psychology
    • Brett: Andrew Wong – Waiting on schedule
    • John: Still to contact mike foster
      • To contact OT student that he knows
    • Strength and conditioning: Derek can’t and Nathan may not have time, John is still waiting to hear back from him
    • Darleen: Sports psyc at UBC
    • Tom Clayton: Will have interesting lab tours to start at about 4:15
    • Cherri has Irmacs + 3 rooms confirmed and a request in for 2 more rooms
    • Blaine
      • Has grant written up and will submit today
      • We will need to put the SFSS logo on the posters
  • Website
    • John has contacted Jackie
      • Very interested, but cannot start until after exams
      • Meeting with her next week to talk about expectations and costs
  • ¬†General meetings & next meeting
    • Next week will be the last meeting of this term
    • Suggested that we announce the GM at clubs days and have it the following Wednesday
      • All in favour
    • Elections will be held at the General Meeting in January
      • We will need to place an ad in the peak and put up 10 small posters in noticeable areas
  • Additional Business
    • Common room update
      • Nothing to update
      • Waiting to hear back from the Communications President
    • External relations officer position
      • Stephanie has resigned. We will fill this position at the General Meeting in January
      • We will split duties for now if needed
    • First meeting of spring semester
      • Please send your schedules into John at ksa@sfu.ca so he can set a meeting time to work for as many people as possible
    • Geek Week 2010
      • Sent out an e-mail about Geek week: Looking for Volunteers
      • Please volunteer if you are able to because they are helping to promote our event.


  • Meeting was adjourned at 12.43pm by John Abreu-Lanza. The next general meeting will be at 12:30pm on December 2nd, 2009 in the Kinesiology Seminar Room.

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