MINUTES – Oct 8, 2014

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Students Association

Meeting Minutes

Monday October 8, 2014



The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order by Steven at 1:30 in TASC II 7540


In attendance:

Jake, Loryn, Deepak, Shaila, Josh, Kirsten, Garveen, Debbie, Matt L, Matt B, Sam


Open Issues:


àMatt Lloyd, President of the BPK Grad Students: Tea at Ten

  • Social event that will take place every second Friday at 10am with free coffee, tea and snacks
  • Great opportunity for the undergraduate students, graduate students and the BPK professors to socialize and network with each other
  • but can’t open this up to all of the undergraduate students as this will lead to the undergraduates attending outnumbering the graduate students and the professors
  • therefore for now as a trial, maybe only involve students who are currently involved in the BPKSA or those who are volunteering in BPK research labs
  • Tea at Ten happened last year too and the only undergraduates who came were the ones who were involved in the BPK Labs
  • Need one member from the BPKSA to collaborate with one of the graduate students to organize this and send out emails to the labs to come up with a schedule
  • Matt will put the graduate student in contact with the BPKSA undergraduate who will be helping out
  • Matt will also follow up with the Graduate Peer Mentorship Program and its progress with Josh

àCareer Event: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

  • Darleen will contact for the exhibition:
  • Mika Carmedy (lawyer, legal research, industrial relations officer with BC labour), research and develop marketing (masters with thesis and sales position),
  • Dr Sarah Chow: SFU Kin graduate who worked with Science World and Discovery Channel, and no working on reality TV show; will primarily focus on her Kin journey here @ SFU
  • Dana Sozukovitch: Registered Massage Therapist,
  • Will possibly include Erina’s co-op supervisor (prosthetics), and something on research and marketing career paths
  • Breakout Sessions:
  • Last year: 3 20 minute breakout sessions, with 10-15 minutes allocated for presentations and a 5 minute question period
  • Breakout Sessions for this year: need to decide what presentations we want for the sessions

àmaybe this year do 4 breakout sessions with 2 occurring at one time

àMedicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, and Dr. Sarah Chow as the 4 breakout sessions potentially

àJosh will speak to his uncle who is a Dentist and also SFU alumni about doing a presentation

àCould also dedicate one session to Darleen giving a talk about alternative BPK Careers and during her talk she could bring in representatives from these alternative careers

àCould also do mini presentations: 10 minute presentations, 5 minute question, and then the attendees can stay or switch to the other presentations

-idea is to have some overlap so people can go to both sessions at once

  • Include law, prosthetics, and possibly other non professional school careers in the exhibition


àSpeaking Series

  • For half an hour a week, a professor or a graduate student could give a talk about how they got to their position
  • Could feature a lab a month with professors and their graduate students/post docs
  • First need to work it out with professors via email to find out their interest and if they are available for this
  • Those involved in labs will talk to the professors about this
  • Dan Marigold: Shaila
  • Victoria Claydon: Garveen
  • Damon Poburko: Loryn
  • Tom Claydon: Jake
  • Charles Krieger: Sam

àwill report back next week

  • Can also approach professors in office hours if you are taking a class with them!


àSocial Event: Laser Tag

  • November 13, 2014 @ Planet Laser (in New Westminister by Braid Skytrain Station)
  • 2 games for $11/person, all games are 30 minutes in duration
  • Can subsidize $6/person, so it will only cost $5
  • Ashly will look at prices and bookings for us and report back



  • Should we implement a new design with lungs, skeleton, or a person?
  • Sam will talk to the friend who helped design the brain clothing


à Dr. Peter Ruben’s seminar:

  • Tomorrow at 11:30 am in IRMAC’s theatre in the applied sciences building
  • In you are interested in a career in research, this is definitely one that you should attend!



The meeting was adjourned by Loryn at 2:20 pm. The next meeting of the BPKSA will be on Wednesday October 15, 2014 at 1:30 pm in TASC II 7540.



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