Fall meetings

Sup, BPK.

I’d like to direct your attention to that box over at the left there. That one that says meetings on top of it. Yeah, that’s the one. That’s when/where they’ll be for the fall semester. I actually had to look the room number up, but that’s the kin seminar room, if you are familiar with it. Head down the kin hallway on the 9000-level until you hit the intersection by the office, then take a right and walk past co-op. Second (I think?) door on the left.

This is where we figure out all the stuff we would like to do for the semester, so if you came out to anything last year (Roger Takahashi’s talk, Careers in BPK, the Kin Cup, Wings night, etc.) and want to help out, or give suggestions, or just chill, feel free to come out. Everyone’s always welcome.

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