!!Become a BPK Peer Mentor!!

Hey BPKer’s!

Are you looking for a fun and new leadership experience? ?Are you passionate about giving back to the BPK community? ?‍♀️Are you a second year and above that loves to help others? (+receive volunteer hours?)?

Consider applying to be a BPK Peer Mentor! Roles:

✏️Be a social role model to incoming first years

✏️Educate mentees on various resources and services

✏️ Facilitate social programs and community engagement

✏️Make new friends and connections to other in BPK

Application link in bio!

Applications dead line: August 14th ,11:59pm ?

Current mentors! Please email bpkpm@sfu.ca with your interest in continuation with our team + about me bio/blurb! http://websurvey.sfu.ca/survey/431101179