Minutes – November 29, 2012

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 29, 2012


The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 1:34pm on Thursday, November 29, 2012 in the BPK Seminar Room by Steven.

In attendance

  • Steven, Shaila, Lauryn, Jason, Megan, Amanda, Sandy, Sidney, Darleen

Open Issues

  • Career Event
    • first week back we will start talking to classes, and advertising
    • we now have all careers confirmedĀ and are just waiting on Med Students to confirm with us in January after receiving their schedules
    • Sandy will post the event on the SFSS web page
    • Steven’s submitting in grants today
    • we all agreed on an image for the program and Michiko will send a draft to Steven next week and he will forward it to us
  • Clothing Order
    • Brent will receive an email when the clothing samplesĀ are shipped and have arrived
    • over the break a few of us will look into finding a new printing company to use (as last year’s no longer does printing)
    • when the samples are in we will book a table in the AQ
  • Semester End Pizza Party
    • had just enough pizzas (25 boxes) to last the whole time – next year we will be sure to order a couple extras
    • next year look into getting a bigger space so people will want to stay and talk, rather than just taking the pizza and leaving
    • Megan Bruschetta moved to reimburse Steven McGee $338.80 from core for the pizza and it was unanimously approved
  • Web Page
    • need information for a few classes still on the website
    • please look and see if you have taken one of these classes and if so, write a little note about it and send it into Steven
  • Forum Meeting Update
    • have reached an agreement so that BMO cannot set up around the AQ to try and sell people credit cards etc. (will still able to set up in Blusson/Saywell Hall though)
    • there is 250 sq ft of free space that they want for a building for DSUs/studying space. Will hold a meeting in the new year and invite a few architects out so that students can decide which one is best to hire for the project
    • one of the SFSS reps proposed to up minimum wage all over campus to $19.50/hour
  • SCI Crew Update
    • Steven McGee made the motion to allocate $600 from the BPKSA granting line and $25 from the BPKSA core funding line to be used by the Science Community Initiative for Geek Week 2013 in a grant application through the SFSS and it was passed unanimously


Meeting was adjourned at 2:03pm by Steven. The next meeting will be in January 2013. (The day, time and place are TBD)

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