Minutes – September 27, 2011

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Student Association

Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2011


  • The meeting of the BPKSA was called to order at 8:35am on September 27, 2011 in the Kinesiology Seminar Room by Brent.

In attendance

  • Brent, Lauren, Matt, AJ, Alex, Sydney

Approval of Agenda

  • The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues

  • BPK Elections
    • No promo rep, we will all contribute
  • Brent will try to see if we can get BCAK involved with us since they are interested in student involvement

Future Events

  • Clothing
    • Brent will pick up shirts which have arrived to P.O. box
    • Pick days to have table and have people fill out form and pay on the spot
    • we get profit from undergrad sales, grads get profit from graduate sales and we will split 60/40 for staff and prof sales
    • Brent will look into how much tax will cost to get the shirts over the boarder
    • Brent will see how much it will cost to get the T-shirt front small logo
  • Roger Takahashi
    • Brent will talk to Darleen this week about possible days
    • Brent will talk to BCAK if they will still contribute to cost even if it’s not during National Kin Week
  • Fall/Spring Events
    • Brent will look at past minutes to check out dates that will work for events to contact professors with a schedule in advance
  • Year-end party
    • talk to SFSS about sponsoring events at pub and if we could do it somewhere else to include under-aged students
    • Club Ilia was too crowded last year, and there was no dessert
    • West Mall Atrium? To allow all ages and gain money from selling alcohol and buy our own food but the presentation of plastic tables and chairs isn’t pleasing or comfortable
    • Need to find a location to accommodate underage students
      • AJ will ask if the pub can have wrist bands for people over 19
      • Diamond Alumni Club an option if they can give us a cheaper meal
  • Facebook group
    • AJ creating new facebook group
  • Careers in Kin
    • Jan 25th


  • Meeting was adjourned at 9:13 by Brent. The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 4, 2011 in the Kinesiology Seminar Room at 8:30am.



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