Minutes – October 28, 2009

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

October 28th, 2009


  • The regular meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 12:31pm on October 28th, 2009 in TASC 2 7540 by John Abreu-Lanza.

In attendance

  • John, Lauren, Torny, Blaine, Brent, Lucia, Marissa, Sandra, Brett, and Darleen.

Approval of Agenda

  • The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

  • Kin Cup
    • Thank you everyone for all of your help and support!!
    • Comments and ideas for next year:
      • Have markers to write names on water bottles. We had a lot of half full and full, but open water bottles left over at the end
    • Posters:
      • Please take any posters down that you see around campus so we don’t get charged for their removal.
    • Money:
      • Reimburse John and Lucia for photocopying and snack for the kin cup that we had originally budgeted for.
      • Voted to reimburse John and Lucia $7.84 each for a total of $15.68 for photocopying from our core account.
        • All in favour, Passed
      • Voted to reimburse John $6.72 for tape and supplies from our own account.
        • All in favour, Passed
      • Voted to reimburse John $45.00 for snacks from our own account as previously budgeted for.
        • All in favour, Passed
  •  Fall Social
    • Interested student unions are BASS and World Lit
      • BASS wants a formal write up from us before agreeing to join us in the event
    • Don’t think we have enough time to put a good event together for November
      • Decided not to hold a fall social this year
  • Careers in Kin
    • Darleen: Suggested having a meeting with Brent and the Co-op Student, Tapoa, because it is a lot to cover in our short meeting time
      • Brent will report back to us each meeting
    • Co-op Student is making a mock up that can be displayed for the Roger Takahashi event
      • Roger Takahashi has confirmed, but we cannot confirm a room and its size until January
      • We will use IRMACS as a back up
    • Tom Clayton is interested in doing the lab tours again this year
      • Lab tours will either start before the breakout sessions or be an option for the first breakout session
      • We hope to have a researcher and a grad student in each lab for the tours
      • Darleen and Brent will meet with Tom Clayton this week to figure out some of the details
      • Brent will bring feedback next week
    • Rooms:
      • ASB Atrium and some rooms to be booked for Monday January 25th or Wednesday January 27th
    • Blaine:
      • Geek Week committee doesn’t like us having 2 events in Geek week
      • Would we be interested in having a joint Careers Night?
        • Planning a joint Careers night at this point would not be possible due to the short amount of time
        • If another DSU wants to piggy back off us and host one on the same night that would be okay
        • May be able to consider it in the future
      • Since we have only one evening event, it should be okay
    • SFSS grant pitch: Blaine will write one up and hand it in to the SFSS
    • Budget:
      • Cheri is in charge of the budget
      • Will be getting a gift for each of the speakers
    • Co-op Student will be updating the KSA bulletin board with a new banner and back drop
      • We would like a section on there of upcoming events and how to get involved.
    • Speaker Contacts:
    • Darleen
      • Shawna Mann will come
      • Cindy Lu offered to come – SFU Kin Grad
      • Bev Taylor – Works until 6:30, but gave us 2 recommendations
      • Nick Duran – Have not asked yet
      • Erin K – Needs to know her schedule for January first
      • Kelly Rushby – Has been contacted over Facebook, waiting for a reply
      • Max Donelan’s wife – Has not been contacted yet, waiting to see if we need to
    • Brett:
      • Andrew Wong – Might be able to come. Needs to figure out his schedule first
    • Lauren:
      • Julie Chow – Lauren will contact this week
    • John:
      • Mike Foster – Has not been contacted yet
      • Nathan Taylor – Has not been contacted yet
      • Darrek Hansen – Can help out, but cannot stay for the whole night
      • Kelsey Green – Has not been contacted yet
    • Torny
      • Bryna Carrier – Will talk to her this week
    • Brent:
      • Brian – OT Working in Kelowna GH – Will contact this week
    • Sports psychologist: Gary Poole
      • Darleen will contact him for us
    • CIK is turning out to be the exact same as it was last year
      • Not a bad thing, but do we want to hold it every year? Or should we think about holding it once every 2 years?
      • We will conduct a survey after the event and discuss it then
  • Welcome Back BBQ
    • Great event and success this year
    • Nothing new was suggested for next year
  • Blaine
    • Dodge ball tournament
      • Interscience tournament planned for November
      • Possibly on November 10th, but the time is not yet known
      • General interest to take part is there
  • Brent – UPC
    • Course descriptions have been changed for some courses
    • They are making it easier for Kin Minors to complete the program
    • Have created new Academic Integrity Guidelines
    • Going to have less distance classes available


  • Meeting was adjourned at 1:18pm by John Abreu-Lanza. The next general meeting will be at 12:30pm on November 4th, 2009 in room.


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