Kin Games 2013

You may have seen this mentioned in the BPK Facebook group, but in case you didn’t, the Kin Games is a Canada-wide student-run Kinesiology conference that’s going on its 13th year. This year they’re being hosted at the University of Calgary on March 22-24, 2013.

Each year, over 600 students from over 24 Universities across Canada attend for friendly competition in sports and academics, and for the chance to socialize with Kines students from all over the country. Due to the large number of schools interested, and limited accommodations, they can only accept the first 26 schools interested. This year, teams will be composed of 24 students each.

The Kin Games Planning Committe at U of C provides attendees with food, accommodation logistics, and party and sports bookings. The attendees just have to pay for transportation, accommodations, and the registration fee, which is isn’t available yet on the Kin Games website but hopefully will be shortly.

If you would be interested in attending, let us know! The sooner a full roster of people commit, the better SFU’s chances of sending a team.

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